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Friday, February 26, 2016

Unknown Bi-Pedal Creature Sighting: Southern Ontario

I received the following information from a previous witness (Wayne) on the evening of 2/25/2016:

This evening, my wife saw something run across the road bent over. It was just beyond the shine of the headlights. She estimated it about 6 to 7 ft. Her words were 'what the hell was that?' It crossed a 10 ft road in about 2 sec. The location was just outside Beamsville, Ontario. Around Bartlett Road and Route 81. About 5 km from last sighting heading towards Beamsville. I might add the week before we heard the loudest scary sounding wolf howl I have ever heard.

The previous sighting the witness is referring to is Yellow-Eyed Beast - Southern Ontario

I requested further information and received the following:

Not much more. But last week in that area we heard the longest scariest howl I ever ever heard.

The 2014-15 Winter sighting I posted on May 16, 2015 is as follows:

Hello - I have been following reports of Bigfoot here in southern Ontario for some time. And from some of the descriptions I think some may be Dogman reports. I personally had something happen to me. We were driving to a job site and it was snowing. Approx. 60 yards away, a dark shape crossed the road hunched over. I said to my wife to be careful, there is something ahead. Then I saw a small shaped head turn and look at the van. It's eyes were yellow - then it disappeared into the brush.

Also, a co-worker was driving out of Wainfleet, Ontario when something huge and black bound across the road. It was along the north stretch of the Welland River towards Welland, Ontario. All they said was it had the shape of a wolf. Now both are familiar with animals - it was unlike any canine type animal they had ever seen and was no way they were getting out of the car. Wayne

After receiving this email, I contacted Wayne and asked if he could add any further information:

Hi - general description for our sighting. It was seen around 12 midnight. Seen something hunched over and crossing the road. The beast was dark coloured. It stood up, then turned and looked at us with it's yellow eyes. It had to stand roughly six, maybe six and a half feet, as there is a street sign about that height. It was snowing - about a half a mile outside of Vineland, Ontario heading west. There is forest that comes down from an escarpment and farm on the other side. If you look on Google Maps, find Vineland, Ontario. Head west towards Beamsville, you will see a set of woods that dips towards the road and farmland on the other side.

I always keep an eye out for deer or coyote running out ahead of me. It kind of moved across road hunched over. When it got to the brush, it stood up and turned its head. All I could see were it's bright yellow eyes. Sorry that's about all. Wayne

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