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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'Suicide Spirit' Stalking Lakota Youths? -- Earth's First Contact With Aliens -- Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference

'Suicide Spirit' Stalking Lakota Youths?

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION, S.D. — A few days before Christmas, Santana Janis, a 12-year-old Lakota Indian, decided that she did not want to live anymore.

A bright, outgoing girl with a shy smile and passion for horseback riding, Santana’s moods had turned dark. She lived in a derelict two-bedroom trailer with a grandfather, Earl Tall, and as many as a dozen siblings and cousins. Her mother, an alcoholic, was an intermittent presence in her life. Their town, Manderson, was torn by drinking, fighting and violence.

Mr. Tall overheard his granddaughter’s talk of suicide and called her other grandfather, Keith Janis, who immediately drove 40 miles to see her. “I sat down with her and said, ‘Please, promise Grandpa you’ll never do that,’ ” Mr. Janis recalled last week. “She gave me that big, beautiful smile of hers and said, ‘O.K., Grandpa, O.K.’ ”

Six weeks later, Santana hanged herself in a small, unheated building next to the trailer.

Since December, the Pine Ridge reservation, a vast, windswept land of stunning grasslands and dusty plateaus, has been the scene of an unfolding crisis: nine people between the ages of 12 and 24 have committed suicide here.

Several officials with knowledge of the cases said that at least one of the youths who committed suicide was influenced by Slender Man, a tall, faceless creature who appears in storytelling websites, often as a figure who stalks and kills victims. Two girls in a Milwaukee suburb last summer said the character had inspired them in the attempted murder of a classmate.

“They call him the Tall Man spirit,” said Chris Carey, a minister who works with youths, some of them suicidal, on the reservation. “He’s appearing to these kids and telling them to kill themselves.” Read more at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Struggles With Suicides Among Its Young


The Very Serious Business of Figuring Out How Earth Will Handle First Contact with Aliens

If aliens landed in Central Park tomorrow, how would humankind respond? Would we point every tank and gun squarely on the spacecraft? Or would we offer a more neighborly greeting? What questions would we ask these extraterrestrials? And what would we tell them about us?

The Visit, a documentary by Danish director Michael Madsen, presents a hypothetical scenario: Aliens have arrived on earth and we know nothing of their intentions, only that they are here. Madsen asks experts from the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (this is a real office that exists at the UN), and other scientists, ethicists, government officials, and public relations personnel to explain how they would respond to this event. The result is a step-by-step guide for dealing with humanity's first-ever encounter with intelligent life from space.

I recently spoke with Madsen about getting scientists to agree to play pretend, what discovering intelligent life would really mean for humankind, and about choosing the ideal spokesperson for humanity. Read more at The Very Serious Business of Figuring Out How Earth Will Handle First Contact with Aliens


Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference

BREMERTON — Bigfoot’s real. They’ve seen it.

But, why aren’t there any clear photos of Bigfoot?

Because Bigfoot has a cloaking capability. It can be visible or invisible, if and when it wants.

OK, but why hasn’t anyone found bones or fossils?

Because Bigfoot is interdimensional — it lives in another dimension, but sometimes comes to ours.

That’s ridiculous, how would Bigfoot cross dimensions?

Easy. Portals. Portals guarded by furry creatures with glowing eyes.

Right, So why hasn’t anyone taken a photo of a portal?

Duh, because portals only appear at night and disappear when exposed to light.

This according to researchers at the Bigfoot Habituation Research Conference April 24-26 at the Baymont Inn and Suites in Bremerton.

The conference was attended by over 100 people and featured over a dozen speakers, including Bob Gimlin of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film. The 1967 film supposedly captures Bigfoot walking in Bluff Creek, California.

Gimlin, 84, kicked off the conference by recounting his tale of Bigfoot and then posed for pictures and flirted with female fans.

“I’m honored to get all of this,” Gimlin said of the attention.

The conference was led and organized by Matthew “Dr. J” Johnson, a 53-year-old psychologist from Puyallup who’s been “Bigfooting” since his first encounter in 2000.

At 6-feet 9-inches tall and 300 pounds, Dr. J is a mammoth of a man. Throw on a Chewbacca costume and he might be Bigfoot.

He’s been championing the habituation Bigfooting, a passive, Jane Goodall-style approach to finding the mythical creatures, for several years now.

Dr. J shocked many in attendance when he told a story explaining why Bigfoot is so elusive. In short, he said Bigfoot is an interdimensional being that travels through portals (like this) which are guarded by short, furry creatures with glowing red eyes, and then once Bigfoot is in our dimension it has the ability to cloak itself, rendering it invisible.

One night, a Bigfoot even spoke to Dr. J in a dream.

“The adolescent male (Bigfoot) says ‘It’s OK, that’s just a portal and those are two guardians who are making sure you guys don’t go into the portal, so they’re scaring you away,’” Dr. J said.

“Portals are real, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not making this crap up.”

At least one local Bigfooter found Dr. J’s story dubious.

“I don’t go in for the cloaking and interdimensional stuff,” said Patrick Cooper. “I’m only interested in the physical nature of Sasquatch.” - Bremerton Patriot



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