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Daily 2 Cents: 'Ghost Bride' on NJ Rt. 55 -- Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers' UFO Sighting -- 18 Years of Unexplained Encounters

'Ghost Bride' on NJ Rt. 55

Click for video - Chilling Footage Shows 'GHOST Bride' With Veil Carrying Flowers Beside Motorway

Chilling footage shows 'ghost bride' with veil carrying flowers beside motorway

A passing motorist on Route 55, New Jersey, posted the eerie footage of the pedestrian on Facebook.

Bill Hand said in his post: "Probably the most supernatural event I have EVER experienced.

"Somebody please give me a reasonable explanation for this so I can sleep again."

Hand said he contacted police immediately after the experience in New Jersey.

The video sparked several theories ranging from the woman being a runaway bride to a ghost.

Local radio personality Big Daddy Graham also saw the woman.

In audio posted to YouTube from his radio program, he said: "I look to my right and in the dark there's somebody, in a wedding dress and a wedding veil, carrying flowers.

"Let me tell you, it freaked me out."

But Police were able to confirm the mysterious person was a teen runaway from local children's services organisation, Robin's Nest.

She had left the facility in the past.

But no explanation has been given for the spooky outfit of the teen.

NOTE: It's a wonder this didn't cause an accident. Lon


A 75-year-old woman set a blaze, claimed to be a witch

A 75-year-old woman was yesterday killed by villagers at Boiyeki location, Bonchari constituency (Cameroon) for allegedly being a witch.

Mary Matibe was working in her farm at around 9 am when the villagers rounded her and set her on fire.

The deceased was suspected to have introduced a 10-year-old standard five girl into witchcraft preparation .

The minor was spotted on Saturday night by villagers running naked in the dark at the compound of a neighbor.

After being interrogated by villagers the minor said that she was attracted by the woman into her 'business premises.'

Kisii South OCPD Mr David Mburukwa said that he received a late signal from the area chief concerning the incident but by the time they arrived the woman had already died.

“We have however taken the body to mortuary as we conduct further investigations into the incident,” he said.

He said they had not arrested any suspect in connection with the incident.

For a long a time Bonchari sub-county has witnessed incidents of witches being torched to death by vigilantes.

Last month, four women in Marani’s were caught dancing at night on a fresh grave. - A 75-year-old woman set a blaze, claimed to be a witch


Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers' UFO Sighting

In an interview with for the show You Made it Weird, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers revealed his UFO sighting. (I have edited out all the goofy banter and silly host quips):

