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Daily 2 Cents: I Agreed to Carry a Hybrid Fetus -- Buzz Aldrin's 'Master Plan' to Colonize Mars -- 'OK...what is it?'

I Agreed to Carry a Hybrid Fetus

Boyd, MN: On 8/16/15 I fell asleep at approximately 10:45pm. I awoke at 11:45pm in the middle of an alien abduction. I found myself on board an alien craft and in a meeting with 7 entities. This group consisted of Greys and 3 different type of entities I had met before during an earlier abduction. I had been told that the 3 unknown alien races were having problems with reproduction. A grey, telepathically, asked me if I was willing to act as a host again and to carry a hybrid fetus. I agreed. I was brought to a different room with an examining table. I was placed on the table and then put to sleep for the impregnation procedure. I recall being returned home to my bed in a bright light. I had been gone with the aliens for 2 hours.

On 8/22/15 I was abducted again. I woke up about 4:00am while I was being returned to my bed. I fell back to sleep and awoke in the morning as usual. I recalled seeing huge eyes looking at me. I also recall seeing 12 metal containers that were incubators. Attached to each container was my personal identification information. My navel and vagina were sore. There were red marks on my neck, and my neck was painful. I was exhausted.

On 8/25/15 During my monthly period I passed clumps of tissue that looked like nothing I had ever seen before. The strange appearance was very scary. I have prepared a sample which I plan to send for DNA testing.

It is interesting to note that last month on 7/24/15 I had a hybrid fetal sac removed from my uterus by a grey. A detailed report of this experience is on file with MUFON in Case#68551.


Buzz Aldrin developing a 'master plan' to colonize Mars within 25 years

The legendary Apollo 11 astronaut is aiming to see an active human colony on Mars by the year 2039.

Having teamed up with the Florida Institute of Technology, Aldrin is looking to develop a 'master plan' for a colony on mars to be completed in time to mark the 70th anniversary of the first moon landing.

The 85-year-old, who took part in a signing ceremony on Thursday, will serve as both a research professor of aeronautics and a senior faculty adviser for the institute.

Aldrin's vision of a future settlement on Mars is in stark contrast to the "one-way trip" concept popularized by the controversial Mars One project and would instead see astronauts living and working on Mars for up to ten years at a time before returning home.

The veteran astronaut has also proposed using the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, as a staging area to make it easier to move both equipment and astronauts to and from the surface.

His vision for the future is certainly not outside the realm of possibility - especially given that NASA has already been working on its next generation rocket and space vehicle with the aim of placing a human on mars at some point within the next 25 years.

While Aldrin himself will probably not be around to see it happen, there is a distinct chance that his plan to see humanity travel far beyond where even he has tread could ultimately become a reality. Read more at Buzz Aldrin developing a 'master plan' to colonize Mars within 25 years


'OK...what is it?'

There's an interesting thread on Reddit referencing this pair of images


The Ghost Brides of China

They are murdered to give dead bachelors a wife in the afterlife.

A ring of gangsters who traded in the bodies of women they murdered, selling them as brides to keep dead bachelors happy in the afterlife, has been arrested in China.

The arrests have exposed a trade that places a higher value on women when they are dead than when they are alive.

• Traditional Chinese belief holds that the living must tend to the wants and needs of dead relatives, who exist in an afterlife

• The tradition manifests itself in the burning of fake money or paper models of luxury goods

• It is believed by some that an unmarried life is incomplete, leading to the practice of minghun — burying single sons with recently dead young women to provide them with a wife in the afterlife

• Parents of a dead daughter often regard the money received in selling her for minghun as recompense for the dowry that they did not receive in her lifetime, while also posthumously elevating their child’s place in a patriarchal society

• Communist authorities tried to ban the practice, which datesfrom the Zhou dynasty (1122-256BC). It was also forbidden in the Book of Rites, texts that describe religious practices from the eighth to the fifth century BC

• Minghun survives mainly in the poor rural north, particularly in the remote plateau on the upper reaches of the Yellow River

Yang Dongyan, 35, was arrested in Sha’anxi province as he played cards with his children. In his prison cell, Yang showed little remorse for committing two murders. He told the Legal Daily: “I just wanted to make money. It’s a quick way to make money. I was arrested too soon otherwise I had planned to do this business a few more times.”

Two accomplices, Liu Shengbao and Hui Haibao, were also arrested, as was Li Longsheng, a self-styled undertaker who traded the bodies to bereaved families.

Zhang Yanjun, chief of police in Yanchuan county, said: “It’s lucky that the case was cleared up in time or we don’t know how many women would have been killed by them. These people thought they had found a short cut to wealth.” Instead, they face the death penalty.

The men preyed on the superstitions of ill-educated farmers eager to ensure that a dead son was happy in the afterlife. It is not uncommon in rural parts of China for a family to seek out the body of a woman who has died to be buried alongside their son after the performance of a marriage ceremony for the deceased pair.

Ancestor worship is a tradition that runs through many aspects of Chinese life. One of the main Chinese festivals is Tomb Sweeping Day, when families visit graves of their forebears to clean them and burn incense. The spirit is believed to live on in the afterlife and at funerals families burn offerings of paper money and models of houses, cars and other little luxuries that the dead may need.

Yang chanced upon the trade in dead bodies when he paid 12,000 yuan (£800) for a mentally handicapped woman whose family hoped to marry her off for a price. The trade in women as wives is a common practice in rural China and a woman may be sold several times by intermediaries before meeting her eventual husband.

Yang arranged for the woman to stay in a guesthouse in Yanchuan county where Mr Liu offered him $1,310 for her.Yang refused, until Liu told him the woman would be worth much more dead than alive. The next morning the two men set out across the Yellow River to meet “Old Li” in Xixian County, Shanxi province. Old Li agreed to buy the woman’s body for $2,067 and to complete the deal late at night on the Yanshuiguan bridge.

The next day Yang killed the woman and took her body by taxi to the bridge where Mr Li was waiting and handed over $1,969 for her. For his part in the deal, Mr Liu received $590 andYang came away with a loss of $394 after his expenses.

Back at the guesthouse, Yang told an old acquaintance, Hui, he had found an easy way to make money. The two men agreed to go into the body business together. Last November they sought out a prostitute they knew in nearby Yan’an — the city where Chairman Mao began his Communist revolution — but she threw them out after they said that they could not afford to pay her $40. They returned the next morning and killed her.

On December 3 they completed a similar body handover with Li on the bridge. This time they made only $1,043 because the buyer was unhappy with the quality of the body and, after costs, Yang and his two friends each earned $196 on that deal.

Old Li had made a name for himself in Xixian county by selling clothes to outfit the dead and by handing out cards that offered to help families in need of a spirit marriage. They want young and good-looking dead brides for their sons and regard the family of the girl as “in-laws”. Police discovered that Li paid between $1,043 and $1,300 for a body and sold it on for as much as $4,500.



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