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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: How Much is Your Body Worth on the Black Market? -- Don't Screw With This Roo! -- My Three Alien Encounters

How Much is Your Body Worth on the Black Market?

Organs and tissue are used for millions of transplants and medical products yearly. The traditional path for a transplant is a waitlist, but with thousands of people dying before they make it to the front of the line, some take matters into their own hands.

The Organ Trade:

Every year 100,000+ people join the waiting list for heart, kidney or liver transplants.

1/2 die on the waitlist.

Some resort to illicit means.

Organ trade is illegal in every country except Iran.
Yet over 2 million products derived from human tissue are sold in the US yearly.

Welcome to the Red Market

Blood, bones, and organs:
Of the 106,879 known transplanted organs in 2010 (still only 10% of the global transplant need).
up to 1/10 were from black market organs.[7]

Body parts the living can sell:[1]

$337 per pint of blood.
-Blood farming is the horrible act of siphoning blood from prisoners for profit.[5]

$70 for ten inches of hair.
-Sri Tirumala Temple in southern India is home to many pilgrims who shave their hair for the god Vishnu. As they leave the hair is gathered and sold.
–Men’s hair is reduced to an amino acid used in baking goods.
–Women’s hair is turned into wigs and weaves.

Bone Marrow
–The most valuable part of your body sells for a high of $23,000 per gram. You can donate bone marrow, but it’s illegal to sell it.

Eggs: $12,400 per IVF cycle in U.S.
–Egg donation is legal, but some choose to avoid hospital fees and buy eggs illegally or abroad.

Surrogate Wombs: $20,000-30,000 in India, $80,000-150,000 in the U.S.
Fertility Clinics are legal in India and the US, but on the coercive ‘red market’ you can find a mother much cheaper.

–Make up 75% of the global organ trade due to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. [7]

[6] Theoretically, your body is worth up to $45 million dollars
(But that’s only if you could harvest every usable chemical and part from it.)

From the dead:[8]

–Corneas: $24,400 implanted

–Hearts: Legal–$997,700
Illegal– $119,000

–Livers: Legal–$557,100

Kidneys–From U.S. $262,900

Ligaments and Bones– A few thousand dollars, depending on which one.

Skin–$10 per square inch


Sources of Body Parts:

1.) Donated by Family, Friends
2.) Charities, non-profits
1.) Looted Graves
2.) Crooked morticians
3.) Paid donors (often very poor)
4.) Executed prisoners
5.) Live prisoners
6.) Blood Farms

Your body’s worth a lot on the black market. But isn’t it worth a lot to you, as well?


Don't Screw With This Roo!

Meet Roger. He's a 9-year-old red kangaroo that lives at the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory.

The ripped 'roo measures more than 6 1/2 feet from head to tail and weighs almost 200 pounds. Chris "Brolga" Barnes, the sanctuary manager, told the Daily Mail that Roger's got a knack for crushing metal buckets and seems to enjoy sparring with other males.

While Roger's arms look remarkably swole, it's his legs that pose a real threat to anyone dumb enough to tangle with him. Barnes, who goes by "Brolga" (an Aboriginal word meaning "Crane"), said that a well-placed kick from a red kangaroo can be lethal.

"Don't mess with a 'Big Red.' They'll disembowel you ... or worse," he told the Daily Mail.

Barnes' life with Roger and the other 'roos are the subject of the BBC/National Geographic show "Kangaroo Dundee."

A former outback tour guide, Barnes quit his job to found the Kangaroo Sanctuary in 2005. He became a surrogate parent for 200 orphaned kangaroos. Here's a photo of Roger as a joey:

Tahnee Barns, who works at the sanctuary, assured Mashable Australia that Roger's size was completely normal for an alpha red male kangaroo.

"He's still growing so he'll get bigger," she said. "The bigger they are, the more likely they are to win the females."

Although the program's title refers to Barnes, the Kangaroo Dundee told HuffPost that Roger is the real star of the show. We're not about to deny Roger that title, or anything else, for that matter. - THP


My Three Alien Encounters

I have had several encounters with what I believe to be beings that are not human. Although there have been many encounters I have clears memories of only parts of three of the encounters. The following is a description of what I do remember of those three encounters.

Number one: (1970) I was 10 years old

I was living in Geata, Italy. My father was career navy. We lived there for five years. I would like to point out that at that we had no Television and had not had Television for well over a year or two.

One night I woke up to find several strange creatures standing around my bed and doing I do not know what to me. The beings themselves did not really scare me, I was not being harmed. What did scare me was that when they communicated the words were not heard by my ears but would just be understood as sound in my head. I was told that they were preparing me for future visits. I got up from the bed left the room and went across the hall to the door of my parent’s room. I told them what was going on. They told me I was having a bad dream and to go back to bed. I went back to my room. After a few more minutes I was “told” by the beings that they intended me no harm and that because they could tell I was afraid they would be leaving but that they would return.

