Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Red Eyes & Odd Lights -- Demonic Wardrobe 'Entity' Trashes Antique Shop -- 2nd Mysterious Black Orb Crashes Into Spanish Field

Red Eyes & Odd Lights

August 2015 - Arkansas

Chuck, a trucker from Oklahoma, called in to tell of strange things he was encountering during a week in early August, 2015.

“This last week and a half has been freaking nuts with the skies. I go out to Arkansas about every other Monday. Last Monday it was a little bit rainy coming up to the scales, gotta pull over. I'm sitting there waiting, getting a little tired so I start looking over to my right and I see something moving around and I was like 'What the?' Wait a sec, you know, there's no one is pulled over. There should be nothing over there.' All of a sudden I see, just out of the corner of my eye, something turned real quick. Something kinda scared me, so I look over and I see two bright red eyes just glaring at me in my passenger door. I freaked out. Thank god I was at the scales. I put it in park and locked my door real quick. Other than, I quickly drove through my scales, got to my meet point, got back home and didn't think anything of it. I'm terrified of the woods as it is. I'm glad I don't live in Arkansas. I know the legends. Well, the rest of the week I drive out to Missouri and come back at night. You know, I grew up in Jersey so I'm used to weird things in the skies but there was about two nights last week where these strangest lights kinda darted in and out, throughout the night, it looked like it was coming close and taking off. I was thinking to myself, Hey you can have the truck, I'll get a ride home. What's going on here? Screw this company, I'm going home. I don't live in Missouri to check the news but nothing was ver said about it and I said, Man, that's strange. I know they have lights near the casinos but I was about 20 miles away from the casinos.”

Source: Darkness Radio August 10, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


World's Tallest Man Dies

A man who once stood 269 centimetres tall and was thought to be the world's tallest person has died at his home in Surin province at the age of 26. His mother, Mrs Woen, said her son Pornchai Saosri died...

His mother, Mrs Woen, said her son Pornchai Saosri died at 10.05am on Monday at their house in Ban Takaeo village in Prasat district. Pornchai, who had suffered from many illnesses related to his unusual...World's tallest man dies in Surin


Demonic Wardrobe 'Entity' Trashes Antique Shop

An Antique Shop in Paignton's historic town centre is haunted by a ghost called Emily who is angry after the owners bought an ornate wardrobe with a scary Satanic head carving.

The owners of the Olden Ewe shop in Winner Street first noticed odd goings-on after they bought the wardrobe - but this week things came to a head when the shop was trashed in the night and three mediums were called in. Two of the women were too scared to stay in the shop.

The wardrobe has now been sold to a museum.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Olden Ewe shop owner Linda Bell, said was 'freaked out' after she came down to see that her shop had been completely trashed.

Linda said: "Out the back there were mirrors broken, the place was trashed, and weirdly there was string thrown around the shop and entwined over objects and antiques, it was really strange."

Linda then telephoned a medium who visited the store previously when the paranormal activity started earlier this year.

Linda added: "I was hysterical, and I called the medium in tears.

"When she came to the shop she brought two other women with her, they got really scared and had to leave, and they wouldn't come back in.

"It was like Blackpool illuminations in there, with the lights going on an off and on and off. And a plate was smashed next to us, travelling from the back room. It's funny now I look back on it, but at the time, it was terrifying."

The medium has suggested that a spirit is haunting the shop itself rather than the cupboard, and the cupboard was a trigger for the activity. Something that upset the spirit enough to cause the severe disturbances.

Now that the cupboard has left the store, Lina says it is a lot calmer.

"The lights still go on and off, and things are still being moved around," she said.

"The medium mentioned that it is likely that there had always been activity on a smaller scale that we had't noticed until it was aggravated when we brought in the cupboard. I am noticing things now that I never really noticed before.

"I've never believed in this sort of thing before. But it all does make sense. The medium has even given us a name, Emily, so my partner and I had a little laugh the other day and we were talking to her about turning the lights on and off.

"We still have the spirit but the activity has calmed now that the cupboard has gone.

"We will have to watch what we buy in the future, because if it doesn't like it, the spirit may go on the rampage again."

Customers who viewed the wardrobe reported that they couldn't shut the doors, as if someone was pushing from the inside. The cupboard also unlocks itself, and the doors open by themselves.

Other visitors complained that the shop grew colder near the wardrobe, and some sensed the presence of a ghostly child.

Steve, who works in the shop, said: "Often, when I come in in the morning, the wardrobe door had opened by itself, or it has locked or unlocked itself." - Psychics called in after Paignton 'satanic wardrobe' shop is trashed by 'ghost'

NOTE: Here's the original post - Antique shop staff get spooked by a series of ghostly occurrences from haunted wardrobe


Indonesia to Use Crocodiles as Prison Guards

A remarkable new plan could see drug convicts incarcerated within a prison guarded by crocodiles.

Not content with the potential for death row drug inmates to escape by bribing the guards, Indonesia’s anti-drugs agency has put forward plans to build a radical new type of prison.

Unlike conventional jails however, this one will be replacing human guards with crocodiles.

"We will place as many crocodiles as we can there," said anti-drugs chief Budi Waseso who plans to scour the archipelago for the reptiles. "I will search for the most ferocious type of crocodile."

"You can’t bribe crocodiles. You can’t convince them to let inmates escape."

The plan is still very much at the drawing board stage at this point however authorities seem to be convinced that staffing a prison with ferocious reptiles is a better idea than using human guards.

Where exactly the prison will be located, how much it will cost and when it will open however are all currently still under discussion - as is the question of how the animals will be housed and fed.

Whether the idea will ever actually work in practice also remains a matter of some debate.


2nd Mysterious Black Orb Crashes Into Spanish Field

Something rather strange is happening in the skies above a Spanish village and worried residents are demanding answers.

For the second time in just five days, a mystery cylindrical object weighing about 20 kilos has fallen into fields in Calasparra, an area of Murcia with 9,700 inhabitants.

On November 3rd, there was a sense of wonderment and some amusement after a huge metal ball crashed into a goat farm and was discovered by two bemused shepherds.

But yesterday villagers were stunned to find a SECOND globe had plummeted to Earth in the hamlet of Villavieja, just a stone's throw from the other site.

A farmer put in an urgent call to the Civil Guard who have been guarding the second object all night until investigators arrive.

Meanwhile, the area has been sealed off.

The Mayor of Calasparra, José Vélez has called on the authorities to give worried residents answers about the strange phenomenon.

"Where are these objects coming from?" he said.

"Why are they falling here precisely?

"Will more fall?

"And what would happen if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area?"

He has slammed the lack of information from the Spanish Government and says: "I think it is a more serious issue than it seems.

"Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation."

After the first ball was discovered on November 3, a farmer reported seeing between seven or eight fireballs first thing in the morning so it is believed there could soon be more discoveries.

Emergency services has confirmed the second spherical object is very similar to the first and is about 80 centimetres in diameter.

Protocol known as NRBC (nuclear, radiological, bacteriological and chemical) has been put into action to avoid any potential dangers.

The balls are thought to be debris from an old space rocket and the European Space Agency in Noordwijk had warned "junk" could fall to earth some time on November 14th.

Experts say "orbital debris" is a growing threat and not "science fiction" and the problem has to be dealt with.

It's estimated there are about 16,000 objects floating around in space which can damage or destroy satellites.

Meantime, the Mayor of Calasparra has warned villagers to be very careful if they find another strange object and to immediately call the police. - SECOND mysterious black UFO crashes in Spanish field sparking terror among villagers



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