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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: 'Roswell Alien' = Baby Mummy -- Cylinder UFO and 2 Bigfoot -- Furry Trout? Not Likely....

'Roswell Alien' Photo Likely a Baby Mummy

Earlier this week at a UFO conference in Mexico City two photographs claimed to have been found in a trunk in Sedona, Ariz., and depicting an alien body that crashed in Roswell in 1947 were revealed. It has created quite a buzz among UFO believers and others, but there are good reasons to question the claim.

According to the Daily Mirror, the photos “were found by former journalist Adam Dew, who has taken steps to verify the pair of alien snaps and said Kodak experts had dated the film to 1947….The photos were supposedly found in Arizona, hidden in a collection of snaps owned by oil geologist Bernard Ray and his wife Hilda Ray, who have both died.”

Assuming that a representative from Kodak authenticated the film as old stock dating back to the 1940s doesn’t mean that Kodak “authenticated” the subject of the photo; all it means is that it’s a genuine old photo, and not, for example, on film produced in the 1980s. Read more at 'Roswell Alien' Photo Likely a Baby Mummy


Cylinder UFO and 2 Bigfoot

Chula Vista, CA - 10/1/2013: Hello my name is [Name removed/cms/tg]. My sister and her friends are the real witnesses to this. The sightings were in two different occasions. The first sighting was when my 23 year old sister and her guy friend where relaxing in her car one day just hanging out and at the moment they got out of the car they describe seeing a white cylinder floating just above them. She describes it as being like a floating cigarette. It hovered away behind some hills and they lost sight of it. The second encounter was at night when supposedly my sisters friend and his younger brother (who are also her neighbors) heard some strange screams outside their house. You really cant see anything back there at night. There is nothing but hills and mountains behind those houses.

Anyways they went out with a pellet gun and a flashlight to check out what the noises were? then suddenly they encountered what they describe as being two huge bigfoot type creatures standing in front of them but at a near distance. Supposedly they shot at them with the pellet gun but they say the creatures didn't even flinch. So they ran back scared to their house. After that he went directly with my sister to tell her the story. Thats all I know. I trust my sister and she wouldnt make up a story like this. Im gonna do a bit more of investigating on what these guys actually saw. but please do keep record of this. We appreciate you guys being here. Not to many people will believe a strange story like this. Thanks you. - MUFON CMS


Man Claims Three Women Drugged and Raped Him...Then Bagged Up His Semen

A 33-year-old South Africa man says three women forced him into a car at gunpoint Tuesday, then made him drink an unknown, erection-inducing drug and raped him. They allegedly collected his semen in plastic bags, which they stored in a cooler. When they’d taken what they wanted, he says, they abandoned him in a field near Port Elizabeth and drove away.

“They pointed at him with a firearm directly, a shotgun,” said constable Mncedi Mbombo, according to the Toronto Star, “They gave him something to drink, then they left him after they got the sperm.”

Mbombo thinks the women are part of a semen-harvesting cartel, which sounds pretty unbelievable, but might be a real thing. According to the Star’s South Africa correspondent, Stephanie Findlay, “local news organizations have reported women at the Zimbabwe border selling semen to sangomas, traditional healers who then use the substance in their popular rituals.”

Findlay adds that rape is an epidemic in the country, with 25 percent of men in a 2009 study saying they’ve committed rape, and half of those saying they’ve done it more than once. There have also been male victims, with two other reports this year of groups of women kidnapping and sexually assaulting men.

Reporters for local paper The Herald, who tried to interview the alleged victim at the police station in New Brighton, claimed that officers “ridiculed” the man with “mockery and laughter” as he tried to file his complaint. The man declined to comment. - Man Claims Three Women Drugged and Raped Him, Then Bagged up His Semen


Furry Trout? Not Likely....

One fisherman got more than he bargained for when he hooked a trout while fishing near Milwaukee.

It had been an otherwise unremarkable day out fishing along the Menomonee River when George Bower, who had been catching trout that were packed in to a bottleneck, reeled in one particularly bizarre specimen that appeared to be covered in white fur.

The catch seemed to match the local legend of the infamous 'fur-bearing trout', a fictional creature that was said to have developed a thick coat of fur all over its body to maintain heat.

The myth of this peculiar animal was particularly prevalent all the way up to the 1930s thanks to a spate of hoaxed specimens such as that produced by taxidermist Ross C. Jobe which turned out to be nothing more than a regular fish with a coat of rabbit fur attached to its body.

What exactly it is that Bower caught on his line in Wisconsin however remains unclear.

While it is obviously not the fabled fur-bearing trout from the legend, some believe that the fish he reeled in may have been suffering from what is thought to be an extreme case of cotton mold, a condition that can produce a white furry appearance.

Critics on the other hand argue that the amount of mold coverage is far too excessive to have occurred naturally and that the photograph is likely to be a hoax.

"I contacted a local wildlife official and they referred to it as a rare fur-bearing trout," Bower told us in an e-mail. "They went on to explain that this was an extreme case of Saprolegnia, or cotton mold."

"I doubt it will make Cabella's non-traditional mount wall but I'm still excited to reel in a genuine Wisconsin legend!" - Man catches weird 'furry' trout in Wisconsin



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