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Saturday, June 20, 2015

UFO? ...and why were the Feds so pissed?

A longtime reader forwarded a personal account recently:

Dear Lon:

I've enjoyed your books for a couple of years now and 'Pulse of the Paranormal' for my night time reading and decided it was time to share my experience before age and another stroke wipes it completely away. In 1977 I was between marriages, working for the US General Service Administration as a security officer in the San Francisco bay area, and driving home from the California Gold country in Sonora with my girlfriend. It was early October, around dusk, and the skies were clear. The sun had dropped behind the Wildcat Range as we drove east on SR 108/120 and the stars were coming out. We saw one brilliant star shining above the ridge and I assumed it was a planet...until it suddenly moved to the north several degrees. We looked at each other and the word "plane?" popped into our heads. It then moved quickly to the south and seemed to shimmer. There's no way for me to determine how far it was or how large it was. To me it was still a brilliant object. We pulled over to the side of the road and watched the object shift north and south and the upward with incredible speed. Two cars also stopped and parked behind us and those occupants stared at the light. When the light show couldn't get bigger the "star" split into five other objects. They were less brilliant but still out shined the stars that were coming out. In less than a minute all five objects sped away upward and to the south. One left some sort of trail. The group of strangers suddenly burst into applause as I did.

When I arrived in the next city, Oakdale, California about half an hour or so later I made a pay phone call to the Sheriff's Department and reported my sighting. The woman who took my call said, "You and everybody else tonight." My girlfriend and I continued home and forgot the incident. Until...about a week later at my work site, my supervisor came up to me and said two federal agents of some sort were in the office and wanted to talk to me. I figured it might concern one of my criminal cousins at the time, so I was unprepared for their credentials Department of the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (an organization I'd never heard of) and their request that I brief them on my sighting.

I pretty much gave them the same report I gave to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. One agent kept nodding and looking at papers taken from a brief case.

I was then told, "You were incredibly fortunate to see an amazing phenomena of light, reflection and weather. This if very rare." I remember those exact words because they seemed so ridiculous. I replied, "No sir. I flunked meteorology in college but I learned enough to know that's not what I saw. Light does not refract like that."

His partner (and yes they had dark suits) said something to effect that what I saw was a natural occurrence and that was the end of it. I remember say, "Fine, so why are you guys here?" I was told I was not to mention the "event" to anyone ever again. By this time I was pissed. This was still America and I had the right to talk about the "weather" if I wanted to. Which is probably what I said. The first agent gave me a smile and said, "Would you like to see the weather in Butte, Montana? A transfer can be arranged." At this point I should explain that Butte, Montana was/is the dumping ground for federal agents, officers, security people, etc who have screwed up very badly but couldn't be fired. Some considered it worse than Juneau, Alaska. I remember saying, "Oh, now I get it. You just had to explain it to me. Sure." And I walked out. Any advancement in the GSA disappeared that day but my life turned out well without it. Now as I slip into my 62nd year and poor health I wanted to get my story out. Not very exciting. No aliens. No ships. But a moment in my life I have yet to forget.

Sincerely yours

NOTE: I contacted the witness and let them know that I understand their frustration...it's happened to me as well. Even though 'Project Blue Book' was officially terminated in 1970, the same pattern of intimidation continues. Presently, the Air Force Office of Special Investigation considers itself a federal criminal investigations unit, that also provides counterintelligence services. It seems that UFO investigations are no longer the duty of the AFOSI. Nowadays, some UFO inquiries are accompanied by a 'clicking' telephone line and/or investigators who seem to be a bit different than human and dressed in black attire. Lon

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