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Monday, November 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Real-Life 'Groundhog Day' -- Millions of 'Coywolves' in North America -- The Actual UFO Story Behind This Season's 'Fargo'

Real-Life 'Groundhog Day'

Terry in Los Angeles told of a bizarre experience in 1956.

“The year was 1956. It was May. I was a senior in highschool. I was very excited on this Friday because that afternoon when the school was out, we were going to have a full run-through... our first full run-through of a play that we were going to be opening in two weeks. The day was crawling through, of course, when you're so excited for the day to get by. Drama class happened third hour and during third hour somebody remarked that they had not seen Dwight in period two. And I knew that meant we wouldn't have the run-through because he had one of the major roles. That meant we wouldn't do the run-through because it would be a major waste of our time because he wasn't double cast. So, during Drama class, a very strange thing happened. The Principal and the Drama teacher, they didn't come in to get the class going. The Drama teacher and the Principal talked quietly at the back of the auditorium, moving in and out, into the hallway. He didn't put us to work which was very unusual because he was kind of a Svengali - you could not be sitting there doing nothing because he would cut your head off. So, anyway, we sat there and we kind of had a free period. Everybody was wondering, what's up? So I went down after school where they would be making scenery, making props, things like that – there was a sign on the door saying: No Activities - which was a real shocker because two weeks before the show, we're knocking ourselves out to get things done. So I walked home and it just so happens that the South Bend Tribune happens to already be thrown up onto our porch and I sat down, opened it up and it said 'Central Highschool Student Slain' and there was a picture of Dwight, the one that was not in period two and then I knew why, all this quietness and no activities. The teachers were not allowed to tell us what happened and we were going to find out this awful thing that happened in our homes and over the news that night. Well, I happened to idolize this fella. I thought he was a God walking on Earth because his father was a minister and he was one of the best people I'd ever known. I was so infuriated at God for letting this happen to this young man who was going to grow up and be a minister like his father. I tore up the stairs. I was studying Catholicism at the time and I had a little alter and I rushed into my bedroom and I threw all my Holy items all over the room. I was screaming, How could you let this happen? How could you let this happen? I couldn't go downstairs. I was sobbing and having fits of anger. Just pouring tears out the whole evening. I went to bed doing the same thing. I woke up and my eyes were still wet and all I could think was that happened Thursday, we got the news on Friday and it's Saturday morning, I just can't believe this. I'm standing looking out the window into the backyard and my brother comes into this room on his way to the bathroom. He was three years younger. He said, 'What's the matter?' I just shook my head and waved. 'Go away! Go away!' He's my younger brother. I don't want him to see that I've been balling. He said, 'What's the matter?' I said, 'Just go on.' 'No,' he said, 'what's the matter?' I said, 'Dwight! Dwight!' He said, 'What do you mean, Dwight? What about him?' I said, 'Where the hell you been? He's dead!' He said, 'Dead why?' I said, 'God, don't you read the paper?' He said, 'Well, I don't know but you better get moving, you're gonna be late for school.' I said, 'It's Saturday morning. Dwight was killed on Thursday. It was in Friday's paper. It's Saturday morning.' He said, 'Terry, it's Friday morning and you better get moving because you're gonna be late for school.' I couldn't believe it. I thought, I'll go check it out. We got the Chicago Tribune. It got delivered in the morning. I tore down those stairs and opened the Chicago Tribune and it said Friday morning. Then I rushed back to the den to open the paper in which his picture – Dwight's picture would have been and it said, Thursday. So Friday was starting all over again. When I got into school and this is before The Twilight Zone. Such things weren't being discussed openly amongst people of that time. The first two periods went totally different than what happened my first Friday, the day before. And in Drama class, I asked if anybody had seen Dwight. Someone said, 'Yeah, he was in second period.' So this second Friday happened without that incident registering and I was so relieved. I saw him in the cafeteria lunch-line and I rushed up to him and said, 'Dwight, you have no idea how glad I am to see you because, I don't know how to explain it. I don't know if it was a dream but yesterday you were dead.' Yesterday's Friday. So, I had two Fridays. And it was a full Friday. I know everybody right away wants to say you just dreamt it but it was a full Friday with every second in it. Two Fridays in a row. One tragic. One that cleared everything up.”

Source: Coast To Coast - August 30, 2014

Transcribed by Jamie Brian




Murder Victim Plays Dominos At His Own Wake

In a tribute to her son who died in an Oct. 11 shooting, a woman hired a company to prop him up in front of a table of dominos, giving him one last party to celebrate his send-off to the great beyond, The Mirror reports.

Jomar Aguayo Collazo was shot a few days after his 23rd birthday.

Forgoing a traditional wake, Collazo's body went on display at his mother's bar in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Pictures show him propped him up at a table next to a jukebox, seeming to enjoy one last game.

Donning a blue tracksuit, he sat surrounded by dominos while friends and family took turns sitting next to him.

This tribute might remind some of "Weekend at Bernie's," but diorama-style wakes are becoming increasingly popular in parts of Puerto Rico, with at least four other bodies having been put into lifelike displays in the past eight years, as The Washington Post reported last year.

Collazo's mother worked with Marin Funeral Home in San Juan, which specializes making dioramas out of the deceased, according to PrimeraHora.com.

The Post reports that the practice is legal. - Murder Victim Plays Dominos At His Own Wake


North America Home to Millions of 'Coywolves'

A new wolf-coyote hybrid species is starting to take over and could already number in the millions.
There's something unusual roaming the wilds of Canada and the United States - a four-legged canine that is similar but in many ways superior to native wolf and coyote populations.

A cross-breed between wolves and either coyotes or domestic dogs, the aptly named 'coywolf' has come about due to the increasing lack of suitable mates for wolves in the wild.

Unlike their parents however these hybrid animals are more muscular, have bigger jaws and are generally larger - meaning that packs of them can take down much larger prey.

In recent years researchers believe that the number of coywolves in North America has increased substantially and that there could now be several million of them across the continent.

The northeast has seen the largest gowth in population of these animals and it is no longer unusual to find them wandering in to urban areas such as Boston, New York City, and Washington DC.

What will ultimately become of the native wolf and coyote populations however remains to be seen. - Millions of ‘coywolf’ coyote-wolf hybrids live in North America


The real-life UFO story behind this season of 'Fargo'

"This is a true story."

Those words kick off every episode of "Fargo" — they were also at the start of the 1996 movie.

Of course the Coen brothers, and now show creator Noah Hawley, are playing fast-and-loose with "truth." But one of the most unbelievable, out-of-this-world parts of season two is, in fact, "a true story."

(Stop reading now if you're not caught up, Fargo watchers.)

We're talking about the aliens.

So far, unexplained lights and UFO-talk have been in all three episodes of "Fargo," which takes place in and around Luverne, Minn., in 1979.

For these supernatural allusions, Hawley may be pulling straight from the local history books.

• Aw Jeez: A 'Fargo' recap podcast

Minnesota in the 1970s was something of a hotbed of UFO activity — for the people who believe in that kind of thing. "This was a big decade for UFOs in Minnesota," said Dave Kenney, co-author of "Minnesota in the 70s."

The end of the decade, 1979, brought one of the most notorious unexplained encounters in the whole UFO canon: Val Johnson's late-night crash.

Johnson was a Marshall County sheriff's deputy on night patrol outside Warren, Minn., near the North Dakota-Minnesota border. In the early hours of Aug. 26, 1979, he was driving a rural stretch of State Highway 20 when, he says, a ball of light appeared in the road.

"I noticed a very bright, brilliant light, 8 to 12 inches in diameter, 3 to 4 feet off the ground," Johnson said in a taped police interview. "The edges were very defined."

The next thing Johnson knew, the light was in the car with him.

It hit him, Johnson said, "like a 200-pound pillow."

He woke up in a ditch a half-hour later with burns around his eyes. The windshield and one headlight of his 1977 Ford LTD were smashed. Both radio antennas were bent sharply back. The watch on his wrist and the clock on the dash both ticked 14 minutes slow.

Police investigated and never drew any conclusions. But the UFO researchers have plenty of their own.

Jerome Clark, the author of "The UFO Encyclopedia," says the "Val Johnson Incident" remains one of the top 10 most influential UFO encounters in history.

MPR News reporter John Enger recently caught up with Johnson, 36 years after the incident. He's retired, with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He lives in Eau Claire, Wis.

While believers tout the story as one of the strongest pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial life, Johnson won't speculate on what happened to him that night. He says he doesn't even think about it much.

Johnson's story has plenty of parallels to what "Fargo" fans are watching play out on TV: the small-town cop, the rural highways, the strange lights in the sky.

What remains to be seen is how far Hawley and "Fargo" will take their fictionalized version of the "Val Johnson incident."

When asked about the UFOs by "Vanity Fair," Hawley kept things mysterious: "Look, the Coens' universe is very much a place where you have to accept the mystery and figure out ... does it mean something? Does it not mean something?"

We'll have to watch and see. - The real-life UFO story behind this season of 'Fargo'



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