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Friday, July 31, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Strange Night at Home -- Huge Disc Lands / Abducts Two Boys -- Update...Scranton Bigfoot Encounter / Newly Reported Attack

Strange Night at Home

I received the following account from a reader who lives near me:

I don't remember the exact day but in May 1995 my husband and were awakened at the exact same time from beeping coming from the kitchen downstairs. From what I remember the time was around 3-4 am. We went downstairs in the dark to investigate. The beeping was continuing and I first looked at my dishwasher. I thought maybe there was a power failure which causes it makes a noise and an LED shows some letters and numbers on the panel. We had no power failure (clock on the microwave was still on instead of saying reset. No LED was lit up on the dishwasher and the beeping kept continuing. We couldn't place where it was coming from; seemed like it was surrounding us. My husband and I turned towards the area of the kitchen where on the left is the laundry room and 4 feet to the right the door that leads to the garage. Which of course was closed. We saw a diffused light glowing like a shiny misty fog. It was translucent and I could see the wall and trash can in between the two doors through it. The light was floating for a lack of a better description.

We looked at both doors and no light, mist was coming out of the top, bottom or sides of the doors. My husband then turned on the kitchen light and both the mysterious misty light and beeping went away and stopped. We both stood there amazed and stunned. It should be noted that my husband is one of the most skeptical and close-minded people to unexplained phenomena (I guess opposites attract). He told me if he didn't see or experience this he would have thought I dreamed it or was crazy.

The next day my oldest son who was 3 1/2 said that "His brother was in his room last night." The problem being that he was almost two years old and slept in a crib and couldn't climb out of it to walk to his older brother's room. My youngest son's bedroom is right above the laundry room and area where the light was seen.

Sometime later I was reading one of Budd Hopkins books about what people felt or heard before they were abducted and was kind of creeped me out for lack of a better word.

After this happened I told some friends (one being a psychic and tarot card reader). To be objective they tried to play Devil's advocate; i.e. light from the garage could have been a car lights (wouldn't shine through a garage door and through the door from the kitchen). Some of their theories were an old Indian burial ground (it was farmland once but I live in Baltimore County near the city line and no mention of burial grounds was ever mentioned in local history). One friend asked if I saw marks on the kids' bodies. Possible abduction since the oldest talked of his brother being in his room. They were just as perplexed as we were and considered it unexplained.


Huge Disc Lands / Abducts Two Boys

6/16/2002: I was 9 at the time. We were having a family get together type thing at my grandmother's house in Blanchard, Oklahoma just off of highway 76 out in the country. Not many houses more land than anything. My grandmother's house has a long driveway from a country road leading up to the house. Lots of trees and some big open areas in land. After eating talking playing etc it was approximately 9:45pm and me and my cousin decided to go outside and walk to the pond. Right before turning into the driveway we let everyone know what we were doing and walk out the back door. Walking toward the front to go to the pond we get to the place were we parked the cars approximately 100ft from back door and we both start to feel vibration in our body's but didn't think to much of it. We walk maybe 15 more feet and we completely I guess go blind. We both see nothing but black. We back up and we can see normal again. It was dark outside but not pitch black you could still see some. We look at each other say that's weird and blow it off and keep walking 5 to 10 more feet. It goes pitch black once more and we hear a super fast swoosh noise of something moving at super fast speeds. After hearing that we can see again and there is a huge disc shaped craft.

It was black with like a chromed finish and I want to say windows around it with every color you could think of coming from inside the craft. Moving from North NE to the right of us we were walking east. It hovered approximately 15 feet away tree high for 30 seconds then descended to an open area of trees landing. At this point we are extremely terrified. We couldn't move. We felt locked in place and having our thoughts scanned. A door opened up popping out from top and periodically turning inside itself until it touched the ground, 3 beings with big heads and huge eyes. It looked like what most people call greys stepped out and walked up to me. The next thing I know I'm inside the craft on a table with the 3 beings looking at me. There was a human looking being standing to the right side. Not sure if it was human or not. The walls looked metallic but also looked like if you touched them u would fall threw. There wasn't much in the room besides a bathtub-looking thing with black goo looking stuff in it. While I'm lying on the table the 3 "greys" stare at me getting inches from my face and I black out. The next thing I know I'm looking up at the sky at it hovering tree high like I went back in time or something and was extremely scared.

My cousin and I ran frantically back to the back door running in the house. This took to what we thought 1 minute to a minute and a half. As we ran in our family members were worried asking us where we have been saying they was looking for us for an hour and a half. I had scars on me and was bleeding down my arm and my head. My cousin had bruises and was bleeding on his knee. We never told them what we encountered. I've had several encounters after this experience the last one happened one day ago 7/26/15 which was the most moving to me. I guess you could say and I need some support or help. This is really making me feel out of place here on earth. I would like to tell my other encounters but I need reassurance that this isn't going to cause me to lose my life. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Let's hope MUFON follows up on this report. Lon


Scranton Police Officer Claims Encounter with Big Foot in McDade Park

A Scranton Police Officer claims that he had a encounter with Bigfoot in McDade Park in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania this past week.

My name is Scranton Police Officer Xxxxx Xxxxx and I am an eight year veteran, so please keep my name out.

A few days ago I was driving in patrol toward McDade Park in Scranton PA. It was late at night I was just checking the park making sure all was ok and I just noticed a very dark object leaning over the edge of the road near the pool as I drove pass.

I passed extremely close to the object-close enough for me to feel shocked to see a large hairy section of well muscled leg and a big hairy wrist and hand as the creature turned I screamed and grabbed my cell to snap a pic and my gun. I slammed on the brakes and I was ready to shoot I'm combat trained, I have a weapon, I just had to see what the hell it was!I wanted to see the entire thing for myself - but what can I say. Whatever it was for me either was a monkey a huge one or a bigfoot I am not going public with this because it would cost me my job. There is something in that park I heard stories of something roaming the park late at night.

Source: Scranton Police Officer Claims Encounter with Big Foot in McDade Park

*There is a new update at Cryptomundo - Scranton Man Attacked by McDade Park Bigfoot?



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