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Monday, April 06, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Jangsan Mountain UFO -- Bizarre Circumstances / Possible Abduction -- Space Radio Waves Follow Mathematical Pattern

Jangsan Mountain UFO

2014.10.19 - I went a mountain 'Jang' in Busan, Korea
(Elevation of 638 meters )
When I arrived peak I took a picture
And I found something
This was a look like dot, but expand this pic it was a look like UFO!
picture is a panorama shot so I feel sure this object is UFO! - MUFON CMS


Unexplained radio waves from space follow mathematical pattern

Strange, fast radio bursts have been detected from space since 2007, and astronomers today are no closer to solving the mystery of their origin.

Highly energetic, these radio pulses seem to be coming from a distance of several billion light years.

Recently, researcher Michael Hippke at the Institute for Data Analysis in Germany, along with colleagues, studied 11 radio bursts that have occurred since 2007 and found they share a mathematical pattern.

The key to determining the distance the radio waves have traveled is their dispersion measures, which tells scientists how much dust, gas, and other material the waves have passed through on their way to Earth.

Those that have passed through a lot of material originated at greater distances than those that passed through very little.

Radio bursts can occur at a wide range of frequencies. Low-frequency waves are long and are often slowed down when interacting with matter, such as electron clouds.

In contrast, high-frequency waves are short and travel long distances relatively easily.

When a radio burst occurs, the high frequency waves arrive ahead of the lower frequency ones. The time delay between arrival of these waves is known as the dispersion measure.

Upon plotting the dispersion measures of the unusual radio bursts, Hippke and his team surprisingly found that these dispersion measures are all integer multiples of the number 187.5.

The chances of this pattern being coincidence are estimated to be five in 10,000.

One possible explanation is that the radio bursts are coming from the same direction rather than from everywhere in the universe.

The cause of the bursts is unknown but has been the subject of much speculation. Though unlikely, some have suggested they could be communications by alien civilizations.

More mundane theories on the bursts’ origins include evaporating black holes, collisions of neutron stars with comets, or strange behaviors by pulsars.

Some suggest the bursts originate closer to Earth, possibly even from sky satellites.

However, five new radio bursts not included in Hippke’s study do not fit this mathematical pattern. Duncan Lortimer, a researcher at West Virginia University and discoverer of the initial 2007 radio burst, believes the pattern will not hold up once scientists have a larger sample of radio bursts to study. - The Space Reporter


Bizarre Circumstances / Possible Abduction

Beloit, Wisconsin - 6/1/1992: At the time of the event my girlfriend who became my wife were out on driving around on country roads in southern Wisconsin, early in the am hours. Yes, we had been drinking, but no drugs were involved, we were not intoxicated either.

All of a sudden the car I was driving increased its speed on its own and became uncontrollable from what I remember. The last thing I remember was us heading off the road and into a cornfield, I put my arm across my then girlfriends chest and said hang on.

When we entered the cornfield it was approximately 2:14 am cst, as somehow the time on the clock was imbedded in my brain.

Our final resting spot was at least 400 yards off the road through a cornfield, stopped up against a huge Oak tree and only a foot from it.

We both were naked, and we did not leave the road that way when this first started. It was also daylight now and we were very confused, we both awoke unharmed and looked at each other like [Item Moved/CMS/nd] excuse my language.

I got out of the car and I looked around to see if I could get my bearings in order, I even analyzed how [Item Moved/CMS/nd] did we end up one foot away from a huge Oak tree and looked at the direction the car had to come from and said to myself, what, there were no "tire tracks" or damage to the cornfield we supposedly went through, and this is 400 yards plus. The only damage was a flat tire.

To this day I cannot find the place where this happen, and I tried to shortly after it happen to find it, and I knew everything about this area in Wisconsin, but for the life of me I can't find it any longer.

I have seen unknown crafts since I was 5 years old. So I know what is happening.

I have more also, it never quits.

I only submitted colors of the unknown vehicle because your form requires it. - MUFON CMS


Man Missing in Atlantic Ocean Found After 66 Days

Louis Jordan's family had feared the worst after he disappeared off the coast of South Carolina.

Jordan, who had been living in his docked sailboat at a marina in Conway, told his family back in January that he was going to head out in to open waters in order to do some fishing.

"We expected him to come back and he did not return," said his mother Norma Davis. "We knew something happened."

Jordan was eventually reported missing and rescue services scoured the region for any sign of his boat.

It had seemed as though all hope of finding him was lost when he remarkably turned up two months later clinging to the upturned hull of his boat around 200 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

He was soon airlifted to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia having suffered only a shoulder injury.

"It's amazing," said Davis. "It's been very difficult not knowing anything and I just feel like all of our prayers have come true. They've been answered."

According to reports, Jordan managed to stay alive for an incredible 66 days by eating rations, catching fish and drinking rainwater. His knowledge and experience of seafaring were significant contributing factors, as was the fact that he had stayed in his boat rather than using a life raft.

"We do plan on having a wonderful Easter celebration with family and I can't wait to get him back," said Davis. Read more at Man reported missing at sea 66 days ago found by Coast Guard


Large Hadron Collider Starts Up

CERN's newly upgraded atom smasher has now resumed operations after a two year hiatus.

Having successfully discovered the Higgs boson back in 2012, the Large Hadron Collider was shut down so that it could undergo an upgrade to double its maximum collision capacity.

Now capable of reaching power levels of up to 14 teraelectronvolts, the world's largest particle accelerator has begun a new mission to explore uncharted frontiers in particle physics and to unlock the secrets of dark matter, the theoretical substance thought to make up most of the mass in the universe.

"Today at 10:42 am (0842 GMT) a proton beam was back in the 27-kilometre (17-mile) ring, followed at 12:27 pm by a second beam rotating in the opposite direction," CERN said in a statement. "But the most important step is still to come when we increase the energy of the beams to new record levels."



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