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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Witnessed Thunderbirds Flying / Bigfoot Using Portals -- World's Oldest Living Animal -- Alleged Experiencer Riley Martin Passes Away

Witnessed Thunderbirds Flying / Bigfoot Using Portals

No dates given – Ontario, Canada

John from Ontario, Canada called in to tell of his encounters with thunderbirds and bigfoots.

“We were up in north Ontario. They call this up north but we were way up past where I am. And we were canoeing, a friend and I, it was quiet, no birds, nothing. And then I tap my friend on the shoulder and I say, 'Don't say anything but look up above you.' This was only about 40 feet above us. We could see every detail on these things and they were thunderbirds and they had beaks on them that were at least 3 feet long and the wingspan, it looked like a small plane. They all flapped their wings at the same time and you would just hear a swish noise. One thing I didn't want to make any noise in case they saw us and came down at us.

I started seeing so many things, I bought a very expensive video camera and this one particular night, I don't bring it, of course. I was coming home from a friend's place. It was 11:30 at night. I wasn't drinking anything. We were just drinking coffee. I saw... I thought it was a child. I thought, what's going on, it's 11:30 at night? And he's walking, dead ahead of me to the right on this country road, so I drove up and, no, this is a little furry guy walking perfectly straight up. He was covered in fur from his head to his toes, small ears. The reason I saw him so well, I drove right up to it. I had my high beams on and these spotlight things I had. I could see it perfectly, and I kept bumping it with the truck, not hard, to hurt it, but I wanted him to turn around so I could see its face. It wasn't scared at all. I hit it four or five times, enough to make it turn around. Finally it did. If you ever saw a mouth of teeth like this thing had, it didn't just have a row of teeth, it had two and then other ones sticking out. And cat-like eyes. It started to walk off the road. Now there were no ditches, no shrubbery, nothing. There was a farm near there with a big red farmhouse or whatever. It started walking off the road and into a portal... not like the portals you see on that show Atlantis, I couldn't see any ripples, nothing. This thing just walked straight through right into nothing. Right away I jumped out, opened the door and thought, Do I go in and see what's in there or what? I thought, No I better not because this was a baby... (Noory chimed in, mentioning that if this creature the man encountered was a juvenile, then its parents might be waiting inside that portal, and they would be massive. The caller agreed). Even this one, I was driving an all wheel drive GMC van and it's shoulders came just about the top of my truck.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 9, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


The Guy on the Tractor

An amazing video - Love can be demonstrated between different species


World's Oldest Living Animal

Despite being around for almost two centuries (183 years old), Jonathan the Aldabra giant tortoise is still going strong.

The long-lived reptile, whose species can be found on an outer island of the Seychelles near Madagascar, has spent most of his life on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic.

Historians believe that he was brought there in 1882 as a gift for the British governor of the time and even to this day he can still be found wandering around the grounds of the plantation house.

Sadly only a few Aldabra giant tortoises remain in the world today because most of them were wiped out during the 18th and 19th centuries by hunters. These days the species is considered vulnerable to extinction and conservationists have been working hard to preserve what few individuals remain.

As for Johnathan however - he at least is in it for the long-haul. It isn't clear how long he has left to live but there's a good chance that he will be around for a good few years yet.

There's even the possibility that he might still manage to outlive us all. Read more at Healthy Diet Helps 183-Year-Old Tortoise Feel Young Again


Alleged Experiencer Riley Martin Passes Away

Riley Martin, a member of Howard Stern's "wack pack" who professed to have been abducted by a race of aliens called "Biaviians," died December 22 in Bethlehem, Pa., Stern announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Martin, who was 69, penned a book about his alleged 1953 abduction called The Coming of Tan: Past, Present and Future of Humanity, Extraterrestrial Attention, Environmental C — which listed the leader of the Biaviians, O-Qua Tangin Wann, as co-author.

He also hosted "The Riley Martin Show" on Stern's SiriusXM channels from 2006 until his death.

Martin sold circular symbols on the internet that he claimed were "downloaded" to his brain during a second abduction in 1975.

He marketed the symbols — which he put on paper and colored by hand — as tickets to a "distant, beautiful, unpolluted planet" that would be honored by alien beings who would come to earth in the future.

A frequent guest on the “Howard Stern Show” before being given his own program, he was known to lash out at Stern over what he considered low pay.

Martin would often appear to be under the influence of alcohol while hosting his show — slurring his speech and sometimes falling asleep on the air — and famously blamed food poisoning whenever he was accused of being drunk.

A cause of death was not made available, but the producer of Martin's radio show confirmed to TMZ that Martin had been battling an "ongoing illness."

Martin is survived by his wife, Joy. - Howard Stern ‘wack pack’ member Riley Martin dies

Riley Martin's First Appearance on 'Howard Stern'

NOTE: Riley would quote the 'Book of Enoch' before it was widely known to ufology. He may have been an abductee...but I have my doubts. He was entertaining at least. Be with 'Tan'...Lon



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