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Monday, September 07, 2015

Early Accounts: MIB Encounters - Part 2

This two-part series, transcribed by Jamie Brian, are callers' accounts presented during a 1997 episode of Coast to Coast in which host Art Bell interviewed author Jim Keith:


1993 – Tigard, Oregon, USA

A man claims that in 1993, he was homeless living in the woods with three or four other people, by some railroad tracks in Tigard. They had two tents which they shared. For about three nights, a bunch of very strange things happened. On the first night, they observed a “humongous, red, orange ball of light hit ground” in the woods near their location. He claims that the area lit right up. “light went everywhere.” The object made no sound. For some reason they decided to go to sleep. “Which was kind of weird because seeing something that bright would make us wake up,” the caller told Art. Things would only get stranger as the night went on. “I heard some footsteps, and leaves crunching and twigs snapping and I woke up Tom. He woke up. I said, 'Did you hear that?' He said, 'No'. He was awake but he was asleep. And he said, 'Just go back to sleep'. And then it happened again and it got loud and it ended up brushing against the tent.” Art Bell decided to constantly interrupt him at this point and the man only managed to get out that a black vehicle pulled up to their location and began to do surveillance on them. The vehicle, oddly, did not give off a reflection. He described them as dressed all in black, with nice ties. They were taking pictures of them. The thing that the witness found to be odd was, how did they know? They had not told anybody about what happened.

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell

Art Bell interrupted him about a dozen times throughout and even Jim Keith began to get frustrated as the story was very intriguing. I got the sense that Bell wasn't much interested in hearing what a homeless man had to say.


1984 - White Sands, New Mexico, USA

A caller (no name given) dialled up the Coast to Coast show with Art Bell circa 1997. He claims that the event happened in 1984 when he was 8 years old. He currently resides in Oklahoma but the event in question happened when he lived with his mother and father in White Sands, New Mexico. His mother was in army and his step-father worked as a photographer. His birth-father was military police. They lived on the base. “One day we were out playing in the backyard. I had a tether-ball. I was beating the tether-ball around and my stepfather was cooking steaks. And if you know anything about White Sands, the houses are like right next to the mountain, and the mountain range. Right there in the Rockies. And it was about 5:30 at night, 6:30 at night, something like that. It was right before dusk. A couple of hours before dusk during the summer. And a white light started coming from the left side of the mountain and ran to the right side, south to north, and stopped and shot in the middle of the mountains. Our neighbor said he seen it because everybody was cooking out. It was one of those days. My mother ran in and called the military police. And she came back and said that the person was really rude and really fast talking and she said that they had been flooded with calls about this. They said, 'Don't worry about this, it's probably nothing'. About an hour later, there's a mountain road, a mountain pass road that goes right over the mountain and it just leads all the way up and goes all the way down the other side. We saw a caravan of trucks, a big flatbed truck and little vans and little things like that, army, coming from the base, going over the pass and about an hour after that there was something on the flatbed truck under a cover. And we could see it, all of us. I mean it's a really small place. White Sands, right beside the road. and then I was playing tether-ball later that night, because we had already eaten and stuff. And I looked inside and my mom and my dad were talking to a man in a black suit and a black tie and this other guy was in an army suit. It reminded me of a 50s sci-fi movie. It was like an escort or something. I could just see them sitting on the living room couch and I could see them talking and I was outside playing tether-ball. I just cared about the tether-ball. My mom was really freaked out about the light. She was talking to me the whole night about it. And she came back out and I was like, 'Who are those people?' and she said, 'Some people I work with', and she was talking to me and she said the light was just another of the war games they are playing up on the mountain.” The man was adamant that what he saw was not something conventional. “This light was not a war game!”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


