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Daily 2 Cents: Southern Utah Bigfoot Encounter -- Attacking Coyotes High on Mushrooms -- Woman Believes She is a Real Cat

Southern Utah Bigfoot Encounter

Vincent in Salt Lake City, Utah called in to tell of a bizarre encounter he had one night:

“I actually grew up in the south of Utah. I encountered something strange down there. I lived out in the middle of nowhere and we had a bunch of dogs and we had a lot of hitchhikers because we lived on a main road that goes through there and my dad was a cop and worked long days and stuff. One night the dog starts barking and he just stuck his gun out the door and he said, hey, go figure out what that is. So I went out and we had one dog on each corner of... we had an actual pump-house to pump water we lived that far out of town. And I checked the dogs and they were very upset and I got to the one dog and she is cowering down on the ground shaking. I thought she was hurt but she wasn't hurt, just really scared. And when I was checking on her, I got the distinct feeling that I didn't really check behind me very good and when I started to turn around... and I had a gun in my hand so I shouldn't have been that scared. So when I started to turn around there was... It may as well have been a pile of leaves or a pile of dirt or something, stood straight up and ran away from me and I didn't hear anything other than crunching sounds as it was running. And we lived on the side of a really steep hill and it run right down the side of that hill and on the bottom of that hill were trees and a river. I could hear twigs breaking... By the time I realized what had gone on, I got to the side of the hill to see where it was going and it made it all the way down and it was very steep hill, it had gone all the way down there and I could hear the tree branches breaking off and I was petrified. I was shaking so bad that if I had wanted to shoot it I wouldn’t have been able to. I was terrified. My dad was a cop and he called in – the county had a professional tracker / hunter guy by the name of Billy, and they brought him in. I thought it was a bear, just how big it was but I swear to you, I'm not making it up, it ran on two legs. And a bear isn't just gonna hunker down and pretend... I mean, yeah. He checked. He looked at the impressions and I mean, down there, it's all gravel and sand and sagebrush, there's no soft soil at all. And he looked and he could see the impressions and he said, if this was a bear, it's bigger than anything I've ever done and I've been doing it for 30 years. Yeah, it was terrifying and there were sightings in the area a couple of days after that. It could have ripped me apart.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - January 26, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Attacking Coyotes High on Mushrooms

West Marin residents have lately been reporting a strange sight on Highway 1 near the Slide Ranch turnoff. It’s all the talk at Beth’s Community Kitchen in Bolinas and elsewhere: A coyote has taken to staring down automobile drivers as they drive through this twisting, turning section of highway, before attacking the car and then skulking off back into the wilderness. The coyote runs up to the cars, usually at night, forcing drivers to stop as the beast stares and sniffs around the vehicle.

The coyote “attacks” have happened a bunch of times, to enough people, to warrant calls to figure out what’s going on with the animal. Or, animals, as the latest grist out of Bolinas has it that there are now two coyotes acting a little weird, or a lot weird: Drive-by coyote stare-downs have now become part of the normative experience for a Bolinas-based individual who makes numerous nighttime airport runs every week. We are not identifying this individual, who fears retribution at the vengeful paws of these bushy-tailed beasts. He would only say, “It’s a terrifying, yet beautiful thing to behold.”

The Marin Humane Society has fielded at least one inquiry from a coyote-concerned citizen and is looking into the case of the aggressive coyote, says Lisa Bloch, director of marketing and communications for the society. “We are trying to figure this out.”

There are three possible scenarios to explain the behavior, ranging from least probable, kind of fun to consider and most probable. The least probable problem with the coyote, or coyotes, is rabies. This sort of “Old Yeller” type of aggression usually comes at the end-stage of the disease, the “terror stage” or “zombie stage” of rabies, at which point the animal is going to die, Bloch says.

These coyote attacks have been going on for at least three weeks. If it were rabies, Bloch says, the coyote would likely be dead by now. “If this is going on longer than a week or so, then it’s likely not rabies. And we don’t suspect rabies, just because it is pretty rare.” Read more at Upfront: Coyote crazy


Woman Believes She is a Real Cat

The woman, who goes by the name Nano, claims that she is a cat that has been born in to the wrong body.

The Norwegian, who discovered her peculiar trait at the age of 16, has since adopted numerous feline mannerisms and claims that she has become terrified of water.

"I realized I was a cat when I was 16 when doctors and psychologists found out what was 'the thing' with me," she said. "Under my birth there was a genetic defect."

Nano maintains that her feline status has granted her superior senses enabling her to see in the dark and to pick up faint sounds that other people are unable to hear.

She also wears a pair of cat ears on her head and an artificial tale fastened around her waist.

"Sometime I hiss when meeting dogs in the street," she said. "It's because of their behavior and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing. It's also obvious that I'm a cat when I start purring and meowing.. and walking around on four legs and stuff like that."

"My psychologist told me I can grow out of it, but I doubt it. I think I will be cat all my life." Read more at Woman says she is a cat trapped in the wrong body - she hisses at dogs, hates water and claims she can even see better at night


Quick 'Voodoo' Primer

The ancient art of Voodoo originated as shamanistic traditions brought from Africa to the New World during the slave trade and combined with the ritualism of the faithful in the Western Hemisphere. Voodoo is the belief that ritual enactment of a desire will produce that desire.

The rituals of Voodoo almost always involve attracting and keeping a lover. In centuries past, when information flow was much slower, a Voodoo priest or priestess was entrusted as the keeper of these rituals, but in the information age, one can become a practitioner of the simpler of these ritualistic ceremonies.

The love spell is the most common type of Voodoo practiced. Voodoo love spells are quite effective in aiding a seduction, getting a lover to return to you or in strengthening the devotion of a man you are currently with. The bad reputation of Voodoo is due to its success in seduction; it has received envy and loathing over the years, largely from those whose lovers have abandoned them under the influence of a Voodoo love spell.

Voodoo is not without its risks. If you cast a Voodoo love spell on a man, realize that your soul could become bound to his. Do not use one of these spells on a man for whom you lust after but do not want to be with forever. These spells bind you; they are an oath to ethereal energy patterns (aka spirits) that you will produce amazing love energy for the universe if only these spirits will alter the energy of the material plane in your favor.

The Voodoo priestess lives in isolation specifically because she can have any man with the wave of her hand, but knowing this, she hides from all men to preserve her eternal soul. Astral Perceptions Universal



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