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Friday, March 04, 2016

Werewolf in the Neighborhood

An anonymous woman called in late to the Midnight in The Desert with Art Bell show to tell of a weird encounter she had 25 years earlier. Crypto researcher Linda Godfrey was the guest:

“I been wanting to tell you guys (Linda Godfrey and Art Bell) this story that happened about 25 years ago with my children. My children would cross the road to go up to this guy's driveway and play all the time. Well, one evening they went running in the house. They said 'mom we heard a werewolf.' I thought, well, now, they heard this weird dog, you know. I went back outside and I could hear it too and it wasn't like a regular dog, it was very very odd. Well, I didn't know what to think about it and I was a typical housewife, cooking and taking care of stuff and so I went back in the house and it was just when the sun was going down when this happened and I lived in a kind of in the woods area. But this guy, like I said, had a big long concrete driveway that my kids would play on.

Well, that evening and, I want you to know, God will strike me dead, it is the truth – we had a big picture window in the house and that guy was a doctor that lived up on this hill and he would come home late in the night. Well, I heard a strange sound and I went to that picture window and I looked out in my yard. I could see the car-lights and him coming up the road and right there – I always thought it was a joke, werewolves were a joke – and I saw this thing that had a huge back and when it turned its head around. It had a snout at least a foot and a half long on it. It's body was huge. I never... I never seen anything like that. Then you mentioned about UFOs (Linda Godfrey earlier talked about a werewolf encounter involving a UFO). There was some weird lights that we seen just prior to me seeing this. It scared me so bad that I ran in the backroom and locked the door.

(Art asked to describe the sound) Well, sort of like a weird dog screaming, you know, sort of like that, I'm not really sure exactly how to describe it. (Linda asked how the doctor was involved) It was just outside when he came in – he came home late in the evening because he was like an emergency room doctor and he worked late and I had been staying up a little bit later. I guess this was close to midnight. maybe around that time and I never expected anything. I just thought here he comes but just the way the car drove in the way the lights came into my yard I did not see any hands or arms but I did see, it moved its body and it had huge shoulders. I never seen anything like that in my life. It had to be at least 6 foot tall maybe, but its back was so large when it turned its head.

Now I want you to know, I thought all that stuff was a joke and I never believed in anything like werewolves because I grew up – I’m an older lady and I watched all those horror films years ago. I thought all that stuff was a joke but when I saw that - that freaked me so much.”

Source: Midnight in The Desert with Art Bell - September 3, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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