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Friday, May 13, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: ...click click -- Floating 'Aliens' Along Highway -- 1000+ Loch Ness Monster Sightings in Last 20 Years

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Jake in Missouri called in to tell of something terrifying that happened to a friend of his:

“I had a story that one of my friends was telling me about a month ago. She was at a friend's house and they were kind of talking about aliens and stuff. She was saying how she wouldn't mind if the aliens came and talked to her. She wouldn't mind getting abducted or something like that. So she goes back home and she says she fell asleep in her bed and kind of woke up to a clicking sound in her room but she kind of dozed off again, but then she woke up again and it was louder but it was in a different part of her room. And she the clicking, then it started... like it was talking to each other. From one end of the room it would click, like different sounds, different tones and stuff. And then the other clicking would start clicking. So she gets up and they start moving closer to her bed. So she gets up and she starts running down the hallway and stops at the door, at the entrance, wearing the blanket from her bed and her night clothes and she says the clicking starts moving down the hallway. So she starts running down the street from her apartment. So she calls her landlord and the police and they all go there and they can't find anything when they searched the apartment. And I still thought, you know, this is kind of a goofy story until I started messing around, making clicking sounds, she starts crying and tells me, if I don't stop she's going to kick me out of the apartment.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Alligator bites off arm of man fleeing from police

A man who swam across an alligator-infested lake in Florida because he knew law enforcement was looking for him was found lying on the ground near the lake with most of his left forearm missing from an alligator attack.

Jessie Scott Kingsinger, 21, had an argument Wednesday night with his mother, who called Lakeland Police to their apartment at The Landings at Long Lake in Lakeland, Florida, Bay News 9 reported.

The mother told police her son needed psychological help and was having an episode, which FOX 13 reported was related to PTSD. Concerned for her son’s safety, she requested police take him into custody under the Baker Act.

Kingsinger had fled the apartment into a wooded area behind the apartment. Police called in the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, which used a helicopter and bloodhound in the search.

Sherriffs in the helicopter spotted Kingsinger lying on the ground back near the apartment complex just before 10 p.m.

From Bay News 9:

He told officers that he knew law enforcement was looking for him, so he’d swum back across the lake to where he now was. A sign near where Kingsinger got out of the lake read, “Caution! Alligators frequent this area!”

Kingsinger was missing about 3/4 of his left forearm.

He was taken to Lakeland Regional Health Center, where he was placed under the Baker Act. No charges are pending at this time, police said.


Floating 'Aliens' Along Highway

Morriston, AZ - 2016-05-10 - 8:50PM: Was driving home from work using Highway 74 East bound pass Morristown, when I saw the "thing" moving forward heading west. In a 35 degree inclination , after about 40 yards pass I saw 2 more like swaying. They were like floating, and the color was a glowing blue. All 3 "things" where moving west bound on Highway 74. I have feelings of disbelieve because I don't believe in "aliens" but this change my perspective and opinion in the matter, I loose sight of the object because I accelerate and didn't stop, drive away. - MUFON CMS


Over 1,000 sightings of the Loch Ness Monster in the last 20 years

It has been faithfully recording Nessie’s movements for two decades.

And now after logging more than 1,000 sightings, the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month with one of the world’s greatest mysteries still unsolved.

Sightings of Nessie were at their highest in more than a decade last year – and already there has been the first of 2016, recorded by a visitor from Texas, who took pictures of a “dark creature” just under the surface following the boat she was on.

Gary Campbell, keeper of the register, said the fascination of Nessie was showing no signs of abating.

He accepted five sightings for 2015 – the most in 13 years.

Mr Campbell stressed that the majority of claimed sightings do not get included on the register – as most can be explained.

“Anything that is later proved to a hoax or can be subsequently explained is removed from the register,” said Mr Campbell, 51, a chartered accountant from Inverness.

“When I started the register I never expected to be doing it this long but after 20 years nobody has still solved it – so I expect I will be doing this to the day I die.

“The sightings are getting more credible all the time because everybody seems to have a smartphone with a camera these days. The best two credible accounts are from Richard White in 1997 who took a series of photographs of something coming out of the water – and Glasgow postman Bobbie Pollock who in 2000 took a video of an object swimming in Invermoriston Bay.

“The worst ones have usually involved publicity campaigns – most notably when a submarine was used and somebody put Nessie’s head on it so it looked like the monster swimming along, sparking lots of ‘sightings’.”

“It has been a good start to the year already. I think that this proves that Nessie’s not gone anywhere. We were a bit worried in 2013 when no-one saw her but it looks like she was just keeping her head down at the time.

“The reports also show that Nessie doesn’t just hide out in one part of Loch Ness – she’s just as likely to appear at either end so I suppose the message for monster hunters is to keep your eyes peeled no matter where you are at the loch.

“It’s 1450 years now since the first report of a monster in Loch Ness – it doesn’t look like Nessie’s going anywhere just yet.

“Everybody has their own theory what Nessie is and I doubt anybody will come up with a definitive answer soon.” - Over 1,000 sightings of the Loch Ness Monster in the last 20 years



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