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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: My Alien Experience -- What's Roaming Around Point Pleasant? -- Connect With Your Guardian Angel

My Alien Experience

Los Angeles, CA - 2/10/2015 - This is a true story I will tell you to the best of my ability:

I woke up and my back was against metal, I was standing with my hands palms down on the surface. The metal was dark grey and it was soft to the touch, you could press on it and it was soft. It was very quiet and there was no movement I could not perceive any noise or movement of anyone inside our out and there were no windows. There were a few others there, people, I could see a younger man...they seemed asleep. We were spaced out as if standing up in soft metal beds if you will. There was no identifiable structure I can compare them too. But I can see them in my mind and I have drawn them. It was a circular floor with the walls bending in a circle when I looked left and right and it was kind of dimly lit.

I think whatever was making us sleep didn't work well on me as I kept waking up for moments at a time everyone else seemed sound asleep. I felt very calm and I didn't seem, to want to speak or make a sound. I knew I was inside some kind of craft. I then passed out for some reason.

I half woke up a while later and I cracked my eyes open we were on a surface traveling in some kind of vehicle. I could see that all of the structures were about 1/2 the to 1/3 the size of ours, some kind of city. Everything seemed to be this sandstone color, the ground, the structures, everything. It was busy there was a lot of activity outside.

There were beings in the vehicle with us, it was moving very fast, it did not have wheels, it was silent as it moved it has no engine, they were also smaller than us. They seemed to be very focused and serious.

I then awoke later on, I have no idea how much time had passed, in fact the whole time, time seemed to stand still if you will. I have no sense of time.

I was inside a room that seemed to be sandstone of some kind. There was nothing in the room but the walls when I looked up they were open to the sky. There was a sandstone type of bench built into the wall and I stood on it and I looked out.

I saw a very large circular structure made of the same sandstone type material, in the middle was a chair like a big throne type chair also made of this material and the man I saw was sitting in

it. I looked up and this is the first time I saw the alien, he was up higher than the man in some kind of control type booth looking out over the circle with the chair. He looked over at me and he spoke to me but telepathically, he said "Be Calm, everything is ok" and I don't know how I knew how to do this but I asked him "What are doing?" ...Telepathically.

It is as if we lost our voices.

A red ball appeared in front of me, about twice the size of a tennis ball that seemed to defy gravity. It had a hypnotic effect. He SMILED at me!

I became fixated on this ball and lowered myself down, it followed and I grabbed it slowly and began to throw it against the wall and it bounced back in slow motion in some kind of hypnotic rhythm.

It was enjoyable and it calmed me. HE GAVE ME A TOY TO PLAY WITH! LOL! :)

After a while, I don't know how long ....I climbed back up onto the bench and looked out again..This time I saw a rush of energy going very fast in between the chair and the sandstone walls in this big circle. Nothing was moving but the energy flying around in a circle.

This time he spoke to me again when I asked telepathically "What are you doing?" He said which I could only hear his voice in my mind.

"This is our way of measuring and extracting information about your mental/telepathic abilities"

The man was sitting still and did not seem hurt or in pain in anyway, he actually seemed as if he was in a coma/trance. Like he wasn't even there. I seemed to be the only one awake.

The alien told me that "....The next step in your human evolution is these mental abilities....." He said that some of us are already in the beginning stages of telepathy but he said that the abilities move far, far beyond that when we reach where they are.

He also told me that they had good intentions towards us and that have been coming to us for a very long time and they were not the ones frightening us.

He looked at me and the other thing he could do was transmit emotion and images to me from a distance. He looked at me and sent over a very enlightened positive feeling that made me smile and he showed me the good intentions that they held.

I can see him now in my mind and I smile as oddly enough, they have affection and a feeling of humor. But the things he projected over to me were of a vast wisdom and I looked at him knowingly. He said that the information was enough to begin telling others, but others should also know here. And then in a blink of an eye he was gone and I lost track of time and space and they had returned me.

I have been able to draw the room, the structures, the device I saw that they use for measuring everything. My memory is very clear. I don't know how this happened it just did.