June 1975 - Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Linda claimed that in the first week of June in 1975, she was visiting her parent's house when she observed something bizarre. “I was at my mother's house. My first child was about five months old. My dad, my brother and my husband were all watching something on the TV and it was getting towards her bedtime and she was getting fussy and I wanted to go to my future sister in law. I decided to walk out into the front yard with her and try to keep her quiet. And we were sitting out in our front yard and my sister in law was the first one to notice the light and she said, 'Look'. And where this was North Omaha and the way the airplanes come into North Omaha is they come around from the north to what is called Eppy airfield. And she said, 'Look at that airplane Linda, doesn't that have odd colored landing lights?' And I looked at it and they were orange. They weren't white, they were orange. And I said I don't think planes have orange landing lights. And it got over an area of a cemetery which was a half a mile to a mile from my parents house. And we stood there and it stopped dead. It was round, it was circular. And it stopped dead over the cemetery. It stopped straight over the cemetery, where the cemetery was. It turned different colors. It turned orange to blue, green and then it turned an absolute blood red. And it looked like it settled into the cemetery. Judy and I stood there and watched this horrified. And we went back into the house and we told everybody what we'd seen and my dad said, 'Let's go up and drive along the back side of the cemetery. The name of the street is Pate (sounds like Pate?) Street, and he said, 'We'll see if we can see anything'. So we drove up there, drove up and down and we didn't see anything and went home. The next morning was like a Saturday morning and my husband and I used to go over and have coffee with my parents on Saturday mornings. And we were over there and my dad said, 'Where did this thing come down now, you say?' I said. 'It was the highest point in the cemetery' and he said, 'Well, why don't we drive up there just in case and look around'. And so my mother, my dad, I, my 21 year old brother and my husband and my baby and I and we went up there and we got to where we thought was the highest point in the cemetery and from where we were we could see a straight shot to my parent's house. Everything was flat up there. It was like there was an intersection, like a cross roads like place. Anyway, we all got out of my father's car and we had been there for maybe thirty seconds looking around. And there was a fresh grave over to the side and you know how they lay the flowers down onto the grave? All these flowers were blown all over the place. All of a sudden, from nowhere, we had no idea from where, appears this car and it's an old black car. My dad said it was maybe an old Packard or something like that, or Dodge or something. But it looked like from that point, this one guy, the guy that was the driver, just got out and stood by the car and the other guy starts coming around and comes over said... it seemed so surreal. And the guy asked us, 'What business do you have here? And my dad said, 'We were just looking around'. And he said, 'If you have no further business here, leave immediately!' They had WW2 clothes on not black suits. They had sunglasses, though. “Since then we have gone up there and that area does not look like it did then,” she told Bell. Apparently somebody 'cleaned' up the graveyard.

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell

Art Bell seemed intent on shutting down her story as he began to interrupt right after she mentioned the cemetery. His interruptions would continue throughout the remainder of her story. By the end, Bell was very dismissive, saying “Thanks Miss, but I don't this is what we are looking for...Thanks anyways.”


1985 – Ventura, Pennsylvania, USA

Dave, a caller, claims that he was truck driver, driving through Georgia one night when he observed a flatbed truck carrying a large object. “This thing had no cockpit, no jet propulsion. It had US government property written on the cable.” He further observed some trucks beings driven by what he believed to be government personnel. In 1985, he was in Ventura, Pennsylvania visiting his some friends. He was around 18 years of age at the time. He had gone to bed at 8:00 pm. He was awoken out of his sleep at midnight. Somebody was standing over top of him. “He reached out to me and in a split second he was gone,” Dave told Art Bell. “The person had a black tuxedo top on, overcoat, with long sleeves. And when he reached out to me, I was so startled that I looked around and he was gone.” Dave claims that he attempted to tell his friends who dismissed it as a dream. When Dave returned home, he was shocked to find out that somehow he had lost 20 pounds over night. He had weighed himself before leaving (it was always a consistent weight) and somehow he had lost 20 pounds in the span of a single night. He told doctors and friends of the strange weight loss but they dismissed it.

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


Late 1970s – San Jose, California, USA

Richard rim San Jose, California claims that in the late 1970s, he was working for an electronics company and had a strange encounter with some MIBs. “I worked for shipping and receiving. I was taking inventory and I was standing on top of these palates. I fell through it and I fell sideways and I broke my ankle,” Richard told Art Bell. “I was stuck there and I looked up and I saw these two guys in black. One was short and it looked like they were taking inventory on me. I was yelling, 'Why aren't you helping me!?! Why aren't you helping me!?!' It was like a dream. I couldn't see any faces but I could see they were all in black. Next thing I know, one of these guys come running over, one of the guys that works with me. I'm a big guy, I'm about 270 pounds, 6 foot 2. He lifted me right up and m my ankle was broke. It was dangling and these guys were gone. I definitely saw these guys.”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1996 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In 1996, Mark, an artist, was putting on a sci-fi art show called 'Stranger than Outer Space' at the Vancouver planetarium. The show featured the work of 50 artists and was attended by 1500 people on opening night, While not the central focus, the show tended to lean towards the alien abduction phenomenon. Right after Mark started out press releases for the show, weird things started to happen. His girlfriend, Jody, woke up one night to see tall black figures looking down on her. Also, it seemed somebody was entering their apartment when they weren't home Windows were found open in the dead of winter, furniture was moved. At first they brushed it off as their imagination but eventually they realized that something very strange was going on. After the showing, Mark decided to take some time off and relax. One night he was at home painting when his girlfriend, Jody, called him over to the window. “Come have a look at this,” she told him. Their third floor apartment looked down into an alley-way. “I saw two tall men in black, both wearing black baseball caps covering their faces. They were just standing there staring up at us. I stood there for quite awhile. I had an
eerie feeling that I was being scanned. At that point, I merely waved at them as if to pinch myself. One of them coldly put his hand in the air, as if confirming it was us they were looking at. Just then, the phone rang. It was one of the other painters from the art show. He began telling me about a strange dream he had had about a saucer. Jody looked over at me and said, 'They just disappeared'. She had a look on her face that I'll never forget. I ran to the window and saw they were gone. She said, 'Not gone but disappeared.'

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell

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