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Daily 2 Cents: 'I was nearly killed by a Yowie... twice!' -- Navy Sailor Abducted by 15 Ft. Tall 'Time Travelers' -- Newspaper Says Sorry For Santa Claus' Obituary

'I was nearly killed by a Yowie... twice!'

Yowie researcher Dean Harrison insists he has nearly been killed twice by the mysterious hairy creature.

So when the QT continued our hunt for evidence of the elusive beast in the Ipswich area it was worth having a chat to the man who has had numerous yowie encounters, and interviewed the witness to the sighting of the Mulgowie Yowie back on August 15, 2001.

Harrison, who runs the Australian Yowie Research website, has been searching for yowies for over 20 years.

He has provided a recorded interview with a certain Steve Doyle, who on September 22, 2013 was driving with his wife on the Laidley-Rosewood Rd at dusk when he got one hell of a fright.

"I glanced to the side of the road and it was my height...five foot four. It just looked like a person standing on the side of the road," Doyle revealed.

"It would have been about 15m away from us at that stage…and as I looked across it was running back into the scrub on all fours (after it was) standing up. Read more at 'I was nearly killed by a Yowie... twice!'


Navy Sailor Abducted by 15 Ft. Tall 'Time Travelers'

Kevin called in to Coast to Coast (hosted by Jimmy Church) to tell of his bizarre abduction experience in 1982. Unlike Noory and Bell, Church didn't cut him off. He actually let him tell his story in full which is a nice surprise.