“I saw an unidentified flying object in the sky in New Jersey in 2005. Rural. Late at night. I was with a good friend of mine and multiple eyewitnesses saw the same thing. I checked in with him a couple of years ago, I said, remember that one night and before I even finished, he said, yeah. I think about that almost everyday. I had declared for the draft so I was out there doing a show called Cold Pizza for ESPN which turned into First Take and I had it early in the morning for New York City and one of my best friends from college, a teammate, his family was from Jersey so I went over for a... I was gonna spend the night with him and he was gonna drive in, drive me in in the morning. So I went to his folks house and had this great Italian dinner. They are a big Italian family and so you know it's eight courses and we started at eight and it ends at midnight and it was winding down there. There was a weird siren in the distance. I heard a siren, in the distance. So we go outside. It was a snowy night. It was in... I think it was in February and we went outside and I think it was one of those kind of bright nights where it's overcast but there's enough light from the moon kind of reflecting off the clouds, I'm guessing. You could see things. And, the next thing you know, we saw something in the sky. The only way to kind of make it so people can get a visual of kind of what it looked like was, if you've seen the movie Independence Day... (conversation trails off to talk about Jeff Goldblum, movies, Fox News etc.). Yeah, so we went outside, we saw... Yeah, when the plane is... looks like the commercial jet is kind of flying, or maybe it's a military jet, and you're kind of trying to figure out what's coming through the clouds and you see just like kind of a fiery movement of cloud, I guess, coming through the sky and you know the plane eventually runs into the spaceship which comes into orbit. It was like that in the sense that it was a large, orange left to right moving object. Because of the overcast, the nature of the night and the snow, you couldn't make out... it was behind kind of the clouds we were seeing but it was definitively large in the night sky, moving from left to right. Again, we're at 12:30 at night here. It was me and Steve (Levy) and his brother that saw it. And it goes out of sight and we look at each other and we go, 'What in the fuck was that?' It just went out of sight and you could hear it moving. And then when it had been out of sight for a good 30 seconds. I don't want to say 30 seconds... It felt like 5 minutes. But at the time, we were kind of in shock. Then we hear this sound, definitive sound. Anybody who's been to a flyover or been to an airshow or just seen Top Gun, you know the sound that a fighter jet makes as it flies by. And there were about four of those. Now if you know anything about the UFO sighting incidents or if you've done research, you know that a lot of times, two things are connected to UFO sightings; One is the presence of fighter jets (to check them out or find out what is going on) and two, there's a lot of sightings around nuclear power plants. So, to tie it all together, this alarm we heard was from 30 miles out. There was a nuclear power plant that had an alarm that went off. Actually the alarm went off an hour later. We were still in shock. So we all ran downstairs and ran outside and we were like, Oh, there's something else is coming and you know, nothing else showed up but, again, in typical fashion, there was no mention of it the next day. That might have been after press time so we said, alright, the day after, there's gotta be something. Nothing. I've told a lot of people. That got me into the whole Ancient Aliens and just interested in... there's a good show on aliens on the History Channel. I like the History Channel too. I studied history in college and always been a fan of what happened in the past, near past and also the ancient past. There's some great shows on there that talk about the... Brad Meltzer has a great show on there about whether or not the history that we're told is actually the history of how it happened based on artifacts they found all over the world kind of tie it back to similar places and the fact that there's pyramids all over the place. And the fact that history is usually written by the winners so societies and cultures have been... (the host asked if he thought the UFO used the nuclear facilties to recharge) That's generally the idea. I know that there were allegedly a lot after Hiroshima, no sorry, what is the power plant, Chernobyl, and then the one in Japan recently, that there was some sightings around those places as well. That stuff is all interesting to me.”

Source: You Made It Weird 310 (

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Hey folks...only one post today. I have a lot going on, so the 'Daily 2 Cents' post will be all I can get in. Take care and thanks for reading. Lon


18 Years of Unexplained Encounters

Columbus, Indiana - 6/1/1998 - (not edited): When I was 8 years old I was laying in my mom's room on her bed next thing I know I'm paralyzed to the bed I couldn't move couldn't breathe only can think I can move my eyes nothing more all the sudden a bright light shine through the room the light was white and filled the whole room I couldn't see anything but bright white light I try to move try to run couldn't do anything next thing I know the bright lights go on I can move again this is my first encounter I was very scared didn't understand what was happening at the time but knew it wasn't right never told anybody that because what would you say to them after that I have this place on my thumb that I knew wasn't there before is on the back side of my thumb is still there it is a bump about the size of one millimeter another time I was compelled to walk out the back door it was night time maybe midnight next thing I know I see a bright orange Fireball lift from my yard it shot up to two more orange orbs making a triangle out of the 3 now they slowly moved and disappeared into the Horizon I seen the same type of orange orb while me and two other people years later we're out in the middle of nowhere and Brown County Indiana it kept getting closer and closer and closer and I took off in my vehicle and apparently lost it since the first incident I've periodically woke up falling and literally hitting my bed everytime this happens it's very scary I have a feeling of severe disorientation everytime this happens and even fear I am 26 now in this still happens not sure what else to say but it is what it is notice the dot in middle of thumb below nail I've even tried several times to cut it out with no luck. I've tried to cut out because I know it was put there by a being not of this world - MUFON CMS



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