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Monday, September 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Bigfoot With Baby Reported to Virginia Sheriff -- Devil Dog Encounter in Tampa -- Central PA Bi-Pedal Canine Update

Bigfoot With Baby Reported to Virginia Sheriff

Bedford Co., VA - He's a legend. Most say a myth. People hunt for him on reality television. But a Bedford County woman says her story is no joke. She called the Sheriff’s Office about Bigfoot.

ABC 13 spoke to the woman by phone Thursday. She provided details on the condition of anonymity. The woman said she recently moved to the area and does not want to get a reputation with her new neighbors.

"I know this is going to sound crazy,” said the woman in a call to Bedford dispatch on September 9.

The woman told the dispatcher she was driving up Route 43, toward the Peaks of Otter, around 11:40p.m. on September 9. She said her headlights hit something strange past Turkey Mountain Road, just before the first bridge. This is part of her conversation with a dispatcher on September 11.

Caller: "I know this is going to sound crazy, but I went back and checked and there were prints, a Bigfoot with a baby."

Dispatcher: "There were what?"

Caller: "It was a Bigfoot with a baby."

After assuring the dispatcher she hadn't been drinking, the woman offered no explanation why she waited two days to call. She says she went back in daylight.

Caller: "I did see some footprints and the stride was longer than anything I could make."

The woman says the creature's footprint was bigger than her two feet together, end to end. She wears a size 8 shoe. She says the creature was holding its baby the way a human would.

Caller: "The baby was looking right at me."

The woman told ABC 13 the baby looked just like Chewbacca from “Star Wars”.

Caller: "Have you ever gotten other reports like this?"

Dispatcher: "I've never had a call like this in my life."

The dispatcher told the woman he’s worked in dispatch 10 years.

A deputy checked out the area and didn't see anything.

The woman said she knows they were not bears. We've got a call in to a state biologist to see if he can explain what she may have seen. - Bedford Co. Dispatch Gets Bigfoot Call


Snowden: Aliens May Be Hiding Something From Us

Aliens may be hearing us. Or, vice versa, we may be hearing aliens. So says Edward Snowden in his fresh interview in New York. But how did he ever get there?

Edward Snowden has just visited New York to talk about aliens. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s absolutely true.

The famous US government whistleblower was physically present in Moscow, while a telepresence robot under his full remote control was transmitting his image and voice live via a video link all the way across the ocean to North America. He was talking to prominent US astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for his StarTalk podcast on Friday night.

Usually, Snowden has a number of things to say about different people but this time the conversation turned to aliens. It seems, the famous whistleblower took his time to think about extraterrestrial life during his long stay in Russia.

The challenge of listening in on people nowadays is the same one as hearing aliens, apparently – the need to break through encryption. And one may never intercept a signal which he or she doesn’t know has been encrypted.

“So if you have an alien civilization trying to listen for other civilizations, or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means,” Snowden noted.

“So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilization (if there are indeed aliens out there), all of their communications are encrypted by default.”

“So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or, you know, a phone call… is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation.” - Snowden: Aliens May Be Hiding Something From Us


Devil Dog Encounter in Tampa

Bruce, a Vietnam veteran residing in Fairview, North Carolina, called in mid-way into an open lines show to tell of his encounter with a devil dog back when he was living in Tampa, Florida in the early 1990s.

“I had a really dramatic devil dog experience. I was in Tampa in the early 90s and I had a Siberian husky and she was afraid of nothing. I took her out my backdoor at night. It was a clear night, no moon, very dark. Right at the corner of my house what came out was a black dog. This dog was blacker than the night, you could see him, I could see his hair. He stood about 4 foot at the shoulder, almost like a great Dane. His eyes – burning red coals, I mean not a shine from a reflection, they were burning red coals. And Gena, my husky, put her tail between her legs and ran back into the house and the dog turned around and waked between the houses. It was about 30 feet away, so, I'm not afraid of nothing, I walked right to the corner and it was gone. Just gone. There's no way it could have ran either. It was weird. It was weird. I wondered what it meant.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 11, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Greedy 'Big Pharma'

Specialists in infectious disease are protesting a gigantic overnight increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug that is the standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection.

The drug, called Daraprim, was acquired in August by Turing Pharmaceuticals, a start-up run by a former hedge fund manager. Turing immediately raised the price to $750 a tablet from $13.50, bringing the annual cost of treatment for some patients to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"What is it that they are doing differently that has led to this dramatic increase?" said Dr. Judith Aberg, the chief of the division of infectious diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She said the price increase could force hospitals to use "alternative therapies that may not have the same efficacy." Read more at Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight


Central Pennsylvania Bi-Pedal Canine Update

UFORCOP / Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research will be conducting a full boots-on-the-ground investigation of one of the sighting areas during the 1st weekend in October. There are subsequent investigations scheduled for the other reported areas. The progress of these investigations will be presented on Phantoms & Monsters.

If you have a related sighting or other strange encounter, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

NOTE: We are also receiving new & historical reports of bi-pedal canines from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and New Jersey. Sighting information from any area is vital for researching this phenomenon. We will pass along information to investigators in these other areas. Thanks...Lon



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