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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Stan Gordon's New Book Released -- Monitored For My Entire Life -- Harriman Reservoir Lake Monster?

Stan Gordon's New Book Released

Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures, Casebook 3

I just got my copy today! I'll post my comments soon. Lon

Stan Gordon opens his research files and shares some of his cases of encounters with strange beings and creatures that aren’t supposed to exist—even in our worst nightmares. Pennsylvania UFO and Cryptid researcher Stan Gordon takes you on a journey into the shadowy world of these elusive life forms, some of which can only be described as monsters. Read about creatures such as Bigfoot, gigantic birds with massive wingspans, out of place black panthers and other even weirder creatures. Are there strange water beasts lurking in the lakes and rivers of Pennsylvania? Some of the incidents you will read about will make you wonder if some of the creatures reported are more than just flesh and blood in nature.

Some of the accounts you will ponder over include:

A Very Strange and Close Bigfoot Encounter
Out of Focus Bigfoot in Cambria County
Giant Bigfoot Eight Feet From Witness
The Mysterious Back Porch Prowler
The Flying Behemoth Near Delmont
Was Bessie Napping On Presque Isle Beach?
The Case of the Materializing Black Panther
The Fayette County Dragon
The Winged Humanoid of Butler County
Gliding Alien Reported in Pennsylvania
The Washington County UFO and the Slug-Like Creature


Monitored For My Entire Life

Waukesha, WI: When I was a young child, 4yrs old, I shared a room with my little brother. Most often we would play, after Mom turned the lights off, until she yelled at us and sometime beyond. After we had finally settled down, Our Mother would come in and make sure we were in our beds and tucked in. I used to pretend I was asleep when she would kiss me goodnight on the head.

After Mom left the room, on an uncountable number of nights, there were two little men that would come into our room. I could never see them well because they were always in silhouette, like there was a light behind them. I remember one main thing about them. They terrified me, paralyzed me with fear to the point that I could not move nor utter a sound. I would try to cry out for help, but I couldn't move. Mom said they weren't real.

They came anyway. I have no memory of being abducted, just them coming in our room and they were cold and scary. I do remember I was afraid of them because I could sense no love in them. It seems they stopped coming when I was around 9 years old, or I don't remember them coming as often and wasn't so afraid anymore.

When I was twelve, my older sister moved out to go to college and I got her room on the second floor. It was on the NW corner of the house and had a window facing North, toward Lincoln Ave, and the other one on the West. The window on the north opened over the roof of the front porch and I used to love sitting out there in the summer.

It was in this room that a hooded figures would come to my room. I was never afraid of him. He had a very peaceful energy around him. He could communicate telepathically with me and said his name was Jacob and sometime Joshua, but they were the same. Again, I do not remember ever leaving our house with them, but they would just stand by my bed like they were guarding me. I thought they were angels.

It was also in this room, when I was 15, that I awoke, for an unknown reason, at 3:32AM (I will always remember looking at the clock that morning) on a warm summer night. I woke up suddenly and was wide awake. I noticed an unusual light out the north window and got out of bed to look. Kitty corner for our house was a parking lot for Manitowoc Church Furniture Co., comer of Genesee St and Lincoln Ave. there was a street light there, but the light coming in the window was much brighter. I got out of bed and went over to look out the window (both windows were open with screens, it was summer). My eyes immediately went to the streetlight, thinking that's what the light was, but then I noticed another, brighter light shining on the parking lot from higher up. I wasn't sure what I was seeing. Rubbed my eyes from sleep and looked out again. It was still there! It looked like a big spotlight, much brighter and bluer than the street light. I noticed, too, that the tree tops were being moved around like in a wind, but not all of them. I'm not sure how long I watched it before it started moving. It moved toward me and to my left, which would have been west, primarily, away from Lake Michigan. There was no loud noise or I'd have thought it was a helicopter. There was a whooshing sound like a lot of air moving and the trees around the light were all acting like wind was in them, but it was a calm hot night. The light source moved above the trees and shown in the middle of Lincoln Ave. It went right down the street like it was looking for something. I watched it until the trees blocked my view, probably three city blocks. I couldn't make out a clear outline, but I couldn't see any stars in the sky...that happens in the city sometime too....until the light was out of sight. That was the last I have seen of the strange figures too.

Just for reference, in 1957 I was four years old, in 1965 I was 12 when the 'hoodies' started to appear, in 1968 I was 15 when I saw the light in the sky. I grew up in Waukesha, WI less than 20 miles from Lake Michigan.

I feel like this is all coming back to my consciousness for a reason, and I am hoping that this is a good thing for all.

As I have matured, I have not led a common life. I have always felt that I had contact with a higher intelligence that, if I headed it, led me to uncommon successes. Like God answers my prayers; not always the way I think, but always. I have had a guardian angel my whole life. A fact my Mother used to point out constantly, for the fact I survived unscathed. I also had an ability to tell, ahead of time, when some disaster was going to happen.

