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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Budd Hopkins Wanted Me To Go Public -- 'Heat Burst' Phenomenon -- 'Red Elk Speaks' About Bigfoot

Budd Hopkins Wanted Me To Go Public

Canoga Park, CA - 6/1988: This is a very difficult story for me to talk about, Ive kept it hidden since 1988.

It was a 2 week long event in June of 1988 that started out with me waking up around 1am to go into my kitchen and stare out the window at a certain spot in the sky, I would see a light but I was unsure if it was a star or something else.

I knew what I was doing there at the window but would not consciously admit it to myself (Its difficult to explain) Almost as tho I knew what was coming and what I was looking for.

This 2 week event is too long and too involved to type the whole thing out here, but it involved abduction, my physically seeing the ship, physically seeing 2 entities in my apartment twice and also a hooded figure that appeared at the foot of my bed and did something to the bottom of my foot that was very painful.

During this 2 week time I contacted Yvonne Smith, she and also Budd Hopkins worked with me to help me thru this 2 week period. I also called Yvonne in panic the 2nd time the entities were in my apartment.

Also the morning after the abduction I woke up with a bruise the size of a huge dinner plate on my stomach. (Dont know if this makes sense but after the abduction I was returned to my bed and I immediately knew something had happened to me.) Its just too hard to explain the details here.

Began having dreams about what was done to me during the abduction and also about the things they showed me.

Budd Hopkins wanted to make this more public, get it out there but I refused, I was too afraid and Ive been too afraid all these years to talk about those 2 weeks, Im almost 60 years old now and I want to finally make what happened to me known, its time.

Also I believe there was a connection to RocketDyne which was just a few blocks away from my apt. If I can talk with someone I can tell them why I think that.

Yvonne wanted to use hypnosis on me to get more details but I was too afraid to know more (I think I was afraid they would come back.)

Please, I just want to get this story out, maybe telling it will help me in some way and possibly help someone else. Ive lived with this a long, long time and it changed how I see the world and my life, it changed me as a person. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I would really love to talk to this individual. Lon


Observe your own advice...


'Heat Burst' Phenomenon Dries Up All Vegetation in One Night

“Till last night, these plants were green. Today morning they are in this state,” an employee of a petrol station in Purakkad said, pointing to the saplings in sand bags; their leaves wilted. In just one night leaves of all plants in the area dried up. Some old-timers in the area said salty winds could cause this at times. But no one had an answer or a precedent to go by. The initial conclusion of the science and technology council, which toured Alappuzha, is that hot winds are caused by a phenomenon called heat burst.

Everything dried up in one big gust of wind

The experiences shared by local people with the team from SD College, Alappuzha, which toured the place, were contradictory. Though the assumption is that hot winds blew across the region, there has been no reports of chickens dying due to unnatural reasons. At the same time, leaves facing the sea look as if they were set on fire, that too only in a radius of half a kilometre.

Madhu, a local resident, said he experienced unbearable heat at the time when hot wind blew across the area. He said he sweated profusely and the situation changed suddenly. The research team said oleander and papaya plants and mango trees, which normally grow well in hot climate, have the capacity to resist heat to some extent. But in Purakkad coast, leaves of oleander, papaya and mango leaves have wilted too.

Hot wind blew across Alappuzha Beach, Nallanikkal and near Kallikkad Shiva temple. The leaves of portia trees in the compounds of Valiyaparambil Gokul and Chirayil Chandradas, banana plants in the compound of Puthanpurayil Raghu and leaves of plants in neighbouring houses wilted in the hot wind.

Though this is a local phenomenon, it could be the result of global warming, and it needs to be studied. The research team said that, after studying samples from other places, its common factors should be identified and long-term research should be conducted at the international level. The members of the team were Dr G. Nagendra Prabhu, Dr P.R. Unnikrishna Pillai, Dr P.S. Parameswaran and Dr C. Dileep.

Affecting only plant structure

For leaves to wilt like this the hot winds should have a temperature of at least 60 degree Celsius. Such a hot wind would definitely be felt by humans and other animals in the area. However, there has been no reports of animals dying. Hence, Dr. G. Nagendra Prabhu said, the heat must have come in waves, affecting only the internal structure of plants badly.

Confirmation only after sample study: scientists

Though the initial assessment is that hot wind is the result of a phenomenon called heat burst, scientists who inspected the site said it could be confirmed only after examining the dry leaves and soil collected from the area. The science and technology council has entrusted the CWRDM in Kozhikode and the Forest Research Institute in Peechi to conduct studies on the scorching wind. Dr S. Sandeep, Dr K.A. Sreejith and Dr V. Anitha of the institute inspected the areas in Alappuzha and Purakkad yesterday.