I have known all of my life that I have a 6th sense, I guess that is why I was there, I don't know.

They never did anything to frighten me and seemed to want this not to be a bad experience.

......................Thank you for reading. - MUFON CMS


What's Roaming Around Point Pleasant?

Audio Hosting - RobShaw - Dogman - clip

This was recorded by investigator Rob Shaw in Point Pleasant, WV - there were other dogs responding to it. I'm fairly positive that it was not coyotes. Rob's been tracking something in the area for a while now...he got an eyeball on a hairy cryptid recently. Could it be a Dogman / upright canine? Use headphones...I tried to enhance the background, away from the insect sounds in the foreground.


Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Anybody can connect with their Guardian Angel. People often think that you have to be religious or psychic in order to make this connection. Not true. We are all born with our own Guardian Angels and they never stop surrounding us with love, support and guidance.

Angels help us stay connected with our spiritual source. We also have spirit and/or ancestral guides that help you find your way...though, in most cases, guides are more difficult to connect with. As we raise our vibration, we can more easily connect and communicate with wiser energies in the spirit realms.

Seeking an Angel's help is one of our most power spiritual practices....but you need to ask.

Here are some tips that will help you connect with your Guardian Angel:

1. Angels can do nothing for us unless we ask. No need to worry about asking for too much. Angels exist beyond our experience of time and space. Create your own affirmations that specifically call for the help you need.

2. Attune yourself with your Angel. Simple meditation may raise your awareness enough to establish contact. Ask questions...find out how they want to be addressed. Establish a routine that suits your timetable. Make it an exciting experience.

3. Have patience...but ask if you feel your question has not been answered. Learn how to interpret the answers.

4. Quickly react to the guidance you receive. Angelic help has, for the most part, a finite period of effectiveness.

5. With time and practice, you will understand which sensations mean yes, no or otherwise. Your answer may also come during meditation, or after a prolonged period of reflection. Learn how the message is given and how it should be received. Notice patterns...times when the message tend to come. Show your appreciation for the advice. Like any long-term relationship, trust and respect are imperative.

Guardian Angels: True Stories of Answered Prayers

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Tabloid Gold: Man stabbed after finding wife naked in bed with father-in-law

PONTIAC (WWJ) – Police in Oakland County say a man was stabbed by his father-in-law after finding the 47-year-old nude in bed with his wife — the man’s own daughter — and the older man is now behind bars.

The incident unfolded just after 3:30 a.m. Saturday at a home in the 100 block of W. Rundell Avenue in Pontiac, between Baldwin Avenue and Saginaw Street.

A 25-year-old man told police that he had arrived home and discovered his wife and her father completely nude, laying together in bed. The man woke up his father-in-law and got into an altercation that continued outside of the home.

That’s when the older man, since identified by police as Henry Allen Michael of Detroit, allegedly stabbed the younger man in the back with a knife.

After the stabbing, Michael got into his son-in-law’s vehicle and fled the scene.

Deputies were dispatched to McLaren Hospital after the man arrived with a non-life threatening stab wound that possibly perforated his right lung.

After interviewing the victim, deputies located his wife. The 24-year-old woman told police that she and her father were out drinking and when she arrived back at the house, she passed out. She did not know what had happened until her husband woke her up, police said.

The woman told police she had reason to believe that she was sexually assaulted and was examined by hospital staff. She was transported to the Haven START Program for further examination before being taken to a relative’s home.

Michael, who was staying at the couple’s home after being released from prison, was later arrested and is lodged at the Oakland County Jail on pending charges.

According to Sgt. Steven Troy of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Michael’s criminal history includes a 1992 robbery for which he was found guilty, sentenced to 20 years and released in 2012. Then, in March of 2015, Michael pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon in Taylor. For that crime he was placed on probation through this coming January.

At the time of the alleged stabbing he had an outstanding warrant in Taylor for a probation violation. - Police: Man Finds Wife Naked In Bed With Her Dad, Gets Stabbed By Father-In-Law


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