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Daily 2 Cents: Kids' Bizarre Encounter in Park -- Man Saw Bigfoot 'Family' -- 'Heaven's Gate' Suicide Cult Website Still Live

Kids' Bizarre Encounter in Park

Tim called in to tell his bizarre story that happened when he was a child in the late 80s or early 90s.

“I'm in the second grade going into the third grade. It was the summer between and at the end of my street where I grew up, there was an apartment complex and at the back of that apartment complex there's a little playground for the people who live there. Okay, so my buddy goes in to watch Arsenio Hall. You know how old school that is and he comes back out and it's probably about midnight and we're sitting on the merry-go-round and we're just going around really slow. I mean we're pretty much ready to pass out. Okay now, spatially about 10 yards away from the merry-go-round there are parallel bars about two bars about waist high where you can walk with your hands or whatever. And beyond that there's a swing-set inside a sandbox. And we're going around real slow. We go around one time and nothing's there, right. And we go around a second time and I swear I saw a demon. It was like that sleep paralysis thing. I was instilled with so much fear, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything. And we were going around so slow, I got a real good look at him. He was probably 7 to 10 feet tall, somewhere in there. I mean super tall. He didn't look like an NBA player, he was like massive, right? He had on this robe like what the grim reaper would have on, something like that. It had a hood. It was a very commanding presence but the interesting thing was it was bright white, like completely white. The robe was white. Everything about it was white and from like below, it had like a fog cover or a mist coming up around his feet and there was this light coming up from below shining upwards. Almost like he had come up a staircase and you couldn't see if it was from underground or something. And this was the weirdest part, was that when I looked at his face, he had the facial expression like he wanted to kill me. That's all I could tell for sure was that he wanted me dead, that he wanted to kill me. He just had this look of like hatred. When I turned around... The only word I could think of was like, terror. I was paralysed with fear and so when I'm looking at him... When I looked at his face, I remember the expression and I remembered the emotion. But I could never, I mean like instantly that night that I couldn't remember what his face looked like. And being an artist, I should be able remember where the nose was, the shape and structure of the eyes, cheekbones, that kind of stuff. There no features that were remember-able. It was almost like it blotted out my ability to remember it. So when I saw him looking at me, it freaked me out. He just stood there. He never moved. He never had any motion. So we went around that merry-go-round once, he was there, we went around it the next time, he was gone. So that first time when I saw him, he was back maybe twenty yards away where the swing-set was and the sandbox. And that third time we went around, he was gone, I felt like this relief. And that fourth time we went around on that merry-go-round, he was back again but he closed the distance by half. Now he was right next to the parallel bars. It freaked me out. He was in the same position. Everything was the same, just his location was closer. At that point, me and the other guy that I was with, got up and ran to his apartment which was near the park and when we got there I mean, I'm freaking out. I asked him, you tell me what you saw, because he saw something too. And, to me, I think this is some of the strangest aspect was, what he described seeing was, he saw an angel. And the angel that he saw. He didn't see the same thing I saw. I made him tell me first that way we wouldn't get our stories together because I didn't really trust this guy. He said that he saw an angel that was about 3 and half feet tall with its wings spread out and it had its head cocked to the side like he had asked him a stupid question. I spent most of my life trying to figure out what this means.”

Source: Rigged Reality Radio – 30 October 2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Man Saw Bigfoot 'Family'

28-year-old warehouse worker Mike J., who asked to keep his last name anonymous, says the event took place while hunting with his dog in a rural area he refers to as Black Bay.

“I’ve just recently felt confident enough to tell that story, I’ve keep it to myself and close family for a very long time,”

After several hours, he says, he decided to head back home before it became too dark to find the way home.

“As we made it through the fields, I hopped the last fence an waited for my dog to squeeze through the gait, he was very large. I would say about 20 feet away from the start of the path, I heard a whoooop on one side, followed by a sharp whistle on the adjacent side.”

At first, he says he believed the sounds were birds, but as the unidentified sounds continued, Mike realized something else was going on.

“I took a few more steps something let out a deep growl followed by a yell,” he recalls. “I was in total shock. I had never heard anything remotely close to that, it vibrated through my entire body, it literally stunned me and confused me.”

“I caught a glimpse of something reddish brown cross the path, it wasn’t much taller than me though.”

Suddenly, as the noise stopped, Mike says he made his way trough the path to finally reach his residence.

“The only way home was through the path that this thing just crossed. The sun was almost down, so it was flight or fight… and I chose flight.”

When he arrived home, he said his mother noticed something was wrong.

“She was outside collecting clothes off the line an asked me did I hear a strange noise coming from back that way, I could not reply,” he said.

The Floridian says that, even though he hadn’t heard much about Bigfoot at the time, he knew that what he saw that day wasn’t your average local wildlife and that it was possibly a family of ape-like creatures crossing the path. And he has a theory.

“I know now what I encountered was a family because I heard three vocalizations that evening. At the time, it was hard to understand what was happening… now I know I must have come between the juvenile an the adult. That’s why they distracted me, and ultimately scared the living crap out of me, to insure I didn’t hurt their young.” Read more at Florida Man: I Saw a Family of Bigfoots


'Heaven's Gate' Suicide Cult Website Still Live

The cult Heaven’s Gate committed mass suicide in 1997. They sedated and then suffocated themselves in bunk beds, all wearing brand new black Nike Decade sneakers. They believed they were about to commune with an alien space craft that was following the Hale-Bopp comet. Among the dead was Thomas Nichols, brother of the actress Nichelle Nichols—Uhura in the original Star Trek.

The website for Heaven’s Gate is still up and running, and it is a fascinating, sad window into extreme belief. Heaven's Gate members thought Earth was about to be wiped clean and rejuvenated and that the only chance to survive was to leave it behind, immediately. They believed their human bodies were vessels, and often used the word ‘vehicle’ to talk about their flesh and blood. A few “final exit” interviews of members are available on YouTube.

Their passionate belief that the soul can be forced free of the body is prophetic to our current era of religious extremism run amok. “If you quickly choose to take these steps toward separating from the world, and look to us for help,” says the cult leader Marshall Applewhite (known as Do), “you will see our Father’s Kingdom.”

But their website, as creepy and cultish as it is, is also a glimpse at ‘90s web design, making it strangely nostalgic trip into what author and developer Paul Ford calls, “the early personal web” where links are underlined, fonts are large, and everything is color coded.

Above all, the artifacts available online are a valuable, multifaceted look into the ideology of a destructive belief system. Rather than distancing yourself from them, their records help you connect with these flawed fellow humans. You begin to feel empathy for them, because no matter how warped, they wanted what we all want: communion, peaceful rest at the end of our lives, deliverance. - '90's Mass Suicide Cult Website Is Still Online and Is Both Fascinating and Terrifying



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