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Monday, July 13, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'Mini Ice Age' Coming Soon -- The Roswell UFO Theory Genesis -- Elusive Tasmanian Tiger Hunt Continues

Earth heading for 'mini ice age' within 15 years

Scientists have calculated that much of the planet could soon be plunged in to a decade-long cold spell.

The northern hemisphere could soon find itself being plummeted in to a period of bitter winters - that is according to researchers at the University of Northumbria who have developed a new solar activity model capable of predicting temperature changes with 'unprecedented accuracy'.

The last time this happened was over three centuries ago and caused winters so cold that the River Thames famously froze over for weeks at a time and frost fairs were held on the ice.

These miniature ice ages are brought about by fluid movements in the sun and occur when two prominent waves cancel each other out leading to what is known as a "Maunder minimum."

"We found magnetic wave components appearing in pairs, originating in two different layers in the sun’s interior," said Prof Valentina Zharkova. "They both have a frequency of approximately 11 years, although this frequency is slightly different, and they are offset in time."

"Over the cycle, the waves fluctuate between the northern and southern hemispheres of the Sun. Combining both waves together and comparing to real data for the current solar cycle, we found that our predictions showed an accuracy of 97 per cent." Read more at Earth heading for 'mini ice age' within 15 years


Welsh government responded to UFO airport query in Klingon

Klingon was the chosen language for the Welsh government in its response to queries about UFO sightings at Cardiff Airport.

While English and Welsh are the usual forms of communications in the Senedd, it opted for the native tongue of the enemies of Star Trek's Captain Kirk.

Shadow Health Minister and AM for Clwyd West Darren Millar, had asked for details of UFOs sightings and asked if research would be funded. A Welsh government spokesman responded with: "jang vIDa je due luq."

The Welsh government statement continued: "'ach ghotvam'e' QI'yaH devolve qaS." In full it said it translated as: "The minister will reply in due course. However this is a non-devolved matter." It is believed to be the first time the Welsh government has chosen to communicate in Klingon.


How the Roswell UFO Theory Got Started

This was the first public news of the strange happenings of July 7, 1947

Odds are, if you’re familiar with the city of Roswell, N.M., you’re familiar with what happened there on this day, July 7, in 1947: a rancher named W.W. Brazel told Sheriff George Wilcox that he had found something strange on a sheep ranch northwest of the town. After finding bits of rubber, wood, foil, tape and paper in the field, the Sheriff called the local Army air field, which sent Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer, to check it out. Marcel was convinced that Brazel stumbled upon nothing less than the remains of a flying saucer. He told his group commander, who told the press officer on duty, Walter Haut, who sent out a press release. The next day the Roswell Daily Record bore a headline—”RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION”—that instantly turned the town into the nation’s UFO capital.

But there’s a big hitch in that oft-told tale. As TIME reported in an investigation on the 50th anniversary of the incident, the same day that the Daily Record ran the sensational story, it was determined that the litter was from a destroyed weather balloon. The paper printed a follow-up retraction the next day, and Brazel stated that he was embarrassed to have gotten so worked up over nothing. Read more at How the Roswell UFO Theory Got Started


Elusive Tasmanian Tiger Hunt Continues

The world-renowned thylacine hunter has spent the last 20 years searching for the mysterious marsupial everywhere from Cranbourne South to Wilsons Promontory.

Footage he captured of a doglike animal scampering across a hillside in the Strzelecki Ranges 15 years ago reignited debate about whether the Tasmanian tiger was, in fact, extinct.

Now the former Cranbourne South resident, together with Hampton Park man David Chinn, have been interviewed for an as-yet-unnamed, international documentary on the tiger, expected to air globally in coming months.

Speaking to Cranbourne Leader last week, Mr Moss said he believed dashboard cameras were the key to proving the elusive animal was still out there and multiplying — perhaps even in Casey.

“There has already been a claimed sighting of one in Fisheries Rd, Devon Meadows, a few years ago,” Mr Moss said.

“And I’ve got footage of what I believe is one crossing a paddock in the Strezlecki Ranges, near Wilsons Promontory.

“Most reports to date have been of animals near or crossing roads ... with the advent of dashboard cameras in cars, I think we will see some concrete evidence before much longer.”

Hampton Park man, David Chinn doesn’t need convincing.

He said he saw a tiger when he was working as an assistant lighthouse keeper at Cape Otway in 1973, after it was shot by the lighthouse keeper for killing his chickens and pet rabbit.

“It was lying on the grass as dead as mutton. I had few doubts about what it was, but the keeper didn’t want to go down that road. He was my boss, so I didn’t push it,” he said.

Mr Moss, 49 and now living in Murrumbeena, said he believed the tigers were extinct in Tasmania, but not in Victoria.

“They were hunted relentlessly in Tasmania because they were a threat to sheep graziers.,” he said.

“But research I have undertaken through government records shows there were shipments of Tasmanian native animals to Wilsons Promontory between 1910 and 1915, for conservation reasons.

“I believe these shipments may have included tigers and the sightings people now report are of their descendants.”

Officially, the Tasmanian tiger has been extinct since 1986.

“Footage I have from remotely triggered cameras suggests otherwise. Tigers are very shy of humans. But if they are out there, dashboard cameras should soon give us the evidence we are seeking,” he said. - Former Cranbourne South man on the hunt for Tasmanian tiger on the mainland



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