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Monday, July 13, 2015

Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 4

By Stephen Ellis - For those of you who read parts 1,2 & 3 and commented on them, “Thank you”.

Probably the one question I am asked more than any other is “If we have lived before, why don’t we remember our previous life...or lives?”

The fact is that we do remember them!

Our memories of past lives are best when we are very young, but as we grow older, the onslaught of facts from everyday living and a new life fill the brain: the facts of accepting a different body, perhaps a strange language, and a new family feed the still undeveloped brain with material which tends to crowd-out earlier memories. It’s not difficult to understand why a young brain would find it very easy to bury older memories while being deluged with things that are needed for a new life.

How many children have “imaginary” friends? If we take the time to ask about that imaginary friend, we are usually astounded with the detail offered. Very few parents actually investigate or inquire about this and, as the child get a little older the imaginary friend disappears. We should ask ourselves, “How did such a young mind create this friend in great detail?”

In the approximately 200 cases of reincarnation that I have studied (there are several million claims of reincarnation that have been written about) memories of a past life almost always seem best recalled as a child and fade as the mind and the brain adjust and become filled with the problems and emotions of a new life. The only exception to this that I have dealt with, first hand, is when a person is hypnotized.

Hypnotized people can often bring up memories that have long been buried or forgotten. When I went to college, I paid my own college tuition and living expenses by going up to the Catskill Mountains (in upstate New York) and performing as a magician and, sometimes, as a hypnotist. There are numerous resort hotels in the Catskills (affectionately called the “Borscht-Belt” by New Yorkers) and I would put on a magic show or a hypnotism show at several of the hotels on week-ends.

During my hypnotism show I would, routinely, “regress” one of the subjects back to their second or third birthday and they would remember who came to their party, what presents they received, etc. At one hypnotism performance, I decided to try an experiment: I regressed a girl (about 16 or 17 years old) back to a time before she was born…to see what would happen. I asked the girl who she was, when she began speaking French fluently. I did not understand French, but there was a woman in the audience who did. The woman told me that girl was speaking an “archaic” French not in use any more. Everyone present, including myself, was amazed.

When I awakened the girl, I asked if her family was French: “No.” I asked her what language she was studying in high school: “Spanish”. I asked if she or her family had family in France...or had ever been to France: “No.”

I wanted to follow-up this incident, but when others in the audience told her what had happened, she became frightened and would never allow me to hypnotize her again. Shortly after this I was drafted into the US Army, and I lost contact with her.

The book, “The Search for Bridie Murphy” details how a housewife, when regressed under hypnosis, started speaking with a heavy Irish brogue and described her home and family of 100 years ago near Cork, Ireland in minutely accurate detail. Of course the housewife had never been to Ireland…at least not in her present life.

There have been numerous instances of children, such as James Lenninger who, at age 6 was having recurrent nightmares of being a U.S. Army pilot shot-down by Japanese fighter-planes in World War II. It is interesting that at age 6, James Lenninger could describe what we now know to be a Japanese “Zero”, how he could identify the parts of propeller-driven aircraft, etc. At age 6, James identified a small seldom used aircraft carrier named the “Natoma” (including a description of the officers’ mess-hall), but at age 10, James had no recollection of his nightmares or anything else (which had included the names of some of his fellow pilots in WWII).

Many people have “flashbacks” of a previous life without understanding what they are: Sometimes, while dreaming, people will see faces and events that seem inexplicable. Faces seen in dreams can be in minute detail that they defies imagination. Details of scars, complexion, eye color, etc. Are these people from past lives? If not, how or why did our minds create the images in such detail?

Great numbers of people have had déjà vu experiences such as visiting someplace for the very first time, but knowing that they’ve been there before. Meeting people for the first time, yet knowing that you’ve known them before.

Memories are buried deeply, but we do have memories from previous lives. We choose to ignore them, because they do not “fit in” with the surroundings we know.

If you are interested in the subject, I suggest you read my book, “Explaining the Unexplained”. You can download a Kindle of it for about $3.00. Hard and soft-cover copies are available at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon.

Explaining the Unexplained

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