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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ooparts: Ancient Anomalies

There have been enigmatic artifacts found worldwide that simply do not fit the accepted geologic or historical timeline. These ancient anomalies, also referred to as ooparts (out-of-place artifacts), are objects that by scientific measure are very old, but in form or construction appear to be quite modern. If our current history of the world is correct, they just should not exist. And there are many examples...many more than geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists care to admit. The following information was found in The Epoch Times recently:

According to the conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years, with our ancestors’ history extending back perhaps 6 million years. The Earth’s coal is said to have formed hundreds of millions of years ago. That’s why the appearance of a man-made iron instrument resembling a drill bit in the heart of a large chunk of coal puzzled the historians who found it in the 19th century.

It appeared that a man-made tool as advanced as the tools used in the 19th century was deposited in the organic matter that formed the coal before it became coal. Was a civilization advanced enough to use drill bits present hundreds of millions of years ago as this coal was forming?

Was a civilization advanced enough to use drill bits present hundreds of millions of years ago as this coal was forming?
John Buchanan, Esq., presented the mysterious object to a meeting of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland on Dec. 13, 1852. His accompanying statements are recorded in the Society’s proceedings, which are quoted in full at the end of this article.

He said: “I quite agree in the generally received geological view, that the coal was formed long before man was introduced upon this planet; but the puzzle is, how this implement, confessedly of human hands, should have found its way into the coal seam, overlaid as the latter was by a heavy mass of diluvium and boulders.”

The Society decided that the instrument was of a modern level of advancement. But, it concluded that “the iron instrument might have been part of a borer broken during some former search for coal.” Buchanan’s detailed report did not include, however, any signs that the coal surrounding the instrument had been punctured by drilling. He seemed to describe, rather, an iron instrument completely and bewilderingly encapsulated by coal.

The passage about this iron instrument in the Dec. 13, 1852 Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland is recorded here in its entirety:

A communication was then read from John Buchanan, Esq., relative to the discovery of an iron instrument, lately found imbedded in a natural seam of coal in the neighbourhood of Glasgow. The instrument which was exhibited to the Meeting was considered to be modern. In his communication Mr. Buchanan remarks: ‘I send herewith, for the inspection of the Society, a very curious iron instrument found last week in this locality. The interest attaching to this singular relic arises from the fact of its having been discovered in the heart of a piece of coal, seven feet under the surface. To explain particulars, I beg to mention, that a new line of road, called the Great Western Road, was opened a few years ago, leading to the Botanic Gardens, which, you may be aware, are situated about two miles north-west from Glasgow. At a point on this new road are the lands of Burnbank, now in course of being extensively built upon. The person conducting these building operations is Mr. Robert Lindsay, wright and builder, a most respectable individual, well known to me, and on whose veracity implicit confidence may be placed. Now, when Mr. Lindsay came to excavate the foundations along the north side of the road for the range of houses, he cut through a bed of diluvium or clay mixed with boulders, seven feet thick, and then came on a seam of coal about twenty-two inches thick, cropping out almost to the very surface, and resting on freestone. It was necessary to remove this coal and cut into the stone below, which last was very opportune for building purposes. A quantity of the coal so removed was carted over to Mr. Lindsay’s workshop or yard for use; and while his nephew, Robert Lindsay junior, an apprentice, was breaking up a block of the coal, he was surprised to find the iron instrument now sent in the very heart of it. At first neither he nor the others about him could make out what it was, but after scraping and cleaning it from the coaly coating, it presented the appearance now before you. I send along with it a portion of the coal. Having been made aware of this discovery, I lost no time in seeing Mr. Lindsay senior; and accompanied him this day to the spot, and had the circumstances detailed to me by his nephew, and several of the respectable operatives who saw the instrument taken from the coal; and all of whom, Mr. Lindsay senior assures me, are persons whose statements may be implicitly relied upon.’

