Monday, March 21, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Cat Person' Encounter in Toronto -- Mysterious Bacterial Outbreak in Wisconsin -- Alien Observed... Possibly Used Portal

'Cat Person' Encounter in Toronto

Pete in Ontario, Canada called in to tell of his cat-like creature sighting:

“Me and a fellow I went to high-school with. There were three of us on a night-shift on a gold-rush run in a pilot plant, Ontario research foundation just west of Toronto. We were coming in at midnight and up to the industrial door, the little peek windows you have at eye level was this six foot-ish, black – all black creature, with its face right up to the window. So it didn't see us approaching and I guess it heard the car, maybe the lights caught its peripheral vision, and it turned and looked at us and the eyes were gold-ish, reflective and there was something about its face that was kind of like cat-like and we were startled. It was obviously startled and, you know, we're looking at each other, you know, approaching in the car for a couple of seconds in and it just turned and bolted into the woods. This was about 1980. I want to look this fellow up to see what he remembers of the incident but I’m 100% serious and 100% sure we both saw exactly the same thing. Only one other guy – he was in the plant at the time and I guess this creature was peeking in, you know, just seeing what's going on in there but we both told him what we saw and we were just, like I say, very startled ourselves, but I know what I saw and the thing is... it wasn't... there was something about it that wasn't ape-like although it was all black fur, there was something about the head that was kind of like a cat-like creature and the way it ran...two legs. It was like a human figure but it... the speed of the thing when it tore off through the woods was unbelievable.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - March 19, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Mysterious bacterial outbreak spreading through Wisconsin

A mysterious bacterial outbreak has killed 17 people and sickened at least 54 in Wisconsin, US since November 2015, officials confirmed on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Experts say this outbreak is unprecedented.

The cause of the sickness is bacteria called Elizabethkingia Anopheles. It is commonly found in the environment, but it rarely infects humans and is not known for making people sick on this scale. If the bacterium makes its way to a person’s bloodstream, it can cause fever, shortness of breath, chills, bacterial infection of the skin, and sepsis, which can be deadly.

Michael Bell, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion said the agency sees a handful of Elizabethkingia infections around the country each year, but the outbreaks rarely involve more than a couple of cases at a time. "To have dozens of cases at once — and more than a third of them possibly fatal - is startling."

"Wisconsin cases are the largest outbreak of Elizabethkingia recorded in published literature," Bell said.

Infections are centered in the heavily populated southeastern quarter of the state, including the Milwaukee area and surrounding suburban counties. Although previous outbreaks of Elizabethkingia in hospitals have been linked to contaminated sinks, water samples in Wisconsin have turned up negative.

A variety of potential sources have been tested, including health care products, water sources and food, but none of these have been found to be a source of the bacteria.

The majority of patients infected are 65 or older with a history of at least one underlying serious illness, according to the state health department. Those who died all tested positive for the infection, but it’s not known if Elizabethkingia caused or contributed to their deaths, according to Washington Post.

Although isolates of Elizabethkingia have been known to be resistant to multiple antibiotics, the strains causing the current outbreak appear to still be susceptible to a number of drugs, making treatments easier.

At this time, it is unknown why and how this outbreak is spreading. Patients are spread across 12 different counties, with a range of living conditions.

Genetic analysis of the bacteria involved suggests that all of the infections are coming from a single source, and somehow infecting people all over the southeastern and southern parts of the state. - Mysterious bacterial outbreak spreading through Wisconsin, US


Alien Observed...Possibly Used Portal

Monona, WI - 3/17/2016: 3 to 4 ft. tall grey like creature with pointed ears, large black eyes, small mouth and nose, in blue one piece suit with long fingers, likely less than 5. Creature was witnessed in reflection of room while back was turned apparently sneaking from hiding to staircase. Appears to have entered and left house by de-materialization or portal of some kind. I was alone in room, seeing mother out to car, father was asleep in another room. Creature vanished after that leaving no trace. - MUFON CMS



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