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Monday, March 28, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Zombie Walking on the Road -- Strange Lights and Physical Contact -- 'Philosopher's Stone' Recipe Rediscovered

Zombie Walking on the Road

Rusty in Oklahoma called in to tell two paranormal stories. The first one involved a zombie like figure in the road. The other involves strange lights. This is the first one:

“So we're talking many years ago, maybe twenty years ago (1996). I was coming home from a party and it was like 3 o'clock in the morning and it was way out in the country. So I'm driving along. I take a wrong turn and I find myself along a stretch of road that... okay... this stretch of road was on a cliff, like right over the guard rail was a drop off to the river and along the side of the road were traffic cones. Like, you know, like construction was going on. So I'm driving along and all of a sudden I see a guy wearing tan or grey overalls with his arms outstretched like a zombie walking, you know, between the traffic cones. Yeah, and I had to swerve to miss him. So I looked in my rear view and there was nothing there. (Dave Schrader asks where this happened) In Arkansas. It was just like the weirdest experience. As soon as I swerved to miss him I looked in my rear view and there was nothing there and I said oh my god, I think I just saw a ghost. At the same time, it was 3 o'clock in the morning and I had been a party. Who knows what I saw?”

Source: Darkness Radio March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Strange Lights and Physical Contact

Gaylord, MI - 2014-11-14 - 2:53AM: I am a 58 year old white female, I have been an abductee all my life, as my mother was. I have decided to finally tell my (stories) too many to list here. I do have some very pertinent information, that to the best of my knowledge no one has ever stated in any reports I have ever read.

The abduction of my husband was as follows: I have never had a memory of him ever being abducted. In November of 2014 at approximately 2:53am I was in bed the foot of the bed facing a sliding glass door, when I awoke to a presence. I laid in bed and observed a 30 foot disc like object that appeared to be vertical, so I could observe the undercarriage of the object. I observed I believe at least 3 circular rows of lights, most outer edge being red, then inner circle was white, then center row was green. It is so strange but I scooted over to one side of the bed as so they wouldn't see me. Fell back to sleep for what reason I don't understand, but this will happen to me like they have total control over my reactions/behaviors.

The next thing I remember is I could hear my dog running from the side of the bed, it startled me as it awoke me with her running and her nails clicking on the hardwood floor. I remember running down the hall and yelling her name, she would normally come to me. As I approached the end of the hall and turned to go into the living room which was to the right, I saw her sitting and staring at the front door. It has frosted glass and I could see a red and a green blinking lights. I squatted down, and checked to see if she was breathing, calling her name, her ears were perked up, and she had no knowledge of my presence. I can remember saying aloud 'OK she is alive', then the lights stopped blinking and she was back out of her trance. I went to the chair where my husband had been sleeping, and he was not there. I looked out the sliding glass door in the front, and I saw what they had planted in my mind. I said 'oh it's ok, there is just cars parked in front so the people can go into church!'

They are very clever to plant images, so they can control you. I then started to walk into the kitchen when I came face to face with a 4 foot tall white colored entity, and a 5 foot tall grey. I poked the white entity, and stated "what did you do to my dog?" Then when I realized I poked (him) my finger nail went into his skin, I then drew my finger back looked at my nail, and stated "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you!" - MUFON CMS

NOTE: These images were with the report...but there is no explanation included. BTW...there have many reports coming from Michigan lately.


Isaac Newton's Recipe for Magical 'Philosopher's Stone' Rediscovered

A 17th-century alchemy manuscript written by Sir Isaac Newton has been found in a private collection.

The world-famous physicist, whose laws of motion and gravitation would go on to dominate our understanding of the physical universe for several centuries, is also known to have written down extensive notes on the subject of alchemy - the precursor of modern chemistry.

At the time, alchemists believed that it was possible to break down metals in to their constituent parts and transmute them in to more valuable ones such as gold and silver.

Now one of Newton's original alchemical manuscripts, one detailing a recipe needed to create a magical philosopher's stone - something that was once believed to hold the key to immortality - has turned up at an auction at Bonhams in Pasadena after being buried in a private collection for years.

The hand-written recipe, which details how to produce "philosophic" mercury, was originally written by George Starkey, an American alchemist who moved to England in 1650.

"This manuscript links Newton's alchemical practice to the American figure George Starkey," said rare book curator James Voelkel. "He's probably America's first renowned, published scientist."

Newton's notes, which sold at auction to the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia, are now set to be published online to make them available for further study and analysis. Read more at Isaac Newton's Recipe for Magical 'Philosopher's Stone' Rediscovered


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