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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: How Does Someone Rationalize This? -- Experience With Winged Creature -- 'Independence Day 2' Synopsis Revealed

How Does Someone Rationalize This?

Mt. Pleasant, MI - 3/8 2015: I am deeply confused if I was dreaming or what the hell is going on. I went to bed this Thursday night at around 4:00 AM. I don't know exactly when, but I woke up with a feeling like someone was watching me, and feeling really low power transformer feeling in my brain and body, like one of those shock prank buzzers, but the vibrations only, not a sound.

I felt really scared like my house was being broken into, which was what I though so my first thought was to get my sword, and walk toward to door, but I could't move out of my position, and started hearing tones and voices telling me I was safe, and to relax.

Obviously, I thought this was my mind telling myself to chill out, and think carefully if someone was in my house, and suddenly, I saw 2 small weird looking things standing on the side of my bed next to me with no emotions, but they seemed like they were members of my family, or someone I met in a past life or something. Then I realized immediately, these were not people. I thought again that I was dreaming, or I was having a night terror or a nightmare I was going to wake up from, and I realized that this was too physically real to be a dream. Then I felt myself saying, let's go, we're going now", and to my shock, my body lifted from my bed, and went thru my wall of my bedroom in a bright light. up toward a little star like light above my yard, and then I remember feeling a strong overwhelming fainting feeling and went to sleep. I woke up and I was laying on an area next to the same creature, and he said "its okay, you'll be alright" "don't worry" but he said it in my voice, which I clearly remember feeling extreme fear, and it was not helping me feel safe at all. I remember crying like a child, but it was strange because it felt happy, as if I was meeting god in heaven. It had a shiny like…mesh/spandex suit with a triangle and circles insignia on it, and I asked what are you doing to me why am I here. No answer, then I felt the sensation that I had to orgasm suddenly, and I remember feeling like a love for this thing, like it wanted me to enjoy the stimulating feeling, and it said it was making children for the future of earth. It said it's name was zeta, and it was hard to make out from the bright light above us, which felt like it was brighter than the sun. I remember looking sideways, and seeing another small brown grey man, and they had really long hands, and fingers. kind of like a geckos fingers look, and they were talking to each other without making noise, but i could still hear them in my head talking, like a person does when they have conversations with themselves about their plans for a day. Then I felt an overwhelming tired feeling and that was the last thing I remember. When I woke up, I had a burning feeling pain on my ankle and a little circle of skin was cut 4 layers down into my shin, about the size of a pin head. Since then, I have felt like I have been hearing little beeps and feeling those low vibration buzzers in my head when I wake up, and I feel physically sick am I going crazy? I am reluctant to tell anyone, because I don't want to be labeled as a crazy tin foil hat guy, but I know what I saw, and it was defiantly what the typical alien looks like I'm assuming. It was absolutely terrifying, and after reading online about other people's encounter stories, I am convinced that I have been taken by aliens. How does someone rationalize this??? Is there an alternate explanation, or should I seek a psychiatrist? Do I report this to the police? - MUFON CMS


Experience With Winged Creature

Back in the late 1960's, just days after the sudden and unexpected collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River, I along with several other friends, were enjoying a fishing outing. As early evening was approaching, and as my friends all went out to buy beer, as we were going to fish up into the night (with a lantern), I was enjoying the scenery, (alone) when suddenly I noticed a huge winged creature, actually it appeared to be a man with big wings gracefully soaring across the horizon. It was like a big bird, actually the size of a big man! I was in awe as this "thing" was actually putting on a show for me as it glided with grace and poise from one end of the sky to another. I felt a strong presense with no sense of fear or intimidation. It was an amazing thing to see and experience. After several graceful passes, it simply left the sky area and I was so impressed. I tried to tell my friends upon their return but they assumed that I had simply made-up the story. This enigmatic experience has haunted me over the long years and marked the official start of my paranormal research to which I am still engaging today! For the record, I have a graduate degree and worked in law enforcement as a Consultant, worked as a Workforce Development Consultant and finished my career as a Clinical Therapist at a local Recovery Center and as a Mentor for the Adolescent Drug Court in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area! This is a TRUE story! Thanks for listening and please share this with others! I LOVE your articles, as well! Rick R.


'Independence Day 2' Synopsis Revealed

While CG-filled blockbusters are now released nearly every weekend during the summer, that wasn’t the case back in 1996. Director Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi pic Independence Day brought destruction to movie screens on a massive scale that audiences hadn’t seen much of before, complete with jaw-dropping visuals, creepy aliens, and of course Jeff Goldblum. Emmerich has been talking about making a sequel for years, but last year Independence Day 2 finally coalesced and production is currently underway in New Mexico.

The follow-up is one of a number of films that will be pushed next week at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, and we were able to get our hands on an information sheet for Fox’s slate of films, which includes a synopsis for Independence Day 2. While this may not be the official, final synopsis for the film, it does provide a nice overview of what fans can expect:

Read more at Independence Day 2 Synopsis Revealed



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The Black Rain Frog is a burrowing amphibian who is native to the Southern coast of Africa. One nifty characteristic possessed by this frog is that they burrow to create tunnels up to 150 mm deep.

In actuality, this frog isn’t really crotchety. In fact, they’re very considerate! One of their unusual mating season ritual occurs in the females of the species. The lady-frogs will secrete a special sticky substance from their backs, so that the male frogs don’t fall off during the act of intercourse.

During mating season, the male frogs will actually stay in the burrow to guard their eggs and will send out little chirps as part of their calls.

This frog has a special defense mechanism in the case of attack. When someone scares him or tries to grab him, he puffs himself up with air to make his body more rotund. Occasionally he will do this while he is burrowing so that whatever is grabbing for him is unable to pull him out of his hole. So, he ends up looking like a cranky little balloon.

The Black Rain Frog proves that there is always more to a creature than what meets the eye. Nothing can beat that face, though.



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