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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mothman and Other Monsters in West Virginia

I recently received an interesting series of accounts from a reader:

I'm writing today because I just read the story from the lady that is claiming the Mothman lived in her backyard. I don't completely disbelieve her claims - as I'm in no position to do so. That's up to you & your investigators. I do know we have lots of underground creatures, & many unexplained things in the woods.

I wanted to tell you about an experience I had when I still lived back home in Wayne, WV. It was around 2003. It was Fall, I think.

Being that I grew up in the WV mountains, I've always been aware of the stories of the Mothman, creatures similar to the Mothman, & what my great grandmother called 'panthers'. I don't know what these 'panthers' really were, but she had a ton of stories about her father having to outsmart them & keep them away while traveling through the woods to get to town. I know she wasn't describing a mountain lion or bobcat. We all know what those are, & as far as I know those hills aren't roaming grounds for mountain lions .

They always said these creatures were vicious! They'd snatch who & whatever they could. However, they were afraid of fire.

So, it's fall. My exhusband & I had been at my aunt's house for a birthday party. She lives on a country road with the mountains behind the house. For miles, there's nothing but woods back there.

We were the 1st to leave. It was around dusk, & I was following my exhusband out to the car while carrying my 2yr old son. Right before we reached the car we were stopped dead in our tracks by the creepiest sound I have ever heard! It was so loud, echoing off the hills . It sounded very similar to a woman screaming bloody murder ( just like the stories my great grandmother told), but was definitely NOT a woman. It was one of those sounds that just feels ominous & sends those cold chills down your spine.

I looked at my exhusband & could tell it frightened him. ( that's what scared me more than anything). He was an avid woodsman & hunter. He knew the woods, could happily live in a tent in the woods & wasn't afraid of much in life in general.

I started searching the tree line with my eyes just trying to see if I could see it. I could feel it staring right down at us. Yet, we were both kind of frozen in shock.

Then, he gave me a look & told me to get my son & myself in the car immediately. I did, but thought we probably should have told everyone in the house to be careful when they went to leave.

That was the only time in the 25yrs I lived in WV that I heard that sound. Though, I continued to hear stories over the years. I don't know what that thing really is, & I don't want to find out personally lol.

I also had a neighbor in 2006 that told me some pretty scary stuff. She said she was living in a house on Buffalo Creek Rd. in Wayne County , WV.

This is a backroad. Woods & mountains on both sides. My family owned quite a bit of land out there. There were mounds up on the mountains were the Native Americans buried their dead.

She said there was an old cabin a little ways behind & to the right of the house. She was there alone. It was dark & getting late, so she decided to go to bed. She said as soon as she turned the lights off, she started hearing lots of racket coming from the cabin. Like pots & pans clanging together, glass breaking, etc. She thought it was a group of roudy teens messing around in there. So, she went out on the porch & yelled to tell them to hit the road. The noise stopped, but she didn't see any kids. She went back in to grab a flashlight & went closer to the cabin to investigate. She could see something dark move passed the windows. She shined the light in & it apparently looked right out the window at her. She booked it back to the house & locked herself in.

She described it as 'Mothman-like' but she didn't think for sure that's what it was. She said it was pure evil. You could feel it. She said it was taller than her. All dark in color. Red eyes. Walked upright.

I believed her. She wasn't one to make things up, & she was clearly frightened telling the story.

To make matters worse, that wasn't the last encounter that she had with the creature.

There was another night where she was babysitting her nieces & nephews. She said it came up on the porch & started pacing back and forth. You could hear the boards creek with every step.

They locked everything up, & all ran into her bedroom & locked themselves in. They all were huddled together on the bed when it came around to the window. I guess it rapped on the window & scratched at it. They literally all hid under the covers.

I guess they were all screaming & freaking out. She said it eventually went back to the front porch & was there until close to dawn.

It wasn't long after that they moved. Now, I will say that I loved being in those woods on Buffalo Creek. During the day. We always had fun. We'd find arrow heads & all kinds of different treasures the Indians left behind. At night, however, we wanted to be inside. I hated the back room. Closest to the woods. (my great grandfather built several houses on that road. My family still lives there). It just always felt like there was something out there at night. The nature noises would get quiet all of a sudden. It just always seemed scary at night. Even as an adult, I would run from the car to the house. I don't know what's out there, but I'd say there's too many stories & witnesses to discount it.

Take care Lon.

Peace & blessings,

NOTE: During the last Arcane Radio show with our guest Joshua Cutchin, we were discussing cryptids and the Pennsylvania bi-pedal canines. Joshua asked me if there were native burial mounds in the vicinity of the encounters. I mentioned that there was a lot of native activity and habitation before the colonists started moving westward. Now this reader mentioned the burial mounds in the Buffalo Creek area of West Virginia...removing artifacts in particular. Is it possible that these 'Mothman-like' beings were possibly generated by the native tradition and /or magic? Could it be similar with the bi-pedal canines? Are these manifestations of protection of the dead? What do you think? Lon

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