For twenty years after that night I had no further memories of their returning. I did though have many days when I would awake in the mornings and feel tired. I had a strange feeling that I had not slept much that night and that something had happened, I felt somehow violated but could not put my finger on why. As strange as it sounds I could not even force myself to dwell on the feelings. I could only recall things like trying to scream but nothing would come out, wanting to run but being paralyzed. I could not recall why I wanted to scream or run.

Number two: (1992) I was about 30 years old

By this time I had come to realize that I was being visited by something at times but could recall very little about the visits. That all changed one night after a visit in a hotel in Bandung, Indonesia. I became aware one night that I was on a vessel of some kind, being escorted down a hall way by two beings that I was familiar with. I could tell by the curvature of the hall that the vessel was round. There was a door every so often on my right side but they were closed. If they had been open they would have been exterior doors.

I finally got to a point to where there was a door on the left, it was open. Across from that door was another exterior door. Sitting next to the exterior door was a slightly chunky brunette woman who was without clothes. I tried to ask her to help me but as usual nothing would come out. She gave me a look that showed she also wanted help but could offer none.

I was escorted through the door on the left, into an examination room. In that room there was an examination table perpendicular to the door with two beings standing with their backs to us. They were standing at the foot end of the table. Across from them, on the other side of the table, facing them was a tall being. I knew him to be the one in charge. On the same side of the table as the tall one but with her back to me was another being who I knew to be female and I was very familiar with her. I got on the table.

The tall male then communicated by saying hello and telling me to not worry that I had nothing to fear. He then went on to say “You remember Cela, she has be there every time we have visited you”. At that time a few things happened all at once. She turned around. One of the two beings now on my right at the foot of the table said “she is there every time because having someone familiar there makes them easier to control”. She stepped towards me saying “tonight we are going to do sex things, you like that.” I then reached up with my left hand and grabbed her around her skinny neck. I squeezed as tight and as hard as I could, I had her good, she was in trouble.

Then simultaneously the tall one asked “How has this happened, I thought we had control of him”. The two others responded “I don’t know, we did have control of him; we thought we had control of him”. Then for some reason my hand just opened up and released her. The tall one then grabbed her to keep her from falling, she was hurt bad. The tall one then said “return him; return them all”. It turned out there was seven of us.

The next thing I recall was standing behind some bushes as one of us was returned to their place. I do not remember how they were returned but I do remember my own returning.

I was staying in a building separate from the main hotel. At the front door of my building was small entrance way. To the left was stairs heading up to my level. To the right was a Karaoke bar. The two beings escorting me stepped through the entrance way as a lady who worked at the Karaoke bar stepped into the entrance way. She just kind of went blank and stood there. As I stepped on to the stairs heading up to the level of my room she kind of like unfroze and looked at me. It was obvious that she was confused. I think to her I had just appeared there. I kept walking up the stairs, she stood there confused.

My two escorts and I made our way to my room. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed with a great since of accomplishment! I could remember most of what happened the night before. I felt like “wow I got her”!

After that night I had years where I felt they were no longer visiting me. Then I became aware that I was wrong. They were still coming but they had a new trick.

It became clear over the next several years that they were still visiting me but now they caused me to interlock my fingers, try as I might I could not pull my hands apart.

Number three: (2009) I was about 48

The last memory I have of them coming to visit was four or five years ago now. On this occasion I found myself outside my parent’s house in Alabama with several beings around me. Their craft was sitting next to the woods; I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck, with my fingers interlocked. My dog was there and unfazed by the beings. I was told that they would no longer be visiting me and they were there to remove something that allowed them to find me. I was told they were giving me some kind of information and was told that when the time came I would know how to use this information. I have no memory of what this information was.
That is my story.

I would like help in remembering more, but I don’t know how to go about finding that help.

I am not looking for any help with paying for any help I could get in retrieving memories. I just want to be pointed in the direction to find that help. - MUFON CMS


Drug Dealer Used Snapping Turtle to Protect Drugs

People who don't want their drugs stolen may have a new line of defense: a guard snapping turtle.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - Game Wardens, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and Tulsa police officers were attacked by a snapping turtle found in the trunk of a car involved in a hit-and-run accident. After officers found drugs in the car, they opened the trunk and immediately slammed it closed in fear after the turtle jumped aggressively at them.

Police believe the turtle was in the trunk "to deter 'friends' of the suspect from stealing his stash of drugs." Authorities initially were searching the car after the vehicle matched the description of one involved in a hit-and-run accident on the Muskogee Turnpike. The suspect drove 10 to 15 more miles with a wrecked car, officials said.

The driver reportedly was driving from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Dallas, but ended up in Tulsa. Officers believe the suspect wound up in Tulsa because he was too intoxicated to know where he was. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Wagner County Jail, and charges are pending. - Drug dealer suspected of using snapping-turtle to guard stash in trunk of his car



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