“I was abducted by aliens in 1982. I was in the United States Navy at the time. I was a (can't make out what he is saying) aboard a ship, the USS San Bernadino which is a tank landing ship, and it's number was 1189 and this guy was aboard the ship with me. I've known him since the first day I came on board the ship and he and I were like best of friends for four years. One night I was doing some work down in my space because in the medical field I was a... (again, can't make out what he saying) and it's not done until the paperwork is done. So I was down there catching up on some paperwork and he came down to visit me and he told me that he had been abducted by extraterrestrials since he was eight years old and I took it with a grain of salt. We had a conversation about it... He caught me by surprise when he told me he was abducted. And I'd known him for four years and this was the first time the subject ever came up. Now, this was on a Sunday night. Like I said, I took it with a grain of salt. I was like, 'Yeah, okay, sure.' Now we were out at sea. We were on a West back (sounds like?) cruise which puts us on the other side of the world, you know, like between Japan and Korea, Singapore, Thailand, on the other side of the world. Now we weren't nowhere near California at this time. And our ship was a tank landing ship which is designed to go right up on the beach, the front ends open up and the marines can drive their jeeps and their tanks and all that off into a battle scene.... And we had been out to sea for a week at this time. And, like I said, this started on a Sunday night. (host Jimmy Church asked for his friend's name) I'll give you his last name, his name was Reich. R-E-I-C-H (spells it out). Does that sound like a coincidence? You gotta realize, this was in 1982 and since then I’ve learned an awful lot about, you know, I heard about the Third Reich and I was like, you gotta be kidding me. Like I said, I don't know exactly where we were because we had been out to sea for a week. All you could see was ocean everywhere you looked. Now this was on a Sunday night and, like I said, I took it with a grain of salt. Now, Tuesday night, he came back down to my space because I was still doing some paperwork, you know, and he told me that his quote friends came and got him. I was like, 'Oh really, that's nice.' You know, because we were still out at sea. And I said, 'Where'd they take you?' He said, 'They took me to your house in Kankakee, Illinois' And I was like, 'Oh really, what did you see?' So he starts describing things to me that he saw and the more he was telling me, the more upset I was getting because I knew what he was telling me was absolutely fact. The only trouble was, it wasn't fact in 1982. The first thing he was telling me about was a 1966 Ford Galaxy Fire that we owned and have a lot of detail about it including a chocolate milkshake stain that I had done in the backseat of the car. Well, we went to Dairy Queen and, stupid me, I spilled my milkshake all over it and it stained the seat. And he's giving me that kind of detail. We bought the car in 1966 but we traded the car in in 1973.... sometime in 1973. (Church asks him if he mentioned this to him sometime in the past). No, no. That's just it. And then I asked him what else he saw and then he starts describing our living-room furniture that we had which we had gotten rid of and gotten new furniture in 1968 or 69. I can't remember exactly what year. I knew the furniture that he was describing but it was not the furniture that we owned in 1982. I was getting more and more upset. I figured the CIA couldn't even have that much information on me, with that kind of detail. So I asked him, 'Where did you get all this?' And he said, 'I just came from your house like fifteen minutes ago.' And I knew that. Thing is, Jimmy, I knew what he was talking about was true and I also knew that it wasn't today. You know, that day. The particular day that this was happening. So I asked him, 'How did you know this?' And he said, 'My friends.' I said, 'Well, if you're telling me the truth, I want to meet your little green friends.' And he said, 'I don't know for sure if you can or not but I'll talk to them. I'll let you know.' So, it was a couple of days later, he came back down in the space and he told me that, 'Yeah, I talked to them and they said you can meet them.' And I said, 'Really, when?' And he said, 'You'll find out.' And so it was the next day. Well, he told me, 'They're here.' And I said, 'Where?' He said, 'Up on the main deck.' So I go up on the main deck and I see this star. That's the only way I can describe it to you. It was a star. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever saw in my life. It was shining every single color of the rainbow, all the way through it, all around it. And it was star shaped. And I thought to myself, This could be the star if Bethlehem. I really thought that. It was beautiful. It was as bright as the sun but it didn't hurt my eyes. There were two guys that were standing in front of me. They were having a conversation and I was trying to get their attention. It was about the same altitude as a jet liner flies, you know, 30 to 35 thousand feet and it was about, and I'm not exaggerating when I say this, 3 to 3 and a half miles wide, 2 to 2 and a half miles tall. You basically have to be blind not to see it. And these guys are having a conversation next to me and I grabbed this one guy next to me and I start screaming and jumping up and down and yelling. I just want this guy to see it as a witness and I got a death grip on him and I'm shaking him as hard as I can. And he just doesn't even respond to me. (Jimmy asks how many sailors were on the ship and how many guys were on the deck). About 240. This wasn't at night. That was around 11:30 in the morning. I just saw the two. I don't know how many that were on there but neither one of them saw it. They never responded to me. They didn't even respond. I got a death grip on him and I'm shaking him as hard as I can and he doesn't even respond to me and I guarantee you Jimmy, you're standing in a crowd and somebody grabs you by the shoulder and starts shaking you, you respond. I blink and now I'm on their ship and I'm looking down and I can see my ship and then we did a flyby and I seen myself on the ship shaking this guy, jumping up and down. And now, I don't know if they... as soon as I got on the ship, my first thought was, 'My god, this can't be happening!' And as soon as I thought it, a voice came into my head and said: 'Yes it is Kevin. This is what you wanted.' And my second thought was, as we were doing this flyby of the ship and I seen myself, I said to myself, 'I'm AWOL.' So then, as soon as I thought, I'm AWOL, a second voice came into my head and said: 'They don't even know you're gone.' That's exactly what they said. And then it just went from there. (he goes on to say about how he actually wrote the entire event down, about 30 pages, describing each detail and sent it to George Noory back in 2010). They took me to the future and they took me to the past and everything was telepathically. They told me, some of what you see is yet to be. Some of what you see has already happened. And they took me back to Kankakee. I saw myself walk out of my house, talk to my grandmother who died in 1972. And then, at the end of it, it was 20 or 25 minutes, they were showing me different things. They were showing me Armageddon type things. Things that I didn't want to know. Things that I don't even want to know. (Church asks what year was this) I have no idea. They didn't tell me what year they were taking me to. The last thing I saw was, I was riding a motorcycle and I got hit broadside by a car and I'm laying next to the bike. Now everything they showed me only lasted about 7 to 10 seconds, just enough time for me to realize what I was looking at and now I'm looking at something different. And this lasted about a half an hour. And then, the very last thing they showed me was the motorcycle accident and I'm laying next to it and I'm not moving or anything and I thought they showed me how I'm going to die. And that motorcycle accident happened on my 2003 Harley Davidson and for 15 days I was knocked out. Of course, I didn't know I was knocked out when I saw it, I thought I had died. So for 21 years I thought I knew how I was going to die. (Church asks him to describe the ship, the beings etc.) The first thing I saw when I got on board everywhere I see like light-screens. I could see the things that they were showing me and stuff, like I was looking through a window. It didn't matter, like in my peripheral vision all I could see was solid and it was white on the inside on the wall but if I turned my head, I'm looking right out through that area. See but in my peripheral vision, it was solid. And when this all ended, I realized that I was standing down a metal grate. You know, like a fire escape grate. And it was grey, like battleship grey. And I was standing above another level. And I was with them for about 40 minutes before I finally got to look at them. [Church asks how long he was with them for] for about 45 minutes to an hour... I mean, you know. I thought I could handle it. And when I was with them, I asked them, 'Are you gonna eat me?' And they told me, 'You watch too many horror movies.' which really isn't true because I haven't seen that many. I didn't ask them to define that. That was their response when I asked them if they were gonna eat me. They said, 'No, you watch too many horror movies.' And then I asked them what they looked like and they said, 'We're not little and we're not green.' and you want to talk about an understatement, when I finally got the courage up to turn around and look at them, they were 12 to 15 feet tall. (Church asks what happened when he got back) When I came back I was laying in my rack. I sit up in my bed and something is off. My uniform, my dungaree uniform was just soaked to the skin with sweat. And I was hyperventilating. And I thought, 'Oh god, this has just been a dream' and then I turned to get out of my rack and my friend is standing there. He's got this ear to ear grin and he goes (mocking up a sinister sounding voice), 'Tell me about your ride, Kevin.' I never talked to him after that. I avoided him like the plague. I thought he was one of them.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - November 27, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Fitting burial service held for school's skeleton following discovery that it was real

Teachers and pupils paid tribute to their school's skeleton Arthur on Thursday. The skeleton, which is missing both arms and a leg, had been at Haydock High School in Haydock, Merseyside, for almost half a century before stunned staff realised his bones were real. Arthur began his career in the science laboratory before getting moved to the art department. He was put into storage after being replaced by a new plastic skeleton but was found in a cupboard earlier this year.

He was discovered by Sandra Dixon, the art technician, who said he looked “rather worse for wear” with “yellowing honeycomb bones”. The school laid on a funeral for Arthur after discovering that they could not dispose of the skeleton legally without a proper burial. Pupils and teachers followed the hearse to Greenacre Woodland Burials for the ceremony. Four year nine pupils lowered the wicker coffin into the ground while roses were tossed in and tributes paid. Tests determined that the remains belonged to an small Asian man aged between 25 and 30 with a curvature of the spine.

It is thought that Arthur was brought over in the skeleton trade from India to England decades ago. Pupils Alex Robinson, 14, Christopher Cooper, 13, James Melia, 13, and Jack Davies, 14, were pall bearers. They said: “Arthur meant a lot to us in an educational way, even though he was in the corner, he still helped me learn.” Sandra Morris, a youth pastor at Christ Church United Reformed Church, said: “We wanted to respect his life. We wanted to try to bring an element of Christianity to it but we realise he was probably Hindu and gave note to that. We wanted to recognise that, in both religions, the soul moves on and the body is an empty vessel although his spirit will have left a long time ago.”

The service, hearse and coffin was given free of charge by the funeral company, organised by Bill Craddock, senior funeral director of Haydock Funeral Services. Mrs Dixon said: “We learnt a lot from the skeleton, drawing his anatomy, then when I found him looking a state, we needed to do something about him. The children are just elated to have the service because he has been part of us for so long. It gives him the send off he deserves for all his years of service.” Headteacher Ian Murphy said: “We were delighted that the skeleton which had resided within the school for so many years was finally being laid to rest in such a respectful manner. Our thanks must go to funeral director Bill Craddock and Greenacres Woodland Burials who donated their services in order to give the skeleton a dignified burial. It is wonderful to see the community working together with the school to bring the remarkable story to a fitting end.” - Haydock high school holds funeral for its resident lab skeleton 'Arthur' after discovering his bones were real


Newspaper Says Sorry For Santa Claus' Obituary

Don't worry, kids, Santa isn't dead!

But a newspaper in Norway is sure to be on this year's naughty list after it accidentally published a fake obituary for Father Christmas.

The hoax announcement in Aftenposten claimed Saint Nick died at the age of 226 in the country's most northern point of Nordkapp on Dec. 3, the BBC reported.

It also revealed his funeral would be held at the North Pole Chapel on Dec. 28, according to the Evening Standard.

His birthdate was given as Dec. 12, 1788 -- but no cause of death was stated.

It's unclear who created the pretend death notice, or how it ended up in the publication's obituary page. It was later removed from the newspaper's website, Metro reported.

Norway's second-largest newspaper later released a statement to apologize for the incident and said it was reviewing its internal procedures.

"Aftenposten has strict guidelines for both the content and use of symbols in our obituaries," a spokesman said, per the BBC.

"This ad is a violation of these and should never have been published. We will find out what has happened," he added. - Santa Isn't Dead! Newspaper Says Sorry For Fake Obituary


Amendment I: Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I think we all need to read and seriously ponder the 1st Amendment once in a while. Seems that some people tend to forget it occasionally. Just saying...Lon



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