The affidavits of five workmen who saw the iron instrument taken from the coal were also sent, and Mr. Buchanan further adds: ‘I quite agree in the generally received geological view, that the coal was formed long before man was introduced upon this planet; but the puzzle is, how this implement, confessedly of human hands, should have found its way into the coal seam, overlaid as the latter was by a heavy mass of diluvium and boulders. If the workmen who saw the relic disinterred are to be depended on (and I have no reason whatever to doubt their perfect veracity), then there may and must be some mode of accounting for the implement finding its way down eight or nine vertical feet from the surface.’

It was suggested that in all probability the iron instrument might have been part of a borer broken during some former search for coal.


Ancient Anomalies vs Accepted Awareness

Unlike ghosts, cryptids and other phenomena these unexplained artifacts have been seen, touched, and examined. The fact that these objects do exist and do not fit the standard scientific timeline, geologic record and anthropologic chronology, suggests that either the current standard dating techniques are wrong, geology does not progress the way we suppose it does, or there is far more to the history of life on this planet than we currently know about. In my opinion these enigmatic artifacts are indications that the ancient alien theory is probable.

May I suggest that you go to the Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race website and read about the various human remains, advanced technology, maps/drawings and other artifacts that have been documented.

Scientists attempt to explain such enigmas by suggesting that human remains and stone tools found at deep levels are the result of intrusive burials. All this means is that holes are dug in which bodies and artifacts are placed. When found they can therefore be misinterpreted as stemming from a much earlier age than they are in reality. Perhaps this is a solution in some cases. However, in one particular case a human skeleton, anatomically similar to modern man, was found beneath a solid layer of slate. The rock strata in question was 300 million years' old!

Then there are discoveries that just seem to defy logic and science.

It is a known fact that coal is formed over thousands of years from fallen timber that has been charred and undergone immense pressure for many years beneath many tons of earth. A lump of coal therefore, by the simple nature of its own creation, is very ancient stuff. There is quite literally, no such thing as ‘new coal’. Yet one morning in June of 1891, a Mrs. S. W. Culp, of Morrisonville, Illinois was fragmenting coal into smaller pieces for her kitchen stove when she noticed that one of the lumps she had broken apart had a chain necklace of elaborate workmanship stuck in it. The chain measured about 10 inches long and was later found to be made of eight carat gold. Unfortunately no photograph exists of the necklace and its whereabouts is presently unknown, however, the actual event is quite well documented.

The Morrisonville Times of June 11, 1891 published that investigators concluded that the chain, which was described as being "of antique and quaint workmanship" had not simply been accidentally dropped in with the coal by a worker, since an examination of the item clearly displayed some hard fragments of the coal that still clung on to the links of the chain, while the part of the coal that had broken apart also still bore the distinct impression of where the chain had been encased in it. The reporter of the day described it in this way:

"Mrs. Culp thought the chain had been dropped accidentally in the coal, but as she undertook to lift the chain up, the idea of its having been recently dropped was shown to be fallacious, for as the lump of coal broke, it separated almost in the middle, and the circular position of the chain placed the two ends near to each other; and as the lumps separated, the middle of the chain became loosened while each end remained fastened to the coal....."

How did a finely manufactured gold chain come to be encased in a lump of coal, an object that’s very existence requires it to be many thousands of years old?

Strangely enough, the Morrisonville incident is not the only one of its kind. In 1844 an unidentified gold artifact was discovered in a quarry in England.

Workmen blasting granite, came across the discovery of an item of gold thread about eight feet below the surface. It was embedded in rock thought to be over 60 million years old. Experts sent at the behest of the Times newspaper concluded that the object had been artificially manufactured, but ventured no opinion as to how it could have found itself embedded in rock so unimaginably old.

Obviously these artifacts weren't lost in recent history. Is it possible that the emergence of humanity has taken place on various occasions during the earth's long history? Could it be a cyclic process, whereby the current human race is destroyed and reborn time and time again? If this is the case, then each cycle is dependent on how long it is allowed to evolve before its inevitable destruction, most probably through planetary catastrophes. Its obvious that the world isn't quite what the majority of people think it is.

NOTE: The following link - Ancient Metallurgy - is an interesting reference. Below are a few links to Michael Cremo's books on the hidden history of the human race...Lon

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