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Daily 2 Cents: UFO Alert Over Naval Submarine Base -- Christopher O'Brien's Cattle Mutilation Interview -- Pods on the Moon?

UFO Alert Over Naval Submarine Base

Silverdale, WA - 1/15/1994: During an overnight patrol, myself and close to 20 other Marines came close to calling a security alert on an object, which was flying over restricted area.

A mobile patrol unit of (2) Marines first spotted the object ejecting what looked like sparks into the sky. The mobile unit immediately reported the sighting as a "Rocket Ship" to the Alarm Control Center (ACC) via coded radio. The ACC responded to the mobile unit: "Be advised, at ease on the net", asking the mobile unit to stop fooling around on the radio. The mobile unit immediately repeated the aforementioned sighting of a "rocket ship" and included the location of the sighting. I was also part of a mobile patrol unit and had also witnessed the earlier sighting.

I however, didn't witness the object as a "rocket ship", because rockets leave a trail of smoke, flames, sound, and move at high speeds. This particular object made little to NO sound. I could hear the faint crackling of the sparks, as the object slowly moved south. The sparks had the same duration and look of a common July 4th sparkler, just on a much larger scale. Once I made a positive ID on (the sighting) and not necessarily the craft, I followed up with a call to the ACC corroborating the initial call from the other mobile patrol unit. I was instructed to contact the ACC via landline to keep all chatter off of the radio.

I stopped at an observation tower to call the ACC. I described everything we are witnessing and also asked instructions, as the craft was in a no-fly zone and over a nuclear warhead limited area. The sergeant of the guard ordered us to standby as he called the installation commander and/or the Navy. By this time, the object wasn't ejecting sparks, nor was it moving. It had changed direction and moved east just a bit and was stationary. The sparks had stopped flickering and something else was being ejected from the craft, but it was falling straight down.

The best way I can describe the substance falling from the object: Plasma white molten lava. It appeared to fall all the way to the ground, but with the amount and density of the trees, I couldn't tell for certain. ALSO.... the sighting seemed to change my perception on the scales of things. It seemed as if the white hot plasma was falling faster to the ground, than any earthly object would from that altitude. Example: The object was (my best guess) a few hundred feet in the air, but the white plasma was falling as fast as a water drop from the spout into the sink. It was very weird and made me feel very small.

A group of us Marines had gathered on the East end of the limited area to await instructions and maintain observation of the occurrence. The air was electric. Static-like, is the best way I can describe it. No odor, and no sound of the white hot plasma falling through the trees. I thought it was odd, because of the size/amount that was falling. It could've been because of how bright the substance appeared to be...making it seem bigger. I have no clue... It was very strange. The object made a noise, but it was more a feeling you can feel in your body... like an ultra LOW frequency hum or buzz.

The object was never in clear view. We were able to track it by the sparks/white plasma it ejected and also the large shadow it cast in the cloud cover. Although common with most UFO sightings, it didn't display ANY exterior lights whatsoever. We lost sight of the object once the white plasma stopped falling. We heard the low frequency hum for a few minutes afterwards but that stopped as well. Also the air seemed to change as well. I could smell the ocean and it smelled very fresh.

The Navy didn't respond until the next day. We never fired on the object because we couldn't identify it and it didn't seem to pose any immediate threat. The Navy stated the following day, they were having an airshow, but I never believed it because of the time of the sighting and we are usually notified of any aircraft flying close to our location.

It is standard SOP for Marines to list all occurrences into a logbook. Some did and some didn't. I was one of the Marines that DID. All logbooks are turned in to the Platoon commanders, after the logbook is filled. That was the only evidence detailing the event.

That same week, there was an aurora borealis which lasted into sunrise. It was a weird week.

I decided to come forward about this sighting, as it may add some confirmation to someone else's sighting. I'm sorry I couldn't remember the exact date, but I never witnessed but ONE aurora borealis in 1994. The sighting happened that same week. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Naval Base Kitsap was created in 2004 by merging the former Naval Station Bremerton with Naval Submarine Base Bangor. The Mission of Naval Base Kitsap is to serve as the host command for the Navy’s fleet throughout West Puget Sound and to provide base operating services, including support for both surface ships and submarines homeported at Bremerton and Bangor.


