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3 Teenagers Abducted...Recall 'Operating Tables'

Fairview, NJ - July 1974, 3 witnesses abducted onto saucer shaped craft with rainbow lights. Three teenage witnesses were playing basketball from 6 to 9 AM Saturday morning. Weather was clear and sunny and they were across the street from a fire station in Fairview, NJ. While walking back to his friends home noticed that the area was empty of cars and people when normally there would be "50 to 100 people in the park." Noticed rainbow colors out of the corner of his right eye rainbow colors. When he looked he saw a shining silver metallic saucer with round tinted windows. He alerted his two friends who also saw the craft. He heard and felt whirring/roaring and his shirt was flapping as if in "a 50 mile an hour wind" but there was no wind. They were paralyzed and could not run. They arrived back at his friend's home with no memory of walking there. Witness discussed the incident with two friends (both now deceased) and they had no memory of being on the ship as he did. He recalls seeing them on "operating tables" but he was standing approximately 30 feet away. Ship appeared larger inside than outside, possibly 400 feet across. About 25 creatures, approximately 4 feet tall were present with about 10 to 15 around him and the rest around his friends. The creatures were gray in color with large round heads and large black eyes. The creatures were touching him all over. They were speaking telepathically and were surprised when they realized that he could hear them. His mother had told him that there was psychic ability in their family but he had never really believed it. He asked why they were there. His impression was that they were friendly and curious and meant no harm. He believed that they were trying to help his two friends who both had heart problems and he believes that their lives may have been extended by the aid rendered on the craft. He remembers looking out the window and down onto the basketball court where they had been playing. He could see other beings moving about in long corridors. He remembers seeing the craft ascend after they had been returned. It moved up and to the right, then left, then up and away leaving a rainbow colored trail behind. When he returned to his home his mother said he seemed changed and he replied "it's no big deal mom." Before this report he had only confided this story to his two daughters because he did no believe that anyone would believe him. - MUFON CMS


Living on the Moon

Researchers are mapping out how to build a human outpost in cislunar space — the region around Earth's moon.

The ongoing work is expected to help plot out other deep-space trips, such as the journey to a near-Earth asteroid and the larger leap to distant Mars.

Under NASA's Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) Projects, scientists and engineers are examining how best to utilize NASA's Orion deep-space crew capsule and future human habitats to set up a cislunar outpost.

Engineering looks are in progress to outline life-support needs, astronaut radiation protection and communication systems that work best for operations in cislunar space. Read more at Plans Being Devised for Human Outpost Near the Moon


Strange Sounds Over Nebraska City

Nebraska City residents in the Greggsport Addition are used to hearing trains whistle through the night, but sounds recorded at 11:34 p.m. on Feb. 21 were more akin to the mysterious Sounds of the Apocalypse circulating on the Internet and social media sites.

YouTube posts since 2011 have captured mysterious noises, some seeming to come from the sky. Reports of eerie trumpet sounds have been posted from around the world, including the Philippines, Australia, Germany, Russia and the United States. reports that the US Geological Survey experts note that unusual sounds can be attributed to deep earthquakes and waves crashing into distant cliffs. While the sounds are expected to have an earthly origin, some scientist say atmospheric noise can also be caused by meteor flashes and acoustic gravity waves.

Click below to hear a sound recorded at Riverview Park in Nebraska City Sunday night. It is 1 minute and 50 seconds long. There is a train whistle at 45 seconds, otherwise it is just the trumpet blast. Listen to audio file at website


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