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Friday, April 08, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Worcester Beast...Werewolf, Big Cat or What? -- NASA Questioned About 'Millennium Falcon' UFO -- Ghost Told Teens To Torch Barn

Worcester Beast...Werewolf, Big Cat or What?

A terrified couple have drawn a sketch of a fearsome beast they claim to have seen while on a National Trust property at 1am in the Cotswolds.

They also took a blurry picture of the animal, dubbed the 'Werewolf of Worcester' because the drawing, although it is said to be a big cat, has features of a werewolf.

From their drawing, it appears to be standing upright like a humanoid creature, rather than crouching like a cat.

The beast also has protruding, pointed teeth and fearsome, sharp cheekbones.

The pair encountered what they are convinced was a black panther while driving through Croome Court - a National Trust property - at 1am last week.

The couple said the creature weighed about nine stone and was as tall as their car window.

They were convinced the big cat was going to pounce on their car before they sped off.

Robert produced the sketch so animal experts can find out what the creature is. Read more at Terrified couple draw picture of 'Werewolf of Worcester' after claiming to have bumped into it in the Cotswolds


NASA asked to explain 'Millennium Falcon' UFO that appeared in live feed

A space enthusiast has demanded NASA explain a "UFO" after an unexplained patch of light in the shape of a Star Wars spacecraft appeared above the earth during a live feed.

Jadon Beeson was watching a stream of the International Space Station on his iPhone on Tuesday when a strange object appeared in the background.

The 20-year-old Brit said NASA "cut the live feed for an hour" after it showed up.

He says he has asked NASA explain the "clearly defined UFO", which was broadcast on NASA's official app, but they have not responded.

"It was unquestionably real and present. It looked like the Millennium Falcon," he told The Mirror, referring to Han Solo's spaceship in Star Wars.

It is the second time in a month NASA has been accused of covering up "UFO" activity.

Scott Waring noticed a strange metallic object while watching footage from the International Space Station (ISS) on March 9.

Like Mr Beeson, he claimed NASA cut the footage after it appeared.

A likely explanation for the objects is that they are merely two of the 500,000 pieces of space junk NASA estimates are orbiting around Earth. - Find video at NASA asked to explain 'Millennium Falcon' UFO that appeared in live feed


Russian Billionaire Searching For Aliens

The brightest (and richest) minds on Earth share a common goal: to find intelligent life on another planet.

If we’re not alone in the universe and there’s intelligent life out there on another planet, we need to boldly go looking for it.

But for anyone who’s seen Independence Day or any number of disaster-filled alien invasion flicks, and for the scientists theorizing about these existential crises, it may not be in our best interest to be the first to say hello—or second to be noticed.

The search for alien life is a daunting one, with infinite worlds to discover and examine. We have all the time in the universe, but that’s not to say that we don’t need to find them sooner than later—in the scheme of things, the universe is constantly expanding, pushing other worlds farther and farther away from us. Read more at The Russian Billionaire Searching For Aliens


Ghost Told Teens To Torch Barn

A pair of teenagers told investigators they believed a Hanover Township barn was haunted before they set fire to it and a ghost coerced them into committing the crime, police said.

Josh Strohl, 18, of the first block of West Union Boulevard in Bethlehem, and his 17-year-old girlfriend sometime on Feb. 7 allegedly entered the barn in the 700 block of Old Stoke Road.

Colonial Regional police said the pair were getting high off drugs when Strohl claimed he heard a ghost tell him to burn down the barn. The pair then allegedly went to the juvenile's home, grabbed a propane torch and returned to the property.

Strohl set fire to a crate full of papers on the lower level of the barn, according to police.

Investigators were tipped off to the arson after Strohl allegedly was overheard bragging on the school bus he set fire to the barn. A school bus driver told investigators several students told her they overheard Strohl admitting to the arson and how he did it, police said.

On March 14, Colonial Regional police interviewed the female juvenile, with her parents present, who allegedly admitted to the crime. She told investigators she believed the barn was haunted and the pair found a note inside the barn discussing the deaths of three people inside, police said.

If a building is burned down, it will release the ghosts inside of it, the juvenile allegedly told investigators.

The Hanover Township Fire Department had requested the assistance of East Allen Township Fire Marshal Ray Anthony to investigate. Anthony determined the fire started in the barn's lower level southeast corner, which matched the juvenile's account of where the crate of papers was located.

The fire early Sunday appears to have left the Old Stoke Park Road barn in Hanover Township, Northampton County, a total loss.

The barn is owned by Polaris Bio Investors of Two City, 645 W. Hamilton St., Allentown. It is valued at $10,300, according to court documents.

Strohl is charged with two counts felony arson and two counts felony criminal mischief. He was arraigned Monday before District Judge John Capobianco, who set bail at $75,000.

In lieu of bail, Strohl was sent to Northampton County Prison. The judge ordered he have no contact with the juvenile girlfriend. - Ghost told them to torch Hanover Twp. barn, teens tell cops



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