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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Early Accounts: MIB Encounters - Part 1

This two-part series, transcribed by Jamie Brian, are callers' accounts presented during a 1997 episode of Coast to Coast in which host Art Bell interviewed author Jim Keith:


Mid-1990s – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

A man named Greg Aldrich called into the 1997 Coast to Coast radio show, one in which the guest was Jim Keith, to tell of his encounter with some strange men in dressed in black suits. “Several years ago I was a nurse down in Salt Lake City,” he told Art Bell. One weekend, a patient showed up. He assumed right away that the man was army as he had short-cropped hair and generally looked the type. He discovered that he worked at the Dugway Proving Ground. He had somehow broken his leg while working on something out there but Greg, no matter how much poking he did, could not get anything else out of him. When the man was about to be transferred, two guys showed up. “They weren't wearing sunglasses but they were wearing suits and they were rather intimidating looking individuals,” Greg said. “You would have figured they would have been army corpsman or something and these guys show up.” Further Greg found them extremely odd. They wouldn't say where they were taking him. “At the hospital, when we transfer a patient - what I thought was really peculiar, you normally would get copies of records to go along with the patient. They refused to allow this individual to remain at the facility. As a matter of fact they would not leave the nurses ward with the patient. They kept him on a gurney until they talked to my nursing manager. They pulled her off to the side and next thing you know, she handed them the records and he was gone. He just disappeared, you know. He was gone. Nobody knew where he was going. We had no record of him ever being there.”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1991 – Sacramento, USA

A woman named Gina called into the 1997 Coast to Coast radio show, one in which the guest was Jim Keith, to tell of her encounter with a strange man in black. She claimed that, in 1991, she was living in the mid-town area of Sacramento. At the time she was attempting to set up a support group for people who were abducted. It was early in the morning and her husband had left for work. She was laying in bed in in a “state of twilight consciousness”. Suddenly a paralysis came over her and before her eyes – out of the corner of her eye, she saw “a tall, whitish grey man with these bright red, looked-like, painted lips.” He was wearing a black suit. “The suit was jet black and there was a very tall black top hat. It reminded me of a very tall cowboy hat. I don't recall any eyes.” She recalled that he sat down in the rocking chair near her bed and stared at her. “And with a sinister grin, his arm stretched out and pulled out like this strange clown face and said, 'This is who I am'. Gina claims she became defiant and attempted to will herself to get out of the dream she was even though, to her, she didn't believe that she was dreaming at all. 'I just had to composure myself. I said, get out of my room! Get out of my room! You don't belong here and I don't want you ever coming back!” Before she knew it, the arm stretched back and snapped to its normal shape and the face was gone. “The man just looked at me with the strange face and said, 'You will never know and you will never tell.” Gina repeated her demands that he get out of her and room. “And it stood up before me and went in a counter clockwise spin into my hardwood floor until it was gone.”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1995 – California, USA
(witness did not want to include exact location out of fear but it was a small town in California)

The man, who did not give a name, claimed that in 1995, something very peculiar happened to him one night when he got off work. “After I got off work late at night, I was stopped at a red light and the next thing I knew I was twenty miles away and an hour had passed. At the time, I didn't know anything about missing time or anything like that so I just kind of let it go. About a week later I was out and I stopped at a gas station and I was getting gas... again, it was at night, and I just remember this man, very tall, in a nice black suit walked up to me and told me that I was going to give him a ride. I said, 'No!', I don't want to give you a ride. 'Why don't you ask another man for a ride?' and he said, 'No, you're going to give me a ride!', so I quickly put my gas cap back on and went around and got in the drivers side of the car and I thought the passenger side of the car was locked but when I got in the car, he was already in the car. And he pulled me in and I started to scream and he told me that if I kept screaming that he would kill me. That he just wanted me to drive him around so I proceeded to drive and he kept telling me, 'Nothing has happened to you. You won’t remember anything'. I ran a stop sign and he looked over at me and said, 'I know what you are trying to do and if the police pull us over, I will immediately kill you.' He just kept repeating, 'Nothing happened to you. Nothing happened to you. You'll never tell anybody, nothing happened.' Then we got out in the middle of nowhere. I'm still shook up about this. I'm afraid if I talk about it... (caller pauses) He got out of the car and he looked at me and... I’ll never forget, it's like his eyes weren't there. And he said, 'Leave now, because I don't want to hurt you.' I drove away. I started to cry. After I got away from him. I got back into town and I drove around town until I found a police officer, and the police officer rolled up, and I told them... and the police were already looking for me because the clerk in the liquor store had seen the man get into my car and heard me scream. They were looking for me and my car and a man in a black suit who had gotten in my car. They never found him. He's never been seen again. But I've had instances, I won't even drive at night anymore, where a black automobile will come up behind me and it's flashing its lights, wanting me to pull over and I just get home as fast as I can. I won't even drive anymore.”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1993 – Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Bob claims that in 1993, he and three and four friends were going out one night to a local bar. They were driving down the road in a woodsy area when they observed what they believed to be a helicopter flashing its lights on the ground. They assumed it was looking for someone who broke into a house or maybe a drug dealer. “We were stopped at a stop-light. We were just sitting there in the automobile and the light was real long and we were like, 'The cop just caught someone' because the light just stopped at some point and we just kept watching it going through all these lights down the road from us. You know, we thought they were going to stop us from going to where we were trying to get to. Anyway, the light stopped and it was pointing down at the ground, well, we all just said, 'They got him'. And the light just turned off and next thing you know we're at another stop-light watching this police helicopter, well, we thought it was and most of us think it might have been but it couldn't have because when it decided to leave, I mean, boof, it was gone. I mean, it was gone in ten seconds flat. I mean, you couldn't even track it. When we got to the place where we were going - there was a club we were going to - and we were all inside and we were not there twenty minutes and a friend of mine tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Look!' and we were all standing and in came four guys dressed in black suits. We were in a bar and there are these four guys in black suits and we hadn't been drinking not yet. And what is so weird is that they came in dressed in black suits and they had sunglasses on. Well, you don't walk into a club with sunglasses on at night. They don't want you to get hurt, fall over something or other. Well, the bouncer told them to take their sunglasses off. Well, these guys did and when we finally noticed... they were kinda dark, and anytime we would walk around the bar, they were ten feet away or five feet away, anytime we moved around the bar,” Bob told Art. About the eyes, he described them this way: “You know the weird grey looking color – it has black in the cataract part and then there's the light grey or blue grey. These were four guys, all around the same height, wore the same, they looked the same, all with the same eyes.”

