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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Ouija Board & Black-Robed Reptilians -- Has the 'Beast of Bolton' Returned? -- 3 Small Blue Beings

Ouija Board & Black-Robed Reptilians

No date given - St. Marys, Ohio, USA

Rick in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada called in to tell of his bizarre Ouija board experience.

“This story – I'm just gonna preface it with this: It's the gospel truth. This happened to me and this is one of the reasons you should not mess with a Ouija board. Put your Ouija boards away people, get rid of them. Anyway, story is, I'm coming back from Florida with my my wife. We stop in St. Marys, Ohio. We had friends there. They lived in this house... This house was four stories, 150 years old, stone, beautiful, full of antiques – a gorgeous place. It was known to be haunted, of course... So I got questioning them on the house, what the house was doing and, anyway, stories came up, what was going on. The daughter said there was lots of noises when she would go to take a shower, on stairways... invisible people on stairways. Then the Ouija board came up. Turns out, at one point, there was thirty kids after school that would land at their house and they would all be working the Ouija board. Things just got crazy, shaking chandeliers, the whole deal and the mother says, 'That's it. It goes away. No more.' So, it goes away and it never came back out again. So, of course, I had to say, look, I've never seen one work. I'd like to see something happen. Could we try? She hummed and hawed and she was like, 'Alright' She went and got it. I sat down across from the daughter, her name was Rene. We put it on our laps and put our finger on it. Immediately it started moving. Slowly. Nice pace. And, like I said, Rene commented about sounds when she took a shower so I said, who in the house makes sounds when Rene is showering? Supposedly a ten year old boy came on and he said he liked to watch Rene undress. I can understand. If I was a ten year old boy, I'd want to watch Rene undress too. So, anyway, we spoke to the little boy for a little while. All of a sudden he said, I have to go. We said, Where are you going? He said, It's coming. We said, Who's coming? He said, He's coming. All of a sudden the planchette stopped dead. We looked at each other and we were like, What is going on here? All of a sudden, it took off like wildfire. We had to work to keep our fingers on it. It was almost impossible to get answers from it because it was moving so fast. And at some point, it would pull away from your fingers and the minute it lost your fingers it would stop dead. And the minute our fingers would grab it and off it would go again. And it was just ridiculous. My wife was a real naysayer. She was actually saying a lot of stuff she shouldn't say. We were getting the idea it was getting angry. I said, stop speaking, it is getting really ticked off. So we said, look we don't want to talk to you anymore. You are not friendly. Go away. We want to speak to someone else. Then it would lie. It would come back and say it was other people but we knew it was it because of the way the planchette moved. It was a hundred miles an hour. So, anyway, at that point, the mother, Pat, she said, okay, you know what, we've seen enough. I was like, you know what, I've seen it work. I am impressed, it works. We put the Ouija board away. So, that evening we went to bed. We stayed at their house that night. So, anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and it was not as if you woke up and you were groggy and tired. I opened my eyes and I was wide awake. Now, I didn't have a clock near but I'm gonna say, I told my wife, it was 3 o'clock in the morning because that's when that stuff always happens. I leaned up on my elbow, and this is gospel truth, there was an 8 foot, cloaked creature standing in the corner of the room. It was not facing me, it was facing off to the right. I could not see its face, it was blocked by this cloak. It had two, approximate 2 foot tall imp type creatures that were kind of moving in and out of its robes on the floor. They almost had a reptilian like look to them and they were... they did have black cloth. Now here's the other weird part that you really gotta picture, as they went through this thing's robes, they did not move the robe – they went through the robe as if it were a waterfall. The robe just kind of disappeared around the creatures. The creature went through, popped out the other side and continued its little motion. It looked like death, actually, minus the sickle. I looked at it in disbelief and I thought, dear god, what is that? And I laid my head down, I stuck my face into my wife's back and just I said to myself, I am not moving until I see daylight. And the next thing I did see was daylight and I looked and the thing was gone and I swear to god, that is gospel truth. I'm telling you that is the last time I use the Ouija board. I am never touching one again.”

