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Monday, April 18, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: What did I hit? Skinwalker? Dogman? Shapeshifter? -- Bizarre Eel-Like Creature -- Touched by a Mermaid?

What did I hit? Skinwalker? Dogman? Shapeshifter?

A truck driver named Josh from Ohio called in to tell of something he saw in Kentucky in 2006:

“I hit what I thought was a dog back in 2006. I was in Kentucky on Mountain Parkway. You know when you drive for awhile, you start seeing stuff. Usually I pull over and walk around the truck. Well, I thought I hit a dog and sure as hell, sorry about that, I pulled over and I had actually hit something. Pulled over to the side of the road, put my flashers on, took my flashlight and I had one of those, you know, big long flashlights that look like a baseball bat. I get out and I'd clipped something. Part of my back bumper was broke off and there were these long hairs in it. From the dim light of, I think it was a billboard or something, from the light stream, I see a dog walking towards me, limping towards me and I'd stopped maybe a quarter mile or less from where I'd hit the dog. I was doing about 55. and how it was moving in and out of the light of it and for whatever reason it looked like a man like the next time I caught a glimpse of it, like a thin walking man coming towards me. It freaked me out. I got in my truck and left. I lied about the accident. I don't know what I hit, it wasn't nothing. I didn't want to get insurance involved or nothing. Whatever I saw looked like a man the second time I saw it walking up the highway towards me.”

Source: Darkness Radio – April 12, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Seismic Cluster Worries Japan

TOKYO -- Seismic activity in southern Japan is mystifying geologists and keeping the nation on edge.

The island of Kyushu has been struck by a series of significant earthquakes, with the epicenters moving progressively further inland. The cluster started with the deadly quakes that hit Kumamoto Prefecture last Thursday and Saturday. Temblors subsequently rocked the Mount Aso region and neighboring Oita Prefecture.

There is a known concentration of faults in the area. Still, experts say it is highly unusual to have a string of quakes measuring around magnitude 6 and stretching over such a vast area. The epicenter of the Oita jolt was about 100km away from the first Kumamoto quake.

"I don't quite understand what is happening with the recent earthquakes, because it's an unfamiliar phenomenon," said Yoshihisa Iio, a professor at Kyoto University's Research Center for Earthquake Prediction.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said it is unprecedented to have a group of large quakes in these three parts of Kyushu. Experts are divided over how far the shaking will spread and whether it could prompt more quakes centered elsewhere. Read more at Unusual quake cluster worries Japan


Bizarre Eel-Like Creature

Fishermen were left stunned when they caught this bizarre creature of the deep during a fishing trip in Thailand.

Video captured aboard the boat shows the large fish writhing around after it was captured in the fishermen's net.

With razor-sharp teeth and a pale, eel-like body, footage of the animal has now gone viral, leaving viewers baffled as they attempt to guess what species it could be.


Touched by a Mermaid?

I recently received this account:

I need to just get this out. I grew up surfing. In the summer of 1991 me and my friend were in the water for 30 min and he told me he "touched something and felt sick" he went back to the beach. Two days later he said a doctor told him he had sickle cell anemia. OK. The last we really talked about it, we were 15 yrs. old. But I still remember he said "I touched something." 6 yrs. Later I am in the water something felt weird about the whole day - then it happened.

The pain of it all started with a the slightest touch. A pain on the inside of my forearm so bad my hearing and sight was interconnecting and started a confusion beyond any control. All of the sudden a change in my body began. Cold freezing muscles and nerves from my toes up my legs to my lower back. The pain worsened and hallucinations of an iceberg, bails of hay, pine trees, and even a little action figure which seemed so real it almost was like trying to be a hero. Then the creature I touched beneath me almost seemed to say this is my planet and just swam teasingly below me. A voice with a message "We are thousands of years old." rang right though all this almost hypnotic like with no remorse. "Just take it" I said to myself "nothing even close to this has ever happened to you."

The speed in which it was happening was unbelievably fast and precise. I thought of fainting or dying which seemed possible but I could still move and swim which made it feel it was like a test of will. The trees ran into the hay that ran into the ice burg that went to the little action figure. Every time I turned my head a new bail of hay or pine tree or the action figured moved the ice burg shined. Then a sudden change of my brain and my spine felt as if it was totally and completely connected and moving together. All of the sudden I felt it, what I thought was causing all this trauma. First it spun a web between my spine and skin on the very lower back as I tried to stretch it out it started another above but slower and with a different pattern that almost felt like it protected the first one. This put me into a almost hypnotic state as I felt it crawl up into my neck into my front right side of my brain and sit. It wiggled its legs and body than turned to the right. The only thing I could think at that point was if I was crazy I might have killed myself. All this still within 15 min. Then my stomach began to feel numb and cold with my intestines slowly numbing. My right hip socket and femur started to act up. I could feel the whole thing precisely as it was made like evolving. Three little squares made an appearance to me each like a growth and to the exact make of my femur the three squares attached to my hip socket. This caused another hallucination a doll action figure that had cloth clothing and detachable limbs. All still with in a 30 min time limit. It stopped and I got out of the water. Later I learned that the clothed action figure was over 200 miles away as if the the whole experience was that large and planned out. When I thought it was over or fading away it told me differently.

This is real as it gets. Please let me know if you have any research on this. It happened 20 yrs ago to me and I'm reliving it as I am becoming more normal. I have not contacted anyone because of my hypnotic state. SM



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