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Monday, December 07, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Winged Humanoid Reported in Argentina -- Zombie Nativity Spat -- Extremely Rare Deep Sea Squid Recorded

Winged Humanoid Reported in Argentina

I received the following note from a reader in Brazil:

A small village in Argentina recently had many reported sightings of a winged humanoid creature. Citizens of Qulino, Argentina reported sightings of a strange humanoid creature appearing in the middle of the night and then mysteriously disappearing. Reports of the creature spread quickly to local police who investigated but found nothing.

Later, a firemen Carlos Sanchez and his police friend where leaving the headquarters when they spotted in the street at night a strange black hooded figure which matched the sightings descriptions. The mysterious entity stood still then suddenly vanished into the shadows. They followed the being until they saw it next to a tree. The figure was looking directly to them. It didn’t stay looking to them for too long, seconds after the figure opened wings and flew away.

​The police have asked for help from the community to locate the mysterious entity.


Abduction / Entity Recall

WHEN: middle of the day, during Spring or Summer of 1980 (approx)
WHERE: next to Methow River, next to a natural spring, near the end of Wilson Rd., due South of Winthrop, WA in Yakima County.
WHO: I was about 11 years old
WHAT: I was taking a walk around this area when I suddenly awoke, on the ground, in a clearing a small distance from where I was last. It was over an hour later.
During this elapsed time I remember speaking with an entity in the spot where I woke up.. The entity was humanoid, adult sized, and was white. I believe there was another, shorter one behind it. It was not a ghost. It had physicality to it. I do not recall what we spoke about.
There was a great brightness behind and/or above the entities. It was a very white light.
During the event I primarily felt at peace, with some small part of me feeling upset. After the event I had a peaceful/fearful feeling for the area in which I awoke. I also was baffled by the missing time because I had difficulty remembering and believing my experience with the entities. - MUFON CMS


Zombie Nativity Spat

For the second year in a row, Jasen Dixon of Sycamore Township, Ohio, has dressed up Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three wise men as zombies in a nativity scene in his front yard. And for the second year, Sycamore Township officials have told him to remove the display.

Dixon brought it back and made improvements because it was such a hit. People like Blaise Harsch have driven by to take a look. "I like it. It looks cool," Harsch said. But a few people found it offensive. Township officials told him last year to remove it because he didn't have a permit.

So this year Dixon said he worked with township officials when he applied. A day after he submitted the application, he received a letter saying his application was denied because the zoning code doesn't allow an "accessory structure" in a front yard. Dixon's not buying it. "I think it's the theme. It just rubs people the wrong way and it puts the spotlight on me.

"That's why they're coming down so hard on me," Dixon said. Dixon could be fined $500 per day. He believes his zombies should stay for the holidays. "It's not hurting anything and it's here not even for a month," Dixon said. He is considering an appeal. He has yet to receive a fine but said he hasn't decided what he will do if he does. - Zombie Nativity spat continues for second year


Bud Weisser is arrested at Budweiser brewery

A man by the name of Bud Weisser was arrested by police after trespassing in his namesake's brewery.

The bizarre incident occurred when the 19-year-old climbed over a security fence in to the Budweiser brewery in St Louis after abandoning his car following a crash on Thursday.

After navigating countless crates of the popular beverage, Weisser was apprehended by two security officers who ordered him to leave the premises.

When he refused to do so he got in to a scuffle with one of the men and the police were called.

He was later taken in to custody for trespassing and resisting arrest.


Extremely rare deep sea squid caught on film

Researchers have captured footage of a mysterious species of deep sea cephalopod off the coast of Hawaii.

There is so much we don't know about the ocean's depths that we actually have a more complete picture of the surface of Mars than we do of the animals living at the bottom of the sea.

This latest video, which was recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, shows a rare species of cephalopod known as the whiplash squid gliding through the depths.

The animal, which has rarely been seen alive, is able to propel itself at considerable speeds by drawing water in through its pair of peculiar red 'lips' and then ejecting it. - Spectacular footage of squid rarely seen alive emerges



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