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Daily 2 Cents: UFOs Dropping Off Bigfoot? -- Bizarre Intruder Experience -- Cockroaches Have Super Antibiotics in Their Brains

Chile Bigfoot / UFO incident

UFOs Dropping Off Bigfoot?

King's Mountain, NC - 2015-08-21: Last August I was sitting on the front porch waiting for my dog's to do their thing, when all of a sudden all five dog's started barking like crazy. I've never heard them bark like that before, it's like they was ready to tear something apart, I tried to see what they were after but it was real dark that evening. Then all of a sudden this red eye appeared, looking at the dogs and me. It was across the road heading west, I mean the eye was so clear that I could see a gold ring around the red part.

I ran in the house to grab a flash light but by the time I got back out it was gone, as though I thought, the dogs were on the west side of the fence barking with the same force. So I walked to the edge of the porch but I couldn't see a thing, even with the night light at the corner of the house, then the red eye appeared again looking at me and the dogs heading south thru the small wood between me and my neighbors house. It stood there for about 30 seconds and when I started to raise my light, the eye disappeared. to me it looked like a lizard's eye. It didn't seem in wanting to harm us so I didn't chase it. My question is I've been hearing reports about Bigfoot being dropped off or taken up in their space craft, suppose that's what the alien was looking for? I have seen Bigfoot in the woods behind our house. There have been others that have seen him also. My feelings about all of this ? It all started in 1970 when I was sitting in a lawn chair looking up at the stars and seen a little bright light go from one star to another. You would not believe what I have witnessed thru the years. People would say I was nuts and crazy. I don't care, I know what I have seen and heard. Thank you for your time. a true believer.MUFON CMS


Bizarre Intruder Experience

1995 – Sherman Oaks, California

While talking to guests Kosta Makreas and Hollis Polk on a November 23, 2015 episode of Fade to Black, host Jimmy Church decided to talk about his experience with what he thought was a home intruder.

“I was probably 32 or 33. This was 1995 so it was twenty years ago and I was living alone. I woke up at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, I'm not sure what time it was but I knew that somebody was in my bedroom. I was sleeping on my back and I woke up and I thought, at the time, I thought that I was being burglarized. That's what I thought. I thought that I was going to wake up and have a really bad experience. But, when I opened up my eyes, I couldn't move. It was that sleep paralysis thing. I looked down. I could move my eyeballs and I looked down. My head was propped up on a pillow because I was on my back and I looked down and off to the right, standing next to my... not next to my bed but off to my right in front of my sliding glass doors was this dude standing there. And I could tell how tall he was because next to him I had a speaker on a stand next to my TV set that was, you know, maybe four feet tall. He was a little bit taller but it looked like about the same height as that. Anyway, he was standing there looking at me and I could see because he was standing there in front of the sliding glass doors, the illumination of the moon and the stars, you know, it was nighttime outside. My room was dark, it wasn't black. I could see everything and I could clearly see what was going on. I could see him from the waist up and he blinked a couple of times. And we had this stand-off and it went on for about fifteen minutes. I went from being scared to being kind of angry and finally I jerked over and turned on the light to my left and then went to my right for a confrontation and he was gone. So I went through my whole house, turned on all the lights to make sure that I was alone. And I went back to my bedroom and was like, Man. You know it was an intense experience. That's what I saw. Was he a Grey? I don't know. Was he this? I don't know. I don't have those answers. I only know what I saw and that's it. There's other things to the story that I keep to myself because when I talk to other people, I want to hear their experience and I want to compare notes, you know, so there's more to it than that but I'll just keep the rest of it to myself. That was basically it. It was a fifteen minute experience. (Kosta asked if possible, what he would class the experience as, alien or ghost or something else) The sliding glass door is closed. I'm in Sherman Oaks, California. There's a lot of population there so... Was there any reports of crafts that night? No, I wasn't able to follow up with any of that. So was it anything else? Was it the Devil and Daniel Johnston, you know? I don't know. You know, I really don't know anything more than that. I just don't know how he got in and how he got out. That's the part for me that was pretty trippy. If the sliding glass door was open, okay, then we have some more answers here. You know, when I went to turn on the light, he dashed out the door but the door was closed and that kind of freaked me out... After that happened to me, I didn't tell anybody about it or share it and I blocked it out of my mind. It was a terrifying experience and I did not dig it. I did not think it was fun or funny and it's never happened again. You know, if it would have been repetitive then I would have been able to use the experience you know, but no it never happened again.”

Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church – November 23, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Cockroaches Have Super Antibiotics in Their Brains

Cockroaches take advantage of our messy hospitality, skulking around in the cracks and holes of our houses and devouring the scraps we leave behind. Soon, though, maybe we’ll be the ones taking advantage of their fondness for filth.

The brains of these insects carry some serious antibiotics—strong enough to slaughter bacteria that have evolved resistance to the hospital antibiotics we use. The researchers presented their work at the Society for General Microbiology meeting this week in England, and say that while the finding is terrific, it’s no surprise given the roaches’ living circumstances:

“Some of these insects live in the filthiest places ever known to man,” says Naveed Khan, coauthor of the new study. “These insects crawl on dead tissue, in sewage, in drainage areas. We thought, ‘How do they cope with all the bacteria and parasites?’” [Science News] Read more at Cockroaches Have Super Antibiotics in Their Brains; We Must Steal Them


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