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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Disturbing UFO Experience -- Hawking Warns of Rise of Robots -- Orange Orb Encounter

Disturbing UFO Experience

Greenville, NC - 9/18/1994: Myself and my wife had decided to go and glean the fields for sweet potatoes, and upon loading the car and heading back home which was about a mile from home. In the clear blue sky on the right appeared this huge craft in the sky, dark brown in color with windows going all around it. There was one woman standing in front of one of the windows as it hovered about a good two hundred feet above the trees. I asked my wife do you see that and she said yes, it was so huge and magnificent. I never seen anything like it before as it hovered over the trees not making a sound and no wind was stirring at all from this huge craft. The tops of the trees didn't move at all, as I sped up to get a better view of the huge craft. As we were clearing the trees with great anticipation to get a better view the huge craft had vanished without a trace.

We are a Christian family with strong Christian values, and when I tell my story of what we saw people really don't believe but I know what I saw and my wife know what she saw. She doesn't like to talk about it and seems like she's a little different since it happened but we know what we saw. I feel that more time had passed than what we could remember but I'm not sure, it didn't dawn on me to look at my watch for the time we were so in awe. But at times I feel more had taken place than what I can remember. After we had encountered it I just remembered being tired,and going to bed early that night. We told some family about it but not much was said or done since. In school I used to be a fairly good artist, now I just can't seem to even draw what we saw on paper. - MUFON CMS


Oklahoma woman charged with removing body parts from rival's corpse

An Oklahoma woman accused of slashing the face and cutting body parts off the corpse of a romantic rival was due to appear in a Tulsa court on Monday for a hearing on increasing her bail, law enforcement officials said on Friday.

Shaynna Sims was charged this week with the "unlawful removal of body part from deceased" for cutting off the toe and breasts from the body of the other woman as it was awaiting cremation at a funeral home, the Tulsa District Attorney's Office said.

A court appearance planned for Friday has been pushed back to Monday, prosecutors said.

Sims, also known as Shaynna Smith, had already been charged with crimes including interrupting a funeral, stealing shoes meant for the woman and unauthorized dissection for slashing the face of her former boyfriend's lover as it laid in a casket.

Lawyers for Sims were not immediately available for comment. She posted $43,750 bond on Monday and was released from the Tulsa Jail, the Tulsa World reported.

The deceased woman died of natural causes relating to a long illness, local broadcaster News on 6 reported.

Prosecutors said that before the body was set to be cremated, Sims "crudely cut and removed a toe for the dead body and crudely cut out and removed the breasts from the dead body," according to papers filed in a state district court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said it was too early to say what sort of sentence they are seeking in the case. - Oklahoma woman charged with removing body parts from rival's corpse


Orange Orb Encounter

Saratoga Springs, NY - 6/12/2000: On a clear star filled night around 12:00am me and my brother were up in our room playing video games with our window open. My mother opened the front door and starts walking down the driveway to take the garbage out when she started yelling for me and my brother. I ran to the window and my mom was in distress so I looked to see if there was a coyote around her since a few nights before she was confronted by a coyote in her back yard and I didn't see anything. I grabbed a baseball bat to drive the possible coyote away but when me and my brother exited the front door we where in disbelief what we where seeing. There was a beach ball sized reddish orange yellowish ball of light hovering directly over my moms head just over the trees and it moved almost like if it had a mind of its own once it noticed me and my brother. So me and my brother started yelling at this thing and I was swinging the bat yelling to get out of here when it seamed to become wary and rise a few feet higher but still directly over my mom. The ball of light then slowly moved directly over my moms house without even making a peep and we ran down to where my mom was to see if she was ok. We then acted bold as if we where out to get this thing and moved towards it yelling and throwing our arms around when all of a sudden it disappeared with a blink of an eye almost as if it cloaked itself or just took off at an amazing rate of speed. We couldn't believe it and my first reaction when walking back into the house was to grab the house phone and call my girlfriend at the time not knowing by picking up the phone I was going to be blasted by static that I've never heard before.. No ring tone !!! I can only describe it as the static you get from the tv when a station is out and those black and white patterns are fluttering on the television but it was even stranger then that. The static from the phone bothered my ear and I felt strange for awhile but never said anything.. Strangely the next night I was looking at the stars wondering what and why I experienced this when I noticed that one of the stars I was looking at seemed to wobble to the left just enough for me to notice so I grabbing my binoculars.. I watched this star for awhile and it did not move anymore that night but it made me realize that it's possible for these objects to be deceiving us acting and looking like stars so that we wouldn't realize that they are there. To this day I'm curious with the stars and I really would love to confront this object if I ever had the chance calmly and curiously. - MUFON CMS


Hawking Warns of Rise of Robots

Stephen Hawking believes that intelligent robots could be on course to destroy human civilization.

Speaking at the Zeitgeist 2015 conference in London this week, the celebrated physicist maintained that our species is in danger of being superseded by machines more intelligent than ourselves.

With more and more technology companies working on artificial intelligence for use in self-driving cars, virtual assistants and even weapons, Hawking believes we are moving ever closer to a world in which the human brain will simply be outclassed by the self perpetuating genius of intelligent machines.

"Computers will overtake humans with AI at some point within the next 100 years," he said. "When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours."

The concept of a future overrun by an artificial intelligence is nothing new having been explored in multiple different book and movie franchises including The Matrix and The Terminator.

Back at the beginning of the year Hawking got together with space entrepreneur Elon Musk to sign an open letter detailing the dangers of intelligent machines and calling for better controls and communication between companies to stop smart computers from getting out of control.

Whether it will be enough to prevent an AI-fueled apocalypse however remains to be seen. - Tech Times



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