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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BEK in the Park...'it was crazy'

December 19, 2015 - Cedar Park, Texas

Nate in Cedar Park, Texas called in to tell of his sighting of BEK in a mall in Texas:

“This one was actually kind of creepy because on the Saturday before Christmas I had grand-baby duty because everyone else was off shopping and doing things. So I had taken my grand-daughter to... in Texas they have a bunch of these bounce house, these inflatable things and they basically put them in strip malls. Well, I had taken her to one of those and checked in and was just kind of sitting on the bench watching her and I noticed this kid, looked like about a 6 year old kid, dressed in black jeans and like a hoodie, like a grey kind of hoodie but not necessarily a clean one. And I'm thinking, this kid looks out of place compared to all these other kids. All the other kids are like running around not really noticing him and so I'm kind of watching him and he just happens to glance back at me and I'm like Holy crap, that kid doesn't have any eyes. It was just black right where his eyes are.

So I stand up and I walk towards him and I think he must have noticed me and he just kind of walked towards or past the inflatables and there's a row of six inflatables and when I say inflatables, it's the big blow up slides or bounce houses or, you know, all the things that the kids ride on. So I follow him and I'm walking behind him and the last little, I don't know, space that they have are these stairs that you walk up and there's it's a pit of foam blocks that you can jump into or do somersaults and some. And there's a front of a staircase and it has a little turn to it and I go up, I'm watching him, watching him and he turns around and he looks at me and, sure enough, 6 year old kid, black jeans, white-grey hoodie, black eyes or he didn't have any eyes. He waved at me and he turns to walk up the stairs and I kind of fast walked to see if I could get him and he's not on the stairs, he's not anywhere. He just disappeared. And like I said, I followed him from the front because that's where all the benches are for the old people and I noticed him and I followed him all the way to the back. I mean I was 15 or 20 feet behind him the entire time. He got to the back, made the little loop, turned around and looked at me, basically he acknowledged me and gave him a little kid wave, like a little princess kid wave, made a... a... and it didn't take me 2 seconds to get where he was from there and there was nobody there. Nobody at all. It was crazy...

It was kind of weird though because the entire time it was like he was there but not quite in focus. Does that make sense? It was like he's standing there but if another kid was standing beside him, he would be a little bit blurry compared to the other kid with well defined angles and things like this. He was just kind of there. And the weirdest thing about it was that kids would just like walk around him but not like acknowledge that he was even there. They were just running around going back and forth, just running around doing craziness with the parents and everybody else and it was almost like I was the only one who even noticed him and he was not necessarily happy that I noticed him because it was like he was scouting stuff out. I didn't say anything to anybody. I just grabbed my grand-daughter and I said, it's ice cream time, let's go.”

Source: Darkness Radio - January 11, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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