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell


1962 – San Francisco, California, USA

41 year old, Roxanne, currently living in Nappa County, claims that in 1962, when she was six, she was living in San Francisco with her mother and her sister, Denise. Her sister was 9 years old at the time. “We were playing in our backyard. We lived in this big old Dutch colonial house, two-story in San Francisco. My mother comes from England. She had an English accent. My sister and I were in the backyard playing and I had a favorite tree that I would climb with a nice groove spot from me sitting in it so much. And I would climb up there and sink in my thoughts. Sometimes I would talk out loud to my tree. I even named the tree. So I was up there. My sister was picking flowers. She was more of a lady. I was more of a tomboy. And I sorta lost track of what she was doing because I was swinging on the tree. It was pretty high well for a kid. And then I could barely hear my mom's voice coming from the patio outside the backyard because this is a huge house we're talking about. And I could hear my mom calling out 'Roxanne, Denise, dinner time' and so I sorta started running for the backdoor and I said, 'I'll get Denise' and I ran back to tell Denise it was almost dinner time and she wasn't in the backyard anymore and so I thought, maybe she wanted to do something naughty. We're not supposed to go over the fence because there's an empty lot. My house was kiddy corner, I guess you could say. There was a house next door and the next space over was an empty lot. Full of grass. When I jumped up on the fence. I was standing on a two by four stretching with all my might to see over, to see if she had gone over there.” Roxanne was horrified by what she saw. “My sister was laying down and two men were there one was bent all the way down on his knees and my sister's head was limp in his lap. My sister was laying down and she was not conscious. She was not awake. And the other man was bent down over her with a syringe. The man had a syringe and he held it to my sister's arm and I was literally shocked into silence at first because I could not believe what I was seeing because of the way they were dressed. They were dressed in black pants. These men weren't wearing black jackets, they were wearing black capes. They were capes and Zorro type hats which I later learned, when I got older, I saw Zorro. Now when he was about to give her the injection, I screamed her name as loud as I could,. And then I thought I better go get my mother because they wouldn't leave her alone. I was screaming, I go, 'Leave my sister alone!' and then I started crying and I slipped off the bench and I got the million slivers in my palm which I didn't even feel at the time and started running for my mother and I fell down in the flowerbed. This brick flowerbed that we had. And then my instincts told me to save my sister. My instincts told me I didn't have time to get my mother. And then I jumped up on that fence. I've never been able to get that high before but the men were gone. My sister was waking up. And I asked her, Denise what were they doing to you and why? Who were they? I’m freaking out. And you know, I'm a six year old kid and she said, 'What are you talking about. What's the matter with you, you look scared to death, you're all white?' I told her what happened to her and she said, 'Oh brother.' and she said, 'I'm coming over the fence' and she started coming with me. She was groggy. Very tired, as if she has just woken up . And then I went into the house and I didn't tell my mother because she would have been scared to death but I did tell my father.

Source: 1997, Coast to Coast with Art Bell

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