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Monday, November 30, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Truck Driver Describes Bigfoot Sightings -- Abducted From Mom's Car -- Time Travel...or Something Else?

Truck Driver Describes Bigfoot Sightings

1972 – Alpena, Northern Michigan / September 2015 – Eastern Texas

Randy, a truck driver from Pennsylvania, called in to tell of two Bigfoot sightings that he had in his life.

“I actually saw two bigfoot in my life. I'm 57 years old and I saw my first one when I was deer hunting up in Northern Michigan, just outside of Alpena, about 18 miles just outside Alpena. I was actually able to watch him with binoculars at about a hundred and fifty yards for about 45 minutes. He was in the middle of a powerline, going back and forth and through the woods I got a really good look at him for a really long time. I saw my second Bigfoot, I was actually about 35 feet away from him. I was in Texas on Highway 79 in September of this year in this little town called Eastern Texas, it's just a little blip on the map. He was actually off on the shoulder of the road. It was during one of those full moons so there was a lot of deer out on the road so I was pretty cautious as to what I was doing. Now I was coming around a curve and I saw this great big thing out in the shoulder of the road and I said, 'What the heck is that?' And you know it was all white. This guy was all white. And I hit my bright lights on him and he actually rose up and turned around and looked at me. I was 35 feet away from him when he was looking right at me. This was a Bigfoot without question. He was eating something on the shoulder of the road down there. He didn't pay any attention to me. It was 2 o'clock in the morning. I was the only one out there on the road and there wasn't any where for me to pull over because it was on a curve right there. I tried to get a picture of him from inside the truck but the flash from the camera flashed up against the window and I wasn't able to get a picture. But this guy, I would say, he wasn't fully standing when he turned around and looked at me but I would say he go about 7 and a half, maybe 8 feet. My guess probably around 600 pounds. He was a big big animal. And he actually rose right up and he turned his torso right at me and he looked right at me as he was coming up to me at 35 feet. I got a perfect view of him and so that's my two Bigfoot stories right there. The first one I saw when I was 14 years old when I was deer hunting up in Northern Michigan and I was bale to watch him for about 45 minutes with binoculars. The bigfoot that I saw when I as young at 14, he was actually on the other side of the river, Thunder Bay river is right there and Thunder Bay river was between me and him. Now, I spent an awful amount of time in the woods when I was younger and I could track just about any animal there was. I used to stalk deer and stuff. So I was really good at what I did. But I never saw any tracks in the woods that were for a Bigfoot. Now this guy was going back and forth like he was picking something up out where the powerline was, and taking it back in the woods. He went back and forth maybe 15 or 20 times and then all of a sudden, he stopped and he looked directly at me. And then he walked back in the woods and I didn't see him after that again. So he must have sensed that I was there or something. That one I saw in Texas was September of this year of the full moon. Like I say, he was 35 feet away from me. As best I could tell, other than his facial features which he had a little bit of black on his face, sort of like a monkey, the rest of his body, from what I could see was all white. His eyes did not appear to be orangish or reddish like an albino normally would, they were greenish in the light. It was definitely a Bigfoot, there was no question about that. I guess he must have been eating a deer or something on the shoulder of the road because he didn't seem to be fazed when I went by him. I looked back in my mirror and he was still there.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - November 20, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Time Travel...or Something Else?

8/10/2002: I was on way to Sharon, Pennsylvania turned off at Erie to go south, was running late time inside my vehicle remain ongoing until end of event at which it changed to real time. Remember that first and proceeding events were different. I traveled about 100-110 miles in 5 min. Real time but took 2 hrs to do. The outside environment froze while traveling. I was made aware that I was tracked doing this by qualcom. Who tracked movement of truck for shipping and communications reasons. After unloading I was directed to return to Canada where the computer was removed and studied for tampering. This happen 1 more time within a month later, at that time computer was examined but not removed. Again a couple weeks later same thing same location happened. All times was required to return to Canada immediately. At the third occurrence I returned to yard were company mechanic looked over truck and computer. I talked to dispatch where they showed me my trucks sat. Positions and movement where I blinked off screen and reappeared 5 min later over 100 miles away. Was told I was not to know about it. This event happened many times after all of which seam to coincide with need to move fast or be somewhere else as was late. - MUFON CMS