I could never tell what or when, exactly, but I would see this shadow before a disaster happens in the world. Still do. In my late teens, I developed an itchy spot, inside of the bottom of my left foot, near the heal, but in the outside of the arch. I had it checked by a few doctors over the years and they can't find anything. But it is an incurable itch that is always there. I, jokingly, started calling it my alien implant.

After seeing all of the Ancient Alien shows, Close Encounters, Unsealed Alien Files, UFO Hunters, etc. that I find so interesting, I am beginning to wonder if there are some gaps in my memories. After reading, Light At The End Of The Tunnel by Paul Hellyer, I began to wonder if I am part of a bigger picture.

I began to wonder about implants that Dr. Roger Leir had discovered in people who remember being abducted. So, I contacted him via personal message on FaceBook, asking if he would contact me and giving him some of the story. Less than two weeks later the man was suddenly dead. It freaked me out and I felt crushed...I was hoping for someone to talk to about it. I had tried enough times only to be laughed at. I learned not to talk about it...at all. My hope of being heard was trashed, and a great man was gone.

After I contacted Dr. Leir, I felt the thing (the implant) move up the inside of my leg. It tickled as it went slowly up. I lost track of it when it got to my thigh. It let me know it could kill me, it could exit my bowel, but mostly how it was benefiting me and did I really want to get rid of it. It is out of fear that I want to know where/what it is. The spot in my foot still itches, though I believe it has moved. I don't like the feeling that others have been monitoring my entire life without my knowledge nor consent. That's one of the things the chip does.

I've had serious sinusitis since I was five. The documentaries I have seen say this is a symptom of a nasal implant that cannot be removed. This unit is control and communication. The more aware of the intelligence that communicates with me the more cooperative I am as fears are conquered and I am assured the mission is not to destroy us or the earth.

It sounds like I'm out of my mind. Perhaps, I am, but these documentaries that are clearly an attempt to get people used to the idea of off world species' presence on Earth and their role in human history and the history of the planet, are encouraging me to take a look at how I may have been trained to ignore what's been happening to me as though it was just imagination. Which it still may be, but I'm really wondering now that all this information is coming to me/us. Paul Hellyer's testimony was enough to convince me...he backs it all up and confirms the information in the documentaries I have seen.

I'm still hoping that I might find some sort of support group that won't laugh at or take advantage of me. I am hoping another Dr Leir will arrive and say, "let's take a look at what that might be." Without ruining what life I have left.

This is the first that I have communicated this story, without giving it the touch of humor that one can protect their pride with at times. If nothing else, at least I got it off my chest...so to speak. - MUFON CMS


Harriman Reservoir Lake Monster?

WILMINGTON- Lake Champlain has a “Champ,” and Loch Ness has its “Nessie,” but does Harriman Reservoir have a “Harry?”

Well, maybe. Martin Kasindorf saw something unusual in the reservoir while he was sitting near the water’s edge Friday at about 2:30 pm. Kasindorf’s dogs reacted to the sight first. When they started barking, he followed their intent gaze out beyond the shoreline, less than 100 yards away from where he was sitting. In the water he saw six distinct “humps” in a curved line. “Each hump was about six inches to a foot apart,” he recalls. “It was a nice sunny afternoon, and the surface of the lake was calm. I could see the water lapping against them. My first thought was that they were rocks. But the dogs thought there was something alive out there.”

Kasindorf and his wife Irma Hawkins own the only house with frontage on Harriman Reservoir. The house, a former schoolhouse, served local schoolchildren years before Harriman Dam was built and the reservoir flooded. The house has been in Hawkins’ family since the 1950s, and the couple have been spending summers at the place since 1995.

Although the level of the lake varies, Kasindorf said he knew there should be no rocks in the spot where the humps appeared. He called out to Hawkins, who came out of the house to see the spectacle.

“At that point, the humps started moving and submerged,” Kasindorf says. “Then a few yards (to the right) I saw something straight, like a log, and brown moving quickly through the water. If it was a log, it was a log with a motor on it.”

Kasindorf and Hawkins both say they couldn’t come up with an explanation for what they saw.

As deputy chief of the New York Times’ Los Angeles bureau, Kasindorf traveled to Loch Ness in 1972 to report on Nessie tourism and even joined in the search for the legendary beast as part of the experience. He didn’t see the monster during his trip, but notes that the most popular theory is that the Loch Ness monster is the descendent of prehistoric plesiosaurs trapped in the deep loch by receding oceans before the last ice age. “Of course, that’s not possible here, since the lake is less than a hundred years old,” he laughs. Read more at Recent sighting spurs talk about monster in lake


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