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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dead Friend Alive?

The following odd post was recently offered on Glitch in the Matrix:

A few years ago, a good friend of ours was in a car severe accident in which the passenger was in critical condition (whom I didn't know) and the driver, who was our friend, was also in critical, but worse condition. Within in the first 12 hours, our friend that I will refer to as Mary from here on out, died at the hospital. I am unsure of the fate of the passenger, as I didn't know them, but I believe they did survive.

Originally the news of her death was brought up to me by another friend, and later confirmed it when I looked it up and saw it on a news webpage, stating her full first and last name (which I might add is not a common last name at all but don't feel comfortable disclosing here), circumstances of the accident, and location of the accident. After a couple days of checking for an obituary to get funeral details, I eventually saw it around day 2 or 3, but unfortunately it said the family wished to have a private funeral open only to relatives. Death wasn't a new thing to me, as I unfortunately already had a few friends pass by this point in time, but it was pretty unsettling not being able to say my final goodbyes at a funeral as is usually the norm.

Fast forward about 3-4 months or so, I'm going about my daily routine and come up to a 4 way stop sign at nearly the same time as another car. The other car pulled up to the stop sign at the road perpendicular to my right (I remember this so vividly and will never forget it). Knowing a car was there, I probably glanced at my phone for a second to let them go ahead, and some loud screaming catches my ear over the sound of the radio. I blow it off for a sec but it continues in increase frequency.

I look over real quick, look forward again, and the it crosses my mind, "no way in hell", and I look back over again, and damn if it isn't Mary leaning out her window of that other car waving her arms all around screaming my name trying to get my attention. The weirdest chill and feeling came over my body, literally as 'if I'm seeing a ghost' and questioning my sanity on whether I'm seeing things. At this point I yell out the window to tell her to turn right and pull over on the first street which was within eyesight.

I get out the car and literally am stuttering and don't have the first clue of what to say, and she just decides at that point to lean in and give me a hug. She was solid and I could feel her hugging me, so at that point I was assured that she wasn't a ghost lol. I explained to her how I'd grieved over her death and how I saw her obituary and everything and she thought I was half crazy. I wish I could explain the way it feels to see somebody you 'knew' was dead for a few months, and then being able to hug them and have a chat in the most unexpected way as possible, but I don't even know if there is a word in the English language to describe it.

Now where it gets really interesting is after sharing all the details I knew of her passing and accident, everything matched up minus the death part (but I vividly remember seeing the obituary and the news article with her name and all the details of the accident that I explained to her). She actually did get in a terrible accident and was just released from the hospital a couple weeks before I saw her after she spent a couple months in the hospital. The exact road and location I told her were the correct spots too. The first 30 days she was in the hospital, she was in a coma, and had a rough recovery and many surgeries following that, so it wasn't minor by any means.

Later that day, I tried finding the obituary and news article, but the were nowhere to be found. But where did I get all the info from? This has been weird for a while, but for the longest time I blew it off as someone with the same name in a similar location, but I cant find anything on that either. The likelihood of someone with her exact unusual name is highly unlikely too. Not sure if this was a glitch or if I shifted timelines. What are your thoughts on this? EnglishBobby

NOTE: Any thoughts on this incident? Lon

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