Abducted From Mom's Car

California City, CA - 1980-05-00: 1. I was 6 years old and the passenger of a car going to a dinner party with my mom, we were driving N/E towards California City Ca about to drive over the Trona train tracks. It was day light out still and very close to my 7th birthday.

2. As we hit the train tracks we were engulfed in a blinding white light, and a powerful roaring noise.

3. I thought I was going to die from being hit by a train was my first reaction, until I realized I wasn't dead but could see nothing but the white light everywhere and the roaring noise was so loud I blacked out as everything disappeared.

4. I never seen a object do to the initial contact being the white light and noise directly above us. The light was so bright. Brighter then 50 suns. I could not see my mom or my hand in my face. The whole car and everything around me disappeared in a flash of light and noise.

5. During the sighting I thought I was going to be ran over and killed until I knew I wasn't dead and blacked out. I woke and it was dark out and I was sitting in the passenger seat in my moms Camaro and all the lights were blinking as well as the radio was going in and out. We were stopped on the other side of the tracks on the right side of the road. My mom was sitting in the drivers seat with a blank stare on her face with her eyes open and not moving. She remained like this for several minutes and then came too screaming and yelling. She grabbed me by my shirt and violently shook me screaming "Are you alright?" over and over again. I responded I was ok, closed my car door and we drove off.

6. While I was blacked out, the object had already left the scene. - MUFON CMS


Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts and Experienced Paranormal Activities!

It sure seems very eerie to hear our favorite, fully grown actors or musicians talk about they fear towards ghost and paranormal activities. Did you know about these Hollywood celebrities' experience with paranormal activities?

The idea of a supernatural existence scares the life out of many. But would be surprised to know about these brave actors who who don't fear anything but ghosts. Recently we told you about celebrities with weirdest of weird phobias.

Paranormal activities doesn't seem to exist only on-screen in Hollywood. Though many of the celebrities shy away from talking about their deepest fears, some of them have opened up the scariest ghost experiences they have had.

Michelle Williams, the ex-girlfriend of late actor Heath Ledger has some scary stories to share. She said she was visited by Heath Ledger twice since his death. Once at 3 AM when the furnitures in her room moved and she woke up to see a shadow that resembles Ledger!

Alyson Hannigan 'How I Met Your Mother' actress didn't believe the fact that her house was haunted when her friends witnessed it. Once she saw her husband walk out of the house, but it was only later that she realized he was sleeping in the room.

A lot of famous people in Hollywood are believed to be a part of Illuminati. It's believed that they've rose to fame and achieved all the success by being a follower of Illuminati. Supposedly, it includes personalities like Barack Obama, Beyonce and others.

We have till date witnessed our celebrities get scared of ghosts and evil spirits on-screen . But today, we have a few celebrities and their horror stories to share with you. - Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts & Have Experienced Paranormal Activities!


Hi folks...once again, a certain individual, by the name of Fred Saluga, has started a campaign to impune researcher Butch Witkowski. I have checked into these false and manufactured allegations made years ago by a few of his ex-colleagues and found it to be no more than jealous banter. When I started working with Butch, I was subjected to similar disdain from Fred and others in a clique, motly members of Pennsylvania MUFON. I immediately left MUFON and disassociated myself from the state group and it's director. If you remember a particular radio show on BTE where Fred was a guest (2 weeks after Butch and I had presented the updated Todd Sees evidence) then you'll recognize the vitriol of the green-eyed monster and the simple-mindedness of a poor researcher. I have placed all my confidence in Butch...and it has yielded excellent and factual results. Lon



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