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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: What's Ripping Cars Apart In Vinita, OK? -- 'I know a lot about extraterrestrials' -- Huge Lungfish Raises Fukushima Concerns

What's Ripping Cars Apart In Vinita, OK?

Police in to Vinita, Oklahoma, think an animal has caused a lot of damage to a car lot there. Eight cars have been damaged. Something is ripping parts off the vehicles and leaving behind bite marks.

The damage has been done over the course of the week, and owners say it is all being done after hours at Green Country Ford. The evidence it is leaving behind is strange.

“There are paw prints, fine, course hairs mixed in all the mangled parts and what look to be bite marks,” said Fred Griffin, the general sales manager. Griffin and his employees have their own theories of what it could be. These include bigfoot, a wolf and a chupacabra.

Chief Bobby Floyd said he believes their suspect is a white dog that sees the cars as a chew toy. Now, Griffin wants people in the area to stay alert. Police are going to patrol and look for the culprit. A trap was delivered to the lot on Tuesday morning. It is hoped that raw chicken and sardines will lure the creature in. - Trap set for creature destroying Vinita car lot


'I know a lot about extraterrestrials'

Latham, NY - 8/20/2015: i am a very honored and i guess you can say blessed abductee. I know a lot about extraterrestrials but this experience i have to share with world is absolutely incredible. I would love to explain My story here in this area. But i have so much details and description to write, honestly, id be here writing for days. its faster and easier to just tell it. I wasn't sure who to reach out to before until i found MUFON. this experience i have to share is completely UN-ordinary and completely unheard of. I have done a lot of reading on others abduction experiences and mine is extremely different. I even feel i was brought to another planet and/or solar system, but it felt like a dream when i woke up at home. But i know it was real. i really really need to get in contact with someone about this to fully share my entire story. Because i think i could really shed some light on a lot of UFO history by my experience. I was shown a lot that nobody really understands or knows about. There's still a lot of questions i have and things i still dint understand about my experience. my experience is six hours long in great descriptive detail that i can only really explain in person. Please im reaching out and i don't know who else to turn to. I want to talk with someone one on one. i can also give a lot of unheard of and silenced information about planet nibiru, blue eyed blondes, and a new alien war waging between various alien races and human beings. Things that nobody knows about and need to know. I'm not afraid to voice any of this publicly. I will. But i need help. Please help me MUFON.


Huge Lungfish Raises Fukushima Concerns

Visibly straining as he holds it aloft, a Japanese fisherman grimaces as he proudly displays a terrifyingly large creature caught in the waters off Japan (main picture and inset). The massive catch was reeled in off the coast of the island of Hokkaido by fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi, who has made a career of landing and then eating unusual fish.

The gigantic specimen was reeled in during a fishing trip to Hokkaido, Japan's second largest island.

The creature is believed to be a Lungfish - a species that typically only grows up to around 112cm long with a maximum weight of 15kg.

This one however is estimated to be much larger, a fact that has renewed questions over the effect that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima might be having on the local marine life.

In the images uploaded on to Hiroshi's Twitter account the jubilant angler can be seen straining under the weight as he attempts to hold up his huge catch in front of the camera.

"It was worth flying to [Hokkaido] twice within three months. This guy is super cool," he wrote.


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