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Monday, February 08, 2016

Troublesome Entities

I recently received the following email from a reader:

I thought we had a poltergeist problem in my parents’ house. When we lived back east, I had a stalker who would prowl around my parents’ house, then mine. He smoked. When you live in a state of siege for so many years, just the reminder of something that a stalker did is enough to cause you to be terrified. I kept telling my mother there was no logical reason for her to smell cigarette smoke in the hallway of the house they had purchased in another state. Didn’t make sense. With all the stress of dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s, I found myself thinking about poltergeist.

When you buy a house, a complete history should go along with it. It should be required by law. It took years for me to discover that 2 people had died on the property. One young man was working on the power lines and was electrocuted. Another died outside of the house. The people who sold the house to my parents did not smoke. The woman had a serious COPE problem.

Other people smelled the smoke.

Things started disappearing, then reappearing. Once again, when you are dealing with AD, the logical answer was that my father picked something up and who knows what happened to it. My mother finally locked up the television remotes. I’ve been told the most common cause of TV remotes disappearing is due to people with AD hiding them.

People with AD will quite often have a secret ‘stash’ of something. (I have a friend who had an ex-husband who was scoring Viagra, going around doctors shopping it. He would go to his doctor’s appointments and the situation with nurses was horrible. Finally, when he was accepted into the VA, my friend and her son started packing up things and discovered hundreds of stashed Viagra tablets.)

My father died in October - 2014. We have yet to find everything, including my mother’s diamond wedding band, which was there one minute and gone the next. We have gone through every drawer, every possible hiding place. The titles of the cars have disappeared. He put them somewhere. I thought I’d cleaned out his old safe, getting what was valuable, but I missed the car titles.

I have a friend who was interested in possibly purchasing the property. We were talking about it and I told her that the house was haunted. The problem, I told her, was that I couldn’t figure out who it was. The problem was annoying, not frightening, just plain annoying.

My friend knew who the person was! She had known her for years. She thinks she died in the house, of natural causes. The woman was a notorious practical jokester. I was told there was no prank too simple or too outrageous. She once said if she could pick her idea of heaven it would be to come back as an annoying ghost and drive people crazy pranking them.

That is exactly what she does. I’m beginning to wonder if, the next time I go down to the house, asking her to return my mother’s ring. It’s worth a try.

Something else that still baffles me is the appearance of my father’s military records. He was in the Merchant Marines during WWII. It wasn’t until the 1980s that they were given VA status. We couldn’t find my father’s records. I have looked for them all those years. A week after he died, I was going through some of his things. On his old oak desk was a large plastic bag, at least 2 inches thick, with every single record, including medals, pay stubs, his passport, and even letters. It’s all there. My sister and nephew had been going through storage. They did not even go near his desk. Neither had the other person who would care for him. My mother certainly did not do it. There is no logical explanation for why they appeared.

Also, my father inherited my grandfather’s old tractor, which he used, for a good 40 years, to mow grass, with a golf course mower. When we reached the point where he could no longer operate it, a family friend took over the mowing. He knows how to fix the old tractor - or did. The tractor basically quit running when my father died. No matter how he tinkers, our friend cannot get it to work. Their yard is a mess, with the old tractor sitting outside, rusting. It’s like that song about the grandfather clock.

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