The heat wave situation was not specific to the coastal areas of Alappuzha. Kochi, Kozhikode and other parts of the state too felt it. In Kozhikode there are reports of acid rains. However, a primary investigation at the CWRDM in Kozhikode could not confirm that plants in coastal areas suddenly wilted because of acid rain. - Everything dried up in one big gust of wind


'Red Elk Speaks' About Bigfoot

A friend forwarded this post to me...quite interesting:

Friends what you’re going to read may be quite extensive. Please bear with me. Many people today are interested in Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I’ve decided to write this for the public for the benefit of the species and for mankind. We are going to hear more and more about Sasquatch…. I want you all the understand that these beings are not animals. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS LIKE WE OURSELVES ARE. They have their own houses to live and stay in, and they have their own areas. They too have a language just like you have yours. Jen-U. That’s what they call themselves just like you or I call ourselves White Americans or what not. I hope to get more language knowledge in time.

I have planned on going to an area in Saskatchewan (Canada) where a small group lives but my health and finances have negated that. I am now planning on going to a closer area where a small group live. Miles away from there, on a mountain, there’s a whole group that would make up what we would call a small village. That’s on the Colville reservation. The Indians hunt there in daylight only. They get off that mountain at dusk and they don’t go on that mountain until the sun has firmly set in. I know of a cave there that’s a burial ground for a young child and an older female. They are not related. The cave is blocked by large boulders. That’s their normal burying way. That particular mountain I don’t think I’ll be able to get to. But there is a group of at least 3 that is 300 yards from the first spot that I can get to. I just hope that they are still there. With luck, I and the 2 or 3 that will go with me will try to make contact. It will only be a 3 day run so it will take a lot of luck. We’re crossing our fingers.

I worry about my Bigfoot brothers and sisters…I am concerned for their existence…

There are two different types of Bigfoot in North and South America. Some are bad (mean), most are not. All rather interestingly talk to each other in their own tongue. Hoots, hollers and scary noises are there to frighten you away. They are just noises. A Bigfoot can run you down in 3 steps if they really wanted to. They are not trying to hurt anyone. Please excuse my language but they are simply saying “Get the Hell out of here! You are intruding on my property!”

We of the so called civilized world have boundaries such as a house is a boundary. They aren’t trying to hurt you, they just want you to get away. They are no different than you or me fighting for their rights as you or I fight for our own.

Friends before closing off this section on Bigfoot, I’d like to share a few of my own experiences with Bigfoot. It was Christmas time and a young couple wanted to go hunt for Christmas trees. I took them out into the woods, a 180 acres of fir trees, etc…Before I brought them out I went to have a look out on my own. In so doing I followed a well trodden game trail, and paid a lot of attention to everything around me. I did find a tree. The next morning they came up. It had rained a little bit through that night. As we were heading to the back of the land, low and behold where I had walked before was a big Sasquatch footprint. It was 20″ long maybe 22″ , and very wide maybe 5 -7″ wide across the toe area. On the left and right was a steep hillside making the path like a muddy bridge. On the steep hillside to the left his foot slipped in the path. He then planted his foot solidly in the path, crossed his legs over and continued down the other hillside. That’s the closest that I’ve personally been to them that I am aware of. It made the hair on our arms stand up! It was big! We did get the tree and made it back home safe and sound. On a number of occasions I’ve heard knocking approx 2:30am to 3am in the morning. That and the footprint are the only encounters that I’ve had with Bigfoot.

My brother in law was working in the woods. He arrived on site to the logging site before everyone else one morning. It was foggy, on the cold side. That kind of fog. Both were looking off to the right out over a large open area. Looking at the stumps, their eyes went to this one unusual stump and then the stump stood up and walked away on two legs. It was enormous. They thought they were looking at a tree stump but it was a Sasquatch looking at them and it was fairly close. They immediately drove back down the logging road, met their boss coming up the road to go to work and they quit.

In my experience there are definitely 2 types of Bigfoot. One is the main one I’ve been talking about. The one most people look for. Number 2 is beyond a doubt and definitely alien. The difference between the two is the alien one is more flexible in its arms, neck, and shoulders. It is also thinner. It can turn its head on its shoulders like you or I can. The standard one needs to turn its torso to move its head. There is a possibility of yet a third type. I am not that sure of this one but the possibility is certainly there. More alien like than our standard. Even taller and bigger. This one possibility is definitely if it exists demonic. That’s it folks.. I’ll write no more on the subject. I leave it up to you. Remember though the first two can most definitely speak a language. And it’s possible that the third if it exists has a language as well. That’s the end of my knowledge. I’d hate to see ours die or get killed. Do what you want with the alien or demonic ones. Please good luck, do not shoot. It’s like going next door and killing the family that lives there. The ones that live next door.

P.S. The bait we will be using is apples, oranges, and eggs hung very high in the tree. We will be using music, drums, and native flutes as well as tree knocking.

Red Elk

Source: Red Elk Speaks - Sasquatch/Bigfoot

NOTE: Red Elk passed away on June 26, 2015. His post on Sasquatch/Bigfoot was his last entry.



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