Friday, April 29, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Insectoid Encounter in Cyprus -- Disembodied Legs -- 'Space-Train' Traveling on Light Ray

Insectoid Encounter in Cyprus

Albert Rosales forwarded this new MUFON report:

This incident occurred on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at apporximately 8:30PM in Zygi, Cyprus. My two friends and I had just finished our meal and were out in the garden talking and drinking (not alcohol). One of my friends had gone into the kitchen to refill their glass, whilst me and my other friend remained outside. After a moment of silence, my friend pointed out an unusually bright 'star' moving across the sky, assuming it may have been a comet or something. After a brief moment, I looked up at it again to realize that it was stationary; around 75-100ft above the treeline. I sat there, staring at this 'thing', just in complete shock. Every 15 seconds or so it would lower its altitude, until it was only a couple of feet from the tree tops. The weirdest part about this is that absolutely no noise had been emitted thus far. I tried to get out of my chair to hurry inside, but I felt an overwhelming feeling of paralysis, as did my friend. I turned to her and asked her what was going on, but she looked frozen in fear.

After what felt like hours, something appeared from around the trees underneath the triangular craft. It was a humanoid figure, with a head similar to that of an ant, and skin like a crocodile. It had extremely small eyes in proportion to its head, and long, thin appendages. It walked right up to the fence, before sharply turning and sprinting into the darkness of the trees. After a brief moment of complete fear, dread and anxiousness, the craft moved in a linear path towards the West, before becoming no longer visible. During this time, my friend who had gone to refill her glass watched the entire event through the window. She recalls, although neither me or my other friend do, that the creature had some sort of device in its 'hand', and that it held it up briefly before its disappearance.

I do not know why it came to us, or to where we were, but I can tell you it is the first time I've ever witnessed this or heard of this happening in Cyprus.


Disembodied Legs

A reader named Alan stated there's an eyewitness account to something which resembles the trail cam image you reported just recently:

I'm walking to the yard, not really paying attention to what was ahead of me. I just remember that I was looking down at the ground. I heard a strange sound in-front of me. Hard to explain, it was loud, like a crunch of leaves or branches, only much louder, like if someone with heavy boots (would have had to be steel toed I assume) made one loud stomp. But it was only one crunching noise. I looked up, and it didn't really register at first what I was seeing, but what I saw immediately sent a feeling over me that I had until that point in my life, never felt before. I saw just legs. Dark legs, like shadows, one set. But definitely legs. It wasn't exactly solid. It was kind of.. gassy? I guess is the best way to describe it.

There was absolutely no torso connected to these legs. Where there should have been an upper body, was nothing. At first I felt like I couldn't, or shouldn't make any movements. Like something was telling me to stay still. There was no noises at this point, just complete quiet like everything had gone still.


'Space-Train' Traveling on Light Ray

Beaumont, CA - 4/11/2016: I was sleeping in the RV vehicle I had rented, getting ready to leave for Marfa, Tx, in the morning. I got-up to walk my Dog in the early hours, and while looking at the night sky, which had become clear, after a prior rain, I saw what appeared to be a star in the Southern skies. It slowly grew brighter, then emitted long, horizontal Light Rays, to the East and West, much like a flashlight, only a lot stronger, while the center light grew even brighter. Then, the weirdest thing happened; something entered the light-ray to the East, and moved in front of the center, all the while, the light in the center was obscured like a passing Train does, when moving in front of a light. The only thing that came to mind is; I was watching a 'Space-Train', connected craft transitioning through the Light Ray. I looked to see what my Dog was doing, but when I looked back, the light rays were gone, then the 'star', blinked out. when I got back-in the vehicle, I looked at the time, it was 1:23 AM, and the whole event had lasted only a couple of minutes. I had an incredibly hard time trying to verbalize this sighting. - MUFON CMS


Uwharrie National Forest Bigfoot

The North Carolina forest - quiet, heavily wooded and plenty of shade.

This is Big Foot Country.

"I've never seen him. A lot of people think they have or they think he's here or has been here."

But before hitting the woods, there's one spot Sasquatch seekers stop at first, in droves.

"Hundreds, thousands. From all states and all over the world I imagine. I don't know. England has sent several people over here, they call it a Uwharrie Safari."

Marion Owen opened the Eldorado Outpost with her husband, a former forester at Uwharrie National Forest, twenty years ago. And they learned very quickly to stock up on Big Foot bait.

"Those candy bars, they think he likes peanut butter. I'm not sure what he eats cause I don't know him!"

Owen says she's heard countless Big Foot stories over the years...

"Somebody came in one morning and wanted to buy some more buns or rolls, big foot had stole their bread. But I think big foot would have got their meat out of the cooler, that was my idea."

Even if she's never seen Big Foot, Owen still believes in the legend.

"Go look for him if you want to. If you see him take a picture, just don't kill him. I think it would probably bother our business here a little bit." - Searching For Bigfoot in Uwharrie National Forest


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