'It's the stuff of high drama': Q+A with author and cattle mutilation investigator Christopher O'Brien

It’s a strange case on the range after a cow was found mutilated on a farm near Calgary earlier this month. The gruesome death — the cow was missing her udder, vagina, uterus and a single eye — has spurred rumours of vigilantes, cults, exploding cattle and aliens in the hamlet of Madden, Alberta. Author Christopher O’Brien has personally investigated 200 American cases of cattle mutilation, and researched thousands more from around the world. He published a book about the strange occurences last year, following more than 20 years of research, called Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery O’Brien spoke to the Herald’s Annalise Klingbeil from his home in Arizona.

Q: How far back do mysterious cases of livestock mutilation go?

A: The first wave of unexplained livestock deaths occurred in 1606 in England. Hundreds and hundreds of sheep were reported mutilated near London.

Q: And more recently?

A: You had cases in Canada in the mid 1960s. You had a ton of cases in the late 1970s to the early 1980s in Alberta. The RCMP chief investigator was running himself all over B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan. There were dozens and dozens of reports coming out in the early 1980s.

Q: How many cases have you investigated?

A: Somewhere around 200 (in Colorado and New Mexico). My least favourite thing in the world to do is to get called out on a cattle mutilation investigation. I can’t stand the smell of dead rotting flesh. I can’t stand to see the shock and horror in the rancher’s eyes, to deal with a traumatized family, to deal with law enforcement that feels embarrassed and impotent. To me it’s the stuff of high drama and quite frankly I’m not into high drama. I really don’t like doing it but somebody has got to do it.

Q: So what’s going on?

A: A lot of cases are just scavenger action — magpies, crows, birds. The first thing I look for is cut hair follicles. If a knife or other instrument has gone through and cut the hair in a straight line, I know I have a case that was perpetrated by something with intelligence. Out of 200 cases, 40 of the cases I’ve personally investigated were highly suspect. Out of those, I had 6, maybe 7 cases that really, to me, were just jaw-dropping and scary. It’s really complicated and unless you’re a veterinary pathologist with a budget, you’re not going to be able to come up with a real report that indicates how the animal died and how it was disfigured. This whole thing with UFOS or aliens, sure it sounds great but only one or two per cent of cases have the anecdotal evidence to support that. We’ve also heard of hundreds of cases of helicopters being seen in conjunction with mutilations.

Q: RCMP suggested to the victims of the recent incident in Madden, Alberta, that the dead cow could have digested poisonous herbs that cease digestion and cause gas explosions. What do you make of that theory?

A: That’s ludicrous. I’ve never ever heard of that explanation. In terms of an explosion, there’s a reason why we use cowhide on our shoes, it’s extremely tough. I’ve researched tens of thousands of cases, investigated 200 personally, and I’ve never heard of that explanation by law enforcement.

Q: Why are you so interested in the topic?

A: When you go and talk to ghost-hunters or UFO investigators, it’s all anecdotal. With the unexplained livestock death phenomenon, you have thousands of pounds of physical evidence. It’s the only so-called ‘paranormal phenomena’ that leaves behinds pounds of physical evidence…The more I know and the more I think I know (about this topic), the more I realize I don’t know.

Q: The cover of your book is kind of spooky. Tell me more about it.

A: I wanted the various types of potential explanations to be appearing in one image. You have a helicopter with a line coming down from it hovering silently in the clouds. On the left you have this weird cloud formation that looks like a mouth coming down and pulling the cow up in the air. The cow is glowing like the UFO concept. I wanted something that would appeal to everyone that has a particular leaning towards a theory they feel is going on. - Calgary Herald


Pods on the Moon?

West Lafayette, IN: I am a photographer and an astronomer. I took a photo of the moon quite some time ago when i started going though old photos and found this photo of the moon . I started to blow the photo up and noticed these two pod like objects ( they look like the pods they once sold too the public in the 50's and 60's ). The objects are there today. i checked again after i noticed them in the pictures. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I'm somewhat amused at all the objects people find on the lunar surface. Lon



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