Source: Coast To Coast – October 31, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: was this the Zozo Demon / Ouija Board Phenomenon? Lon


3 Small Blue Beings

St.Louis, MO - 1985-11-05 - 6:10PM: This is a report for an aunt of mine that is deceased. She worked as a reservationist for TWA. It happened about November, 1985. At Christmas she spoke about what she saw, and was very upset and unnerved. She came down her street from work, pulled in her driveway. As she started to get out of her car she noticed 3 very small blue beings walking across the street toward her house. They continued to walk between her house and the neighbors house toward the back yards- not fenced. She observed that they were blue in color, very small- about 3' high, they stayed together and walked to the back. She said she was so distraught, she just went into her house, and did not follow them to see where they went. She passed away in 2008, I asked her about this event before she died, and she said it absolutely happened, and she was never able to forget what she saw. No lights, no craft-- just these 3 small beings. I am her niece, and felt compelled to report what she told our entire family. I have used my aunt's address, so you have the correct location. I live at a different address in the same town with my spouse. You have my phone numbers. - MUFON CMS


Has the 'Beast of Bolton' Returned?

After years lurking in the shadows, it looks like the Beast of Bolton is back.

There have been numerous sightings of a mysterious black creature stalking the town dating back to 2006 – with the last being five years ago.

This time, an eyewitness has described seeing a panther-like animal with ‘greedy yellow eyes’ in Farnworth last night, Tuesday November 10.

Terrified Natalie Kay described the moment she came face to face with the elusive animal while driving her Vauxhall Zafira along Doe Hey Road at around 9.30pm.

“I was coming back from the shops and this thing just appeared in front of my car. I had to slam the brakes on,” said the 28-year-old.

“It just stopped dead right in the middle of the road and was staring at me.

“I knew it wasn’t a dog. It looked like a cat but it wasn’t. It was much bigger and had a long tail, pointed ears and these greedy yellow eyes.

“It was about the same size as the bonnet of my car. It was really scary. I haven’t seen anything like that before. The next minute it dashed off. It was really fast.”

Shaken, Natalie returned home to Carnation Road, Farnworth, where she told mum and dad, Linda and Ray, about the encounter.

“I was trembling when I got in,” she said. “I told them about what had happened and they said something like that had been seen before.”

Natalie’s mum and dad found a picture of a black panther online, which Natalie confirmed as looking similar to what she had seen.

“I didn’t know there was anything like that around here – that other people had seen things,” she added.

“There are playing fields near where I saw it. It’s scary when you think that children play around there.

“You hear of these animals in jungles, but you wouldn’t think anything like that could live in Bolton.”

Danny Bamping of The British Big Cat Society has previously told the Bolton News that it’s ‘quite likely’ the Beast of Bolton exists. - Natalie Kay of Farnworth saw a large black creature while driving near Doe Hey Reservoirs on Tuesday


Former Pentagon Scientist Says Psychics Can Help American Spies

Steps from the Hayward Executive Airport in Northern California, a brunette in jeans and hiking boots scans her surroundings for police. She’s carrying a 13-pound canister of liquid nitrogen in her hand. She unclasps the lid and dumps the colorless, minus-320-degree liquid into a beer cooler packed with 2,000 tiny aluminum balls. A thick white cloud erupts below the airport’s control tower, a witch’s brew that crackles and pops. Undetected, she darts back to her SUV and is gone.

Over the past two years, the same intruder has performed this clandestine ritual three dozen times across the San Francisco Bay Area. Without warning or permission, she’s released nitrogen gas clouds in front of a fire station, a busy Catholic church, a water tower and a government center. She’s smoke-bombed her way from Palo Alto to Alameda, spewing her cryogenic concoction in popular city parks and near lakes, highways and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) subway lines.

She’s not a Satanic cultist or an incompetent terrorist. Arguably, her mission is even more improbable. It’s all part of an experiment run by a former Pentagon scientist to prove the existence of extrasensory perception, or ESP.

Twenty years ago this month, the CIA released a report with the unassuming title, “An Evaluation of Remote Viewing: Research and Applications.” The 183-page white paper was more like a white flag—it was the CIA’s public admission, after years of speculation, that U.S. government agencies had been using a type of ESP called “remote viewing” for more than two decades to help collect military and intelligence secrets. At a cost of about $20 million, the program had employed psychics to visualize hidden extremist training sites in Libya, describe new Soviet submarine designs and pinpoint the locations of U.S. hostages held by foreign kidnappers.

But the report, conducted for the CIA by the independent American Institutes for Research, did much more than confirm the existence of the highly classified program. It declared that the psychic-spy operation, code-named Star Gate, had been a bust. Yes, the CIA researchers had validated some Star Gate trials, finding that “hits occur more often than chance” and that “something beyond odd statistical hiccups is taking place.” But the report declared that ESP was next to worthless for military use because the tips provided are too “vague and ambiguous” to produce actionable intelligence. Read more at Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies



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