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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Creepy Clown Menaces Chicago Cemetery -- 'Well-Preserved Yeti' Sold at Auction -- Dead Man Believed to be 'Human/Alien Hybrid'

Creepy Clown Menaces Chicago Cemetery

A clown lurking around a cemetery at night sounds like a disturbing scene from a Stephen King novel, but it turned into a real life scare when some costumed bozo was spotted in a Chicago graveyard.

At the Rosehill Cemetery, a bizarre figure dressed in a yellow clown suit and rainbow wig was seen waving to passers-by earlier this month, CBS Chicago reports.

Julia Graham was driving by the historic cemetery with her husband when they saw the clown running toward the main gate around 10 p.m. on a recent night.

“When we get closer, we realize it’s a clown, which is super weird,” she told the station. “I mean, this was somebody putting forth a lot of effort -- and being really weird.”

The clown eventually noticed the Grahams' vehicle and turned toward it and slowly waved at the couple in an unsettling fashion. The couple captured the spooky wave on a cell phone before the clown ran off, according to UPI.com.

The real identity of the clown is unknown. Cemetery officials said there have been no reports of vandalism, according to Chicagoist.com.

Chicago police say there have been no other clown sightings in recent weeks, but a small subset of humanity seems to get kicks by playing on the creepy clown trope.

In October, 2013, Alex Powell, 22, a student in Northampton, England, became a worldwide sensation when he freaked out locals by dressing up as "Pennywise," a clown that appears in the Stephen King novel "It," the Mirror reports.

In March 2014, a person dressed as a clown was spotted roaming the streets of Staten Island.

Last October, officials in Bakersfield, California, had to deal with at least 16 reports of people dressed as clowns being armed with machetes and baseball bats.

Why do so many people find clowns creepy?

Steven Schlozman, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, told Vulture.com last year that a fear of clowns is closely related to do with a person's own fear of failure.

"Clowns, by definition, are supposed to make you laugh, but in the background is the fear that they won’t, and all of us have that in the back of our mind: the fear that you won’t actually be able to do the very thing that you’re designed to do," he said. - Creepy Clown Menaces Chicago Cemetery


8-foot tall 'well-preserved yeti' sold at auction

An 8-foot (2.4m) tall "well-preserved yeti" has been sold at auction in Somerset for £1,350. The specimen, described as having "some signs of wear" to its feet, was sold as part of an estate clearance.

Thought to have been commissioned by a Victorian shop keeper to enhance his business, the "mystical creature" in fact had the opposite effect. The giant stuffed creature had a guide price of £600 to £1,200. The lot was sold with an accompanying plaque, which describes the beast as a "particularly well preserved specimen of a yeti" and the only one "known to exist".

It also states that it was discovered "120 years ago in a crevasse into which he had fallen" on the borders of Azerbaijan. But, according to Shaun Rock from Yeovil Auction Rooms , the giant "Big Foot" was in fact made for a local chemist who thought it would be "good for business" in his shop.

"It had completely the opposite effect, people were scared to go in," he said. "Locals were scared to come out of the house because of this unknown creature and he lost his business." Although it has not been revealed who the buyer was, it is thought the "yeti" will be leaving the country.


Giant squid caught on film by Russian sailors

The crew of a fishing vessel recorded a huge squid attempting to make off with a fish they had caught.

One of the largest and most elusive denizens of the deep, the giant squid, which can grow up to 43ft long, is usually only seen when dead specimens wash up on beaches.

In a recent rare sighting however a group of fisherman on a Russian vessel managed to capture almost two minutes of footage showing a huge squid feasting on a large fish right next to their boat.

The video shows how the men initially tried to dissuade the squid from eating their catch using a pole before it finally lost interest and headed off in to deeper water.


Body found of man connected to missing woman, believed to be 'human/alien hybrid'

LOS ANGELES, Ca. (KTLA) -- A man with a home filled with guns and whose decomposed body was found in an SUV in Pacific Palisades was believed to be a human/alien hybrid secretly working with the U.S. government by his fiancée, according to the woman's mother.

Dawn VadBunker was last seen by her family on the same day Jeffery Lash allegedly died. Lash has not been officially identified, but his former attorney confirmed his name to KTLA.

VadBunker's mother believes her daughter has been caught in the middle of a mysterious death investigation and may be suffering from a mental breakdown. According to Laura VadBunker, her daughter believes Lash was an alien "sent to earth to protect us."

"I can't believe this," Laura VadBunker told KTLA in a telephone interview. "It's worse than a Twilight Zone movie and we've lived through hell."

Lash's body was discovered by police on July 17 in an SUV in the 1700 block of Palisades Drive. Police were alerted to the body by an attorney representing the victim's fiancée Catherine Nebron, who also happens to be VadBunker's employer.

Lash collapsed on July 4 in the parking lot of a Bristol Farms in Santa Monica, according to Nebron. She and VadBunker tried to help him, but Lash died, defense attorney Harlan Braun told KTLA.

Nebron and VadBunker believed Lash was a secret government agent, but not entirely human.

"He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world," Laura VadBunker said.

Nebron didn't notify authorities when Lash died because she thought the secret agencies he worked for would come and collect his body, she told Braun.

She left him in her SUV near their home and went to Oregon with VadBunker, whose family reported her missing two days later.
"It was craziness, it was nuts," Braun said.

After two weeks, no one had come to get Lash's body.

"When she came back, she was shocked that the agencies hadn't picked him up," Braun said. "So then she decided she'd better call police."

Inside the home, detectives found more than 1,200 firearms — including handguns, rifles and shotguns — as well as more than 6 tons of ammunition, according Braun.

There were also a number of SUV's modified for use on different types of terrains, including an amphibious vehicle, he said.
Braun also claimed police found $230,000 in cash, which his client knew nothing about.

As for VadBunker, she has still not returned from Oregon or called her parents or her children, her mother said.

She did send a letter in which she confirmed she was there when "Bob" died and that he "fought to stay alive," according to her mother. - Body found of man connected to missing woman, believed to be 'human/alien hybrid'


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