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Saturday, March 07, 2015

UFOs and Nuclear Disasters

Are extraterrestrials...specifically, those supposed beings aboard UFOs, intervening during nuclear power plant disasters? There are reports of UFO sightings over the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plants prior (and after) to those respective calamities.

Those who believe in 'harbingers of disaster' may recall reports of large winged humanoids flying in the vicinity of these plants before the accidents. Some have suggested that Mothman was the portent, as the story goes in relation to the Silver Bride collapse of December 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Mothman has been reported to manifest prior to other mishaps as well.

Is it realistic to state that we are monitored by unknown beings...just in case we screw up?

One may ask, are these unknown entities transporting back from the future to correct the mistakes we made? Is it also possible that these time travelers are actually evolved humans...our decedents attempting to change a foreboding history?

In 2002, Pravda published an article UFO Prevents Blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, which stated:

When troublesome events started to occur, some people saw a spaceship hovering above the fourth generating unit of the Chernobyl plant. Eyewitnesses say that an UFO was there for six hours and that hundreds of people saw it. People started writing about it only two years after the catastrophe. Of course, such information appeared in magazines on ufology. As it is generally believed, serious people don’t read such magazines and journals.

Here is what Mikhail Varitsky had to say: “I and other people from my team went to the site of the blast at night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then, we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the northwestern direction.”

The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.

Three years later (on September 16, 1989), the fourth power-generating unit emitted radiation into the atmosphere. Several hours later, a doctor saw an object in the sky above the Chernobyl plant. Doctor Gospina described it as “amber-like.” She said she could see the top and the bottom of it as well.

In October of 1990, a reporter from the newspaper the Echo of Chernobyl , V. Navran, was photographing the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant. “I photographed the top of it, including a part of the hole above. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof.” The object looked like the one doctor Gospina saw.

There was also a NICAP report:

Chernobyl Exploded on 4/26/86 at 1:23 AM.

In reference to the possible UFO cause & effect relationship, in particular, Chernobyl:

On May 1, 1997, Jerry Washington wrote:

In response to Anders Liljegren assertion that "'the UFO phenomenon' was NOT out to check on that...No sightings in the affected area until more than a week after the nuclear crash," referring to the Chernobyl disaster, I offer this excerpt from Dr. Vladimir V. Rubtsov's lectures as published in MUFON's 1994 Symposium Proceedings:

"...about one month before the Chernobyl disaster I had a talk with an air traffic controller of the Kharkov airport. He told me that, according to pilots' reports, there was a rising number of UFO observations in the area of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (ChNPS). Later it became known that on the night of the fire in the ChNPS, some 3 hours after the explosion, a team of nuclear specialists saw in the sky over the station a fiery ball of the color of brass. The witnesses estimated its diameter as 6-8 meters and its distance from the burning nuclear reactor No. 4 as some 300 meters. Just before the observation these specialists measured the level of radiation in the place where they were standing. It was measured at 3000 milliroentgens per hour. 'Suddenly two bright rays of crimson color extended from the ball to the reactor... This lasted for some 3 minutes... The rays abruptly faded and the ball slowly floated away in a north-westerly direction, towards Byelorussia. Then we again looked at our radiation monitor. It displayed only 800 milliroentgens per hour...'"

Just thought you'd like to know.
Jerry Washington
Former State Director,

UFO Casebook also collected statements from Ukrainians citizens in reference to the UFO sightings.

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