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Daily 2 Cents: The Legendary 'Ozark Howler?' -- Loveland, Ohio Follow-Up -- Zombie Alert!

The Legendary 'Ozark Howler?'

"I believe two things in this world to be true, that Jesus Christ is my savior and that the Ozark Howler is real and living in the Arkansas mountains."

"Met some family in Devil's Den State Park this weekend for some camping," the tipster wrote. "We were up near Yellow Rock trail head this morning and saw this thing chase a squirrel up a tree and I have never seen anything like it. It had short black fur, a broad nose and horns like a young deer but it moved like a cat and had a long tail. Don't know what else it could be but the Howler. It was yelping and scratching at the tree and I got this pretty good photo when it stopped and turned to look at me. Wish I had video or more photos but it disappeared too fast....You can give me a call I'm an electrician so usually available to talk for a minute."

Do you believe in the Ozark Howler?

NOTE: a friend in Missouri forwarded this information. Lon


Zombie Alert!

"Zombie infections: epidemiology, treatment, and prevention" — readers of the BMJ medical journal might have done a double take at that title of an article released Monday (Dec. 14).

Don't panic. The walking dead aren't really out to get you. But stories about zombies are a good analogue for the spread of real-life infectious diseases, said article author Tara Smith, who researches emerging diseases at Kent State University in Ohio.

In horror movies, "the way most zombie outbreaks happen is through an infection," Smith told Live Science. "Somebody gets a virus or a bacterium or a fungus, and it causes them to zombify," she said. Read more at Zombie Alert! Medical Journal 'Warns' of Walking Dead


Loveland, Ohio Follow-Up

The following are reader responses to my Loveland, Ohio post:

Hi Lon - I just read the Loveland post from 12/15 and the stacking of rocks plus a weird vibe struck me as I had a similar incident in Mid/Eastern Washington in 2005.

A girlfriend and I were hiking in WishPoosh Campground in the off-season, maybe early mid-March. It has/had a small tributary that fed either off or into Lake Cle Elum, which was within walking distance, yet some distance from where we were.

Along the small creek, was a small clearing and we came across 3 stacks of flat, dinner-plate sized and saucer-sized roughish stones that, looking back, remind me of shale, but certainly something that wasn't out of place along a river bed, apart from their size..

One stack was maybe a foot tall, another 5-6 inches and the other 3-4. They had been pulled from areas surrounding the individual piles and the piles themselves were maybe 6-7 feet apart, but there wasn't a kind of pattern to their layout, apart from largest at the bottom and their all having that same mindset in construction.

As we had just been talking about Central/Mid Washington State being weird phenomena central for a number of years, with Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts and weird auditory stories going back to Native American days, seeing these along a rock covered riverbed was pretty neat. We made jokes about how we interrupted Bigfoot looking for food.

Then, the vibe just kind of ...changed. The air got heavy. Oppressive, in a sense. To the point where she, who thought this kind of stuff was kind of cool, but was more just humoring me on a grey, potentially rainy March afternoon in Washington, asked "Did you feel that?"

But, heavy is the only way I can describe it. I turned around and just kind of surveyed the trees around the clearing. I didnt see anything, but one particular area just made my hair stand up. Again, didn't see anything specific, but a certain copse of trees really drew my attention. It seemed darker than the other areas in the same daylight, at the same distance. I wanted to go closer, but the vibe just said "no" and my ladyfriend vocalized the same idea.

So we left. The minute we left, whole vibe changed. Lighter. We walked back through the campground, got back to the car and talked about how weird it was.

Here's a fun twist: 2 years later, I'm dating someone who had camped there with her family a few years previous and, also sharing my interest in Fortean oddness, told me how they had heard Bigfoot while on their stay there. She posted on BFRO in regards to and others came forward having heard the same, so... I THEN told her about my story about the river stacks, so... it was a fun chat.

Again, the Loveland incident report brought that back. Thought you might find it interesting.

Thank you for your time and for Phantoms & Monsters, Sir. One of my faves. JA


Mr Strickler;

I read your of mention of Loveland Ohio in your newsletter of Dec 16, 2015. I had an experience there 30 plus years ago while visiting family. I awoke from a headache around two am. I heard an odd,"music" coming in the window. It was really strange. It sounded like someone was playing a record backwards. It was odd enough that, despite my headache, I just had to investigate.

Leaving my wife to sleep I went outside of the complex of condos and followed the odd sound. Not sure why but I decided to hide behind some bushes then I noticed the sound was coming from the next condo over by the pool. Around a fifty yards away from my position. I could see into a second floor balcony sliding glass doors. What I saw was odd to me. I saw several figures in robes with some kind of head coverings. The robes were red in color. One of the robed figures had a long knife. They were all moving around in a large circle, chanting. As I was watching the scene the knife holder suddenly quit moving about the circle. Instead He/She came to the sliding doors and pulled a curtain across! No way they could have seen me! I felt like someone was right there in the bushes with me! I ran!

The next day we were to return home. So, I called the management of the Condo Complex and reported the "Witches." The lady politely thanked me and said she would investigate. I had left my number with her but she never called me back.

Approximately ten years later I was reading a book about then popular subjects of UFO, Psychics, etc. Published by Omni Publishing. When I decided to read the 'about the author' section. He related that he was a practicing witch in Loveland, Ohio and had been thrown out of his condo after a ,"service". It appears we had met! John


Vlad Putin...or Vlad Dracula?

NOTE: Conspiracy theorists have decided that the Russian leader is immortal due to pictures from 100 years ago which show his lookalike. Nice Lon


PLEASE NOTE: The 'Daily 2 Cents' will be my only post for today. Dealing with a stomach bug since last night. Thanks for reading...Lon



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