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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: WTF? Insectoid in Tux, Top Hat & Cane -- There Must Be ETs Who Resemble Us -- Alien Captured on Phone

WTF? Insectoid in Tux, Top Hat & Cane

Amsterdam, NY - 6/9/1980: It was a hot summer afternoon. I was living with my mom in a house trailer, right off the main rout, and the first trailer in the park. The front door and the back door were almost across from one another and I had both main wood doors open and screen doors shut. There's a small deck off the back door and the front door. (trailer). I was alone, my mom had gone out for some errands. I was making coffee at the counter. This counter jutted out into the kitchen leaving the front door easily in my sight to the right and the back door just slightly pass my peripheral vision on the left. No TV, no music, no neighbors. Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw movement at the back door. I looked and saw a 6' grasshopperish being with a tuxedo with tails, a top hat, and a black cane with a carved bone-like top. He knocked on the back screen door. I looked back at my coffee cup in disbelief, then I looked again and it was still there, cocked his head. I looked away again in fear. Looked one final time, saw it was still there and that's the last I remember. the whole event took only moments.

I moved to L.A. in Jan. of 1981. I had no memory of this event. I didn't tell my mom anything when she came home that day, I don't remember anything more from that day.

It wasn't until I was in college that I remembered it. It came back as clear as it was that day not over time but all at once. I began telling the story to my close friends but there was always part of me that questioned weather it happened or not. I am an artist, maybe I made it up. But the detail was too clear and then I rented the video "Communion". I'm sure you know the premise of that movie as well as it's location. When I saw the Alien wearing the tux, tophat and cane, I damn near fell off my chair. It was like being hit with a brick. what are the odds of that. there's no way we both dreamed up the same being with those odd details. this is NOT your standard grey. I think it's important to note that the movie came out AFTER my encounter. This was proof to me that I really saw it that day. I even made a painting of it that's a virtual photograph of the event. I would be glad to provide you with a copy of that painting. My purpose in writing you is to add my story to your records but more importantly I would REALLY like to know if anyone else has seen this and if they remember anything more about the encounter. I would really like to know what happened that afternoon after my 3rd and final glance. my rebooted memory stops at the third glance. But I got a feeling that was not the end of the story. Please let me know if you have heard of anything like this and thank you for all you do to inform and facilitate. sincerely, [name removed/CMS/jpg] - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Jiminy Cricket's alien cousin? Too bad the witness' painting wasn't included. Lon


Officials in Central Russia Have Banned Yoga Because They Think It’s an Evil Cult

They fear it could "spread new religious cults and movements"

Officials in the central Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk have called off all yoga classes held in both private and municipal facilities as part of a crackdown on “religious cults.”

According to the Moscow Times, which cited a report in the Russian Kommersant daily, the owners of two of the city’s main hatha-yoga studios received letters from government officials telling them to immediately cease their classes because the practice of yoga could “spread new religious cults and movements.”

Yoga classes have also been taking place at a stadium and public meeting hall in Nizhnevartovsk. However, the heads of the local departments for physical culture and education received letters as well, the Moscow Times says, describing yoga as “inextricably linked to religious practices” and having a distinct “occult character.”

Hatha yoga is based in Hindu tradition, but is mostly practiced as a physical exercise that promotes flexibility and deep breathing.

Suspicion of yoga is not shared among all Russian apparatchiks, however. Last year, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Interfax news agency that Americans upset about the annexation of Crimea should “spend more time in the open,” and “practice yoga.” - Officials in Central Russia Have Banned Yoga Because They Think It’s an Evil Cult


Alien Captured on Phone

Colorado - 6/25/2015: I was going though my Phone's Camera Gallery after work the other day and noticed I had a 17 second video that I had must recorded when my phone was in my back pocket. Nothing strange about that. I usually keep my phone in my back pocket when I'm at work in the Construction yard. Before I was going to delete the video I thought I'd check it out to see what I recorded. At first, it looked like to video recorder button had gotten pushed and was recording what was behind me but after a few seconds into the video I see what appears to be a small light figure that appears in the top left of the video for just a few seconds. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first so I paused and re-watched the video about 20 more times. Take a look and tell me what you think. It definitely looks clear enough to tell what this thing could be. - MUFON CMS

Click for video - witness captured image of alien

NOTE: this may be a fake...but who knows. Lon


Expert: There must be ETs who resemble us

Aliens resembling humans must have evolved on other planets, a leading biologist has claimed.

Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris says it is surprising we have not already discovered extra-terrestrials that look like us - given the growing number of Earth-like planets now discovered by astronomers.

He based his claim on evidence that different species will independently develop similar features which means that life similar to that on Earth would also develop on equivalent planets.

The theory, known as convergence, says evolution is a predictable process which follows a rigid set of rules.

'I would argue that in any habitable zone that doesn't boil or freeze, intelligent life is going to emerge, because intelligence is convergent,' he said.

'One can say with reasonable confidence that the likelihood of something analogous to a human evolving is really pretty high.

'And given the number of potential planets that we now have good reason to think exist, even if the dice only come up the right way every one in 100 throws, that still leads to a very large number of intelligences scattered around, that are likely to be similar to us.'

The argument is put forward in his new book The Runes Of Evolution.

He has previously claimed that aliens would resemble earthlings with limbs, heads, and bodies.

And he goes further in the new book, claiming any Earth-like planet should also evolve predators like sharks as well as mangroves, and mushrooms, among many other things. - Expert: There must be aliens who resemble us



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