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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Aliens in the Casino -- ‘Sometimes, weird things come looking for you’ -- Fairy Circles in Australia

Aliens in the Casino

The following interesting report is from Humanoid Encounters 1990-1994: The Others Amongst Us

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: May, 1990
Time: 4:00 a.m

The witness was on his way back home to California and stopped off at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas and played black jack into the night. He went to the restroom and on his way back to the tables he stopped and watched a peculiar individual walking up the stairs. The person had a hat and sunglasses on, yet something wasn’t right with the way he was walking or climbing the stairs. It looked like he was stuck in mud, his knees sort of came out to the side as he tried raising his feet to take the next step.

The witness noticed also that there were about three more that looked just like him at the top of the stairs, some taller. They were all skinny, tall and had whitish hair that seemed to shimmer as if light was bouncing off it, the witness had never seen hair like that before. His immediate reaction was “what a freak” he thought to himself. Suddenly the one on the stairs stopped, turned, looking at the witness, the others at the top were looking down at him and at the witness who felt guilty for staring and decided to get back to his table.

HC addendum

Source: Brian Vike new reports. Type: E
Comments: After reading about Charles Hall, the witness made a connection between this bizarre group and the “tall whites” that Hall talked about. The witness went on to encounter several UFO’s around Cactus Springs, Nevada.


‘Sometimes, weird things come looking for you’

A paranormal researcher on Monday visited the Bemidji Public Library to talk about a place where river monsters snatch swimming children, and toy dolls blink to life if you cross them.

“Strange things happen in your own backyard,” said Chad Lewis, a researcher, author and speaker who was here to talk about myths and oddities in Minnesota. “Sometimes, weird things come looking for you.”

Lewis told the crowd of 20 or so about a UFO sighting in Long Prairie, Minn., where a 19-year-old in 1965 found a big silver rocketship in the middle of a dark highway. He told them about the Wendigo, a grotesque antlered creature that roams the countryside and brings death to anyone who looks upon it. And he told them about Pepie, the monster that once nabbed kids swimming in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi River, but now has been reimagined as a stuffed animal with a stitched-on smile.

“If it’s strange and unusual,” Lewis said, “I’ve traveled the world in search of it.”

He said he has hunted vampires in Romania, chupacabras in Puerto Rico and gnomes in Ireland. He’s taken cracks at Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, and walked the halls of haunted castles.

His stories on Monday reached only as far as Wisconsin -- to touch on Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer. Lewis said he wanted to highlight what’s weird about Minnesota:

Old, ghostly ships that, after a moment, vanish into the fog over Lake Superior

A toy doll that used to look down from her window onto a street in Janesville, coming to life when someone walked past the house

The shuttered Lake Julia Sanitorium not far from here -- in Puposky -- where people swear they have seen a disappearing girl

Anne Washburn and Angelique Koos wanted to hear what Lewis had to say, because TV shows about ghosts have roused their interest in the paranormal.

Washburn said she grew up in Blackduck, in a house where all kinds of strange stuff happened.

“You’d see somebody walking, see a plaid shirt,” she said. “You’d smell cigarette smoke.”

Koos said in the months after her grandma died, nobody would go to sit in the woman’ old chair, even though it had the best view of the TV.

“I would have people over, and just nobody would sit there,” Koos said. “The cat would sit on the arm, and the dog would sit on the floor.

“I sat there a few times, but it was very uncomfortable.”

Washburn and Koos said they are less troubled by the paranormal, they are more intrigued by it. They’re open to the idea of visiting some of the places Lewis talked about, because as Koos said, ghosts can be friendly.

“It’s like going to a movie,” Koos said about looking into the paranormal. “It’s just a different kind of fun.” - ‘Sometimes, weird things come looking for you’


Ghosthunters rescued from haunted house

Two ghost-hunters had to be rescued after becoming trapped in Derry’s best known haunted house.

A number of ghostly tales have for many years been associated with Boom Hall which was built in 1779 on the banks of the River Foyle at Culmore.

The historic building has been vacant for decades and has fallen into such a state of disrepair that the building and the area has been cordoned for a number of years because of fears that it could collapse.

However, it has emerged that the fences around Boom Hall have not deterred would-be ghost-hunters from having a look around the building.

Two men recently became trapped in the dilapidated building while on the lookout for ghosts in the dark of night.

A fire crew was called to the scene to help the two men to safety.

The incident happened on Saturday, February 13, but details of it only emerged,

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that the rescue operation had taken place.

A spokesperson said: “We received a call at 7:24pm to a report of an incident at premises at the Culmore Road area of the city on Saturday 13th February.

“One fire appliance from Northland Fire Station was deployed to the scene of two men requiring rescue assistance from a property in the area.

“Firefighters were able to rescue the two men using keys provided by the property’s keyholder. Both men were uninjured.”

The NIFRS said the rescue operation lasted for around one hour.

It is understood the two men told their rescuers they were interested in ghosts and that’s why they were within the walls of Boom Hall.

When built, the building was named after the boom which had been placed across the Foyle during the Siege of Derry in 1689.

The boom was broken by ships which relieved those who had taken part in the siege within Derry’s Walls.

Throughout its history, Boom Hall (pictured) was home to some of the local area’s best known families.

However, for many years, the building has been neglected although there are plans currently being discussed for its regeneration.
n relation to the ghost stories associated with Boom Hall, number of them were outlined in a booked by Madeline McCully called Haunted Derry which was published last year.

One story involved a girl who was a relative of the family who lived at Boom Hall at the time.

She had been sent to Boom Hall to remove her from the attention of a young groomsman employed in her own home in England.

However, the young man followed her and hid out in the stables where they had secret trysts.

When they were discovered the girl was locked in an upstairs corner bedroom but the young man got away.

The girl pined and a few weeks later the bedroom went up in flames.

The family frantically tried to get into the room but to no avail.

When eventually the flames were extinguished the ashes were searched for the body of the young girl but nothing was found.

Legend has it that the ghost of the girl can be seen walking along the corridor at the top of the house. - Ghost-hunters rescued from Derry haunted house


Mysterious fairy circles now discovered in Australia’s desert

Deep in the Australian outback, circular, grass-ringed patches of earth stretch for several hundred square kilometres across the red, ancient soil. This is the first time these “fairy circles” have been spotted outside the Namibian desert, where their formation has evaded explanation for decades. The new discovery could help resolve the long-standing mystery of how they form.

“It shows that the fairy circles of Namibia do not exist on their own,” says Stephan Getzin, an ecologist at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany.

Getzin and his team visited the site 15 kilometres south-east of Newman, Australia, to measure the circles and analyse the conditions on the ground after an environmentalist working for an iron ore mine nearby sent them an aerial shot of the formations.

“From the bird’s-eye perspective the pattern becomes clear, and you see the regular features indicative of the fairy circles,” Getzin says. Read more at Mysterious fairy circles now discovered in Australia’s desert



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