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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Possible Reptilian Encounter Near Carthage Underground

During my most recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM, Connie called in to tell her story about a possible Reptilian encounter. This is the first time that I have posted any details from that call:

“I was calling about the Carthage Underground. That Carthage Underground, I haven't been in there since 1996, we used to be able to drive in there and it was a huge cave. It's a man-made cave, it's not a natural cave. They've used it for offices, for storing food. It's real cool in there. I don't know what it is now but's all locked up and secure now so you can't get in there.

Anyway in 1996, I drove through there and it does have a little bit of a creep factor to it, but one time I stopped by the Walmart in Carthage and I walked over there. I was in line and I got a couple of items. Somebody behind me had stuff up on the counter and I just looked at it and I thought, oh, they must be going camping because it looked like stuff you would use for camping. But I noticed this tremendous odour and I thought, what in the world is that odor. I can't even describe it, it was so bad. And I turned around and I looked at the man behind me and he was real tall, wearing dark clothes, had dark hair but his eyes were slits. I mean they were.... I mean I got the biggest creep factor. I mean, I just thought he was pure evil. At the time, I didn't associate it with aliens or UFOs or anything like that but at the time I thought it was a demon because I was so creeped out. That was around the same time that I had been over in that cave.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - May 31, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Connie's encounter is interesting, since there have been other Reptoid / Reptilian encounters at the underground facilities in Carthage, Missouri.

When the following story first broke, most people just blew it off. I'll admit, I was one of the naysayers. Since that time, my opinions have changed and I feel that some of these reports need to be highlighted:

Location/Date: Near Carthage, Missouri - March 7, 2004 - afternoon: The two witnesses had gone ATV riding in a area referred to as "The Underground" which is a public and private storage facility near the town. The facility is miles and miles of carved out caves and also stores thousands of dehydrated food containers for the Navy. It is also a fallout shelter and can hold up to 40,000 to 50,000 people. They had gone about 8 miles deep into the caves when they turned into an area that was marked, "Naval Authoritative Zone." The walls had become more polished or finished, which was striking because this was supposed to be a newly blasted area. Both witnesses just kept on going, increasing their speed since the floor was paved now.

They came upon an unusual painted pattern on the floor, which they thought it was graffiti. The road then dipped down and took a 90-degree turn to the left. They were going too fast and knew they were going to hit the wall but, instead, they passed through some kind of holographic projection of the cave wall. Now they had come upon a whole new road system, this one large and much older than the one they had come from.

They began to notice a musty and damp odor that intensified as they went deeper into the area. The lighting had changed as well. It was now much darker than the other area from which they had come. They turned on their headlights and slowed down also noticing that it was starting to get cooler. They made a right turn and started to come up on what they thought was a rest area about 40 ft away. One of the witnesses then saw something that at first he thought were a pair of fountains until the objects moved. They both stopped immediately. About 30 ft away they saw two creatures, one was very tall (at least 7 ft, maybe more) and very powerfully built and reddish in color. The other was smaller (about 6 ft tall) and was a pale, almost albino color. This one was not as powerfully built as the other. Both beings resembled large reptiles. The beings said nothing but the witnesses did get a strong malevolent feeling, an evil presence of some kind from the taller one. One of the witnesses screamed and they immediately turned and started back. As they looked back they noticed the taller entity was following them. One witness had an overwhelming feeling that if it caught them, harm would come to them. They passed through the wall projection again, looked back and saw the tall entity raise it's arm holding a weapon of some sort. It fired and hit one of the ATVs, which apparently killed the engine causing it to stop. The rider ran to the other ATV and jumped on it. They drove away and looked back to see that the tall reptilian had now stopped at the graffiti area on the cave floor. It seemed that the creature would not cross the strange marked area...some type of barrier for the creature.

The witnesses now slowed down and were about 75 ft away from the creature. The two men and the reptilian stared at each other for about 15 seconds and then they left. The creature remained standing without moving. One of the witnesses called the police on his cell phone but he was told that the security at the facility would handle the matter. Indeed security waited for the men and threatened to arrest them if they did not leave.

NOTE: The initial report of the incident was posted on the forum. One of the witnesses, Pat Garrett, later described his Reptilian experience to Mary Sutherland on BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio. Whistleblower Gary McKinnon has since described a coalition between the US military and non-terrestrial